Trump Set to Declare Muslim Brotherhood to be a Terror Organization

Al-Jazeera has reported that U.S. President Donald Trump has asked his agency heads to make preparations for declaring the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization.  This news comes in the wake of Egyptian President al-Sisi’s recent visit to Washington.  Al-Jazeera is also reporting that this request by Trump has raised a firestorm within the Trump administration, with NSC head Bolton and Sec. State Pompeo supporting the move, but nearly everyone else–including the CIA against it.

While this move by Trump, in my view, is way too little, way too late, it is also disturbing for other reasons.  First off, is the probability that it will be limited to declaring only the Egyptian branch of the MB to be a terrorist organization, while giving the rest of this international organization a free pass–including its front entities here in the United States that are doing so much to curtail free speech while all the time imposing creeping shari’a.

I also find it most disturbing that anyone in the Trump administration, CIA, or Department of Defense would be opposed to the idea of declaring the entire Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, much less be opposed to restricting that designation to just the Egyptian branch (as some of them still are).  This illustrates the need for all of these people to be given some sort of briefing, seminar, or short course on the MB–including a required reading of their manifesto for North America.

Equally disturbing was that Trump did not seem to be able to come up with the idea of declaring even the Egyptian MB a terrorist organization until the Egyptian president briefed him on it.  That tells me that none of Trump’s advisors, including the head honchos at the CIA, thought it worth while to brief the president about the MB.  This reminds me of an incident early in the Trump presidency when he was on the verge of declaring the MB to be a terrorist organization, based on advice from Ted Cruz and other conservatives up on the hill.  But then the king of Jordan came to visit and told him not to do it, because Jordan has 15 MB members sitting in its parliament, and this would make things very difficult for the king.

Trump may well have been getting pressured from other sources as well as the king of Jordan, such as then head of the National Security Council H.R. McMasters, a suspected MB sympathizer and other elements of the administration.

The argument in favor of giving the MB a pass due to its membership in the Jordanian parliament, and that doing so would disrupt U.S. relations with Jordan, was incredibly flimsy and ill-informed.  Four other Arab countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE) have all declared the MB to be a terrorist organization, yet all four have continued to maintain solid relations with Jordan and king Abdalla.  Israel and Russia have also declared the MB to be a terrorist organization, and yet they too maintain relations with Jordan.

And now we see the same argument being presented here as Trump is once again considering the idea of declaring the MB to be a terrorist organization.  Only now, it is not only Jordan that has MB members in its parliament, but Tunisia also.  And, this, dear folks, is why Trump felt compelled to scale down his request to declaring only the Egyptian chapter of the MB to be a terrorist organization.  Far too many “experts” in the pentagon, and the intelligence apparatus, are ignorant of what the MB is and what its goals are.  They are also ignorant of the multiple tentacles that the Jihad utilizes.

Just because a MB chapter in say, Tunisia, has publicly eschewed the use of violence to achieve their aims does not mean that the MB international as a whole has eschewed the idea of replacing the U.S. Constitution with shari’a law–including that so-called peaceful MB franchise in Tunisia.

Case in point:  The Egyptian branch of the MB vowed to give up violence when most of them were in prison and incapable of doing anything violent.  This taqiyya innocence helped pave the way for Egyptian Anwar as-Sadat to let the MB out of prison.  They then repaid his act of kindness by spinning off a militant group to assassinate him.   The MB itself has continued to form its own “military wings” where youths are trained in hand-to-hand combat, and the use of other forms of violence.  These actions have taken place on the grounds of the supposedly moderate al-Azhar university (according to Egyptian sources).

This so very peaceful branch of the MB hasn’t hesitated to use violence when other means have failed to attain their goals and/or whenever it appears to them that the use of violence will succeed.

In the meantime, thousands of those “peace-loving” MB members had fled Nasser’s crack down, and ended up teaching in Saudi schools and colleges.  One of the products of this MB educational influence was one Usama bin Laden, a true lover of non-violence he.

All MB groups, and their affiliates and front entities across the globe ascribe to the same founding motto have the same goal in mind, and this is to replace existing non-Islamic governing systems with Shari’a law.  All methods to achieve that goal are on the table:  Violence, emigration, settlement, propaganda, infiltration of political, legal, military, and intelligence organs of the host nation, and up to and including violence whenever possible.  All of these techniques and methods are considered to be a part of the overall jihad, a part of “religious warfare.”

One only has to read their founding motto to understand how they feel about conducting violent jihad when they can get away with it:  “Jihad (religious warfare) is our way, and death on behalf of Allah is the loftiest of our wishes.”

If that is not enough, then these “experts” in our decision-making bodies should look at the Brotherhood’s emblem which features the word w-a’adou underneath two crossed swords.  The word w-a’adou means “and, prepare . . .” and it is the first word of verse 60 in the 8th sura (chapter) of the Qur’an, a verse that goes on to promote the idea of “preparing whatever weapons one can get a hold of so you can terrorize Allah’s enemies and your enemies, and others whom you do not know, but Allah knoweth them.”

What this means for America, is that the MB front entities like CAIR, ISNA, and MSA can continue to harass, demonize, and shut down truth tellers, so that their civilizational jihad may proceed a pace without any interruptions.

The only way to stop this creeping jihad in our own backyard (“aimed at eliminating and uprooting our civil society, civilization, and constitution, and replace it with shari’a”) is to declare the entire international MB to be a terrorist organization.  Then, and only then, can we roll up the MB’s front entities here in the U.S.  Anything less than that is criminal and tantamount to treason.  Because, unless we take this step, we are cooperating with and aiding and abetting a declared enemy who wants to destroy our way of life and replace it with sanctified Jew-hate, wife beating, FGM, child brides and the like.


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