Socialist Agitprop Used By Desperate Dems

The recent event in the White House has demonstrated another example of the behavior of America’s Socialist mafia, schooled by the KGB and described in my previous column Stalin Planned America’s Collapse—It’s Underway, October, 10, 2019.  It happened many years ago in the 1990s, when Russian Prime Minister Evgeniy Primakov was invited to the White House to talk with the US. President. In the middle of his flight to Washington, he informed the world that he is going back to Moscow in disagreement with the actions of the American President. It was a typical trick of the former KGB Chairman to denigrate the President of America before the world.

I recalled another KGB demarche immediately, when Pelosi, pointing her finger at Trump, left the White House meeting. The spectacle was orchestrated and set up prior to the meeting by the Deep State and Pelosi has become a current active member and actor in the Theatrical show, a Queen of Fraud, a-la Primakov’s KGB—and both are the enemy of America and her people.  I am emphasizing the significance of the KGB, because it represents Russia today and I am using a term KGB meaning the entirety of Russian Intelligence Services. Keep in mind Primakov and Putin are devoted disciples of Andropov, and Andropov is a devoted disciple of Stalin…

The House Minority Leader is right: Enraged Pelosi caught ‘storming’ out of White House meeting… McCarthy: ‘Speaker tries to make everything political’ By WND Staff Published October 16, 2019. This similarity is an important sign of the Deep State working with, if not led by Putin and his KGB today. From the get go, for thirty years, I have warned you about drastic changes within the Democrat Party, having been infiltrated by the KGB. I have mentioned many times the death of Truman’s party and the birth of the America’s Socialist Party. I have given you my concept of the ongoing war against Western civilization and definition of it: Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations. This war is going on against our American Republic. I called it an asymmetrical war or WW III.

Moreover, I’ve given you an example of Obama’s collaboration with Russia, particularly in Syria. Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders,  Xlibris 2016.  I have emphasized the KGB’s significance for a reason; it is not only the face of contemporary Russia, it is a major force to change the world. The KGB man mentioned above left the crucial legacy—The Primakov Doctrine. Named after former foreign and Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, the Primakov doctrine posits that a unipolar world dominated by the United States is unacceptable to Russia and offers the main principle for Russian foreign policy: Russia should strive toward a multipolar world managed by a concert of major powers that can counterbalance U.S. unilateral power.

Don’t forget, that besides all mentioned other titles, Primakov was also the KGB Chairman. His Doctrine is the subject of a discussion by Eugene Rumer, a former national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia at the U.S. National Intelligence Council, and a senior fellow and the director of Carnegie’s Russia and Eurasia Program:

According to this vision, Russia should not try to compete with the United States single-handedly; rather, Moscow should seek to constrain the United States with the help of other major powers and to position itself as an indispensable actor with a vote and a veto, whose consent is necessary to settle any key issue facing the international community.

One of the key elements of the Primakov doctrine is its insistence on Russia’s primacy in the post-Soviet space and pursuit of closer integration among former Soviet republics with Russia in the lead. Opposition to NATO expansion and, more broadly, persistent efforts to weaken transatlantic institutions and the U.S.-led international order are another. Partnership with China is the third fundamental component. All three remain major pillars of Russian foreign policy today.

With Russia’s economy still reeling from the financial crisis of 1998 and its foreign policy arsenal weakened by a decade of turmoil, Primakov’s options were limited: he chose not to follow the U.S. lead. But as the Russian economy recovered and Russia’s foreign policy toolkit expanded, Russian policymakers’ options expanded too, marking a gradual transition from passive to increasingly active opposition. The Primakov (Not Gerasimov) Doctrine in Action June 5, 2019 by Eugene Rumer.

Russia’s Global Involvement

I agree with Mr. Rumer’s opinion, yet… Twenty years has passed since and time has revealed the real Russian strategic intent and ambitions to fight Western civilization worldwide at any cost: from Damask to Barcelona, from opposing Brexit to supporting the Mexican cartels, from Obama White House to the President of Ukraine—Putin’s design. This is the reason, I am writing about a new formation of “the Axis Evil” under Russian umbrella for last decade with similar patterns of behavior for all members. The existence of “the Axis of Evil” under Russian supervision is displaying its overwhelming war against our interests around the globe. The current event in Syria just connects the past and present by involving a member of NATO. Knowledge of the enemy is the best recipe for success. Please, read in this magazine my column Russia and Failed American Intelligence: The North Korea, Syria, Putin, Obama Connection May 20 2017

It is not only Syria today—it is a long-term KGB dream to destroy NATO. Following the career of Erdogan, I noticed two episodes of his Presidency that alarmed me— a member of NATO ties to Putin in manufacturing coup d’état in the best traditions of Stalinism in Turkey. The second is an orchestrated Muslim invasion into Europe by Turkey’s mafia in cahoots with the KGB. Knowing about his engagement with Putin, I don’t trust Erdogan and you will see Stalinist-type atrocities created by Turkey in Syria. The entire plan has been designed by Vladimir Putin. In term of Kurds, President Trump is right, there is a connection to Communists with the Kurds. Look at Cary Gindler information:

The PKK is a neo-Marxist party that professes a so-called Democratic Confederalism. Their main goal is to establish an independent state of Kurdistan, based on the ideas of Mao Zedong. Their primary weapon is terrorism. The ideology of the PKK is an explosive mixture of Maoism and Sharia. PKK branches (under different names and different levels of fanaticism) exist in all countries where the Kurds historically live—Turkey (HDP, HUDA-PAR, PKK), Syria (PYD / YPG, ENKS), Iran (DPIK, PJAK), and Iraq (KDP, PUK, KDSP, KIU). Breakdown: THE deafit of Kurdistan Maoists, October 15, 2019, NRN, by Gary Gindler.

I can add to this: “1946 – Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) holds its first congress in Mahabad. Within a few months, the “Mahabad Republic” collapses under attack from Iranian forces, and Mustafa Barzani flees to the Soviet Union… “To my knowledge, living in Russia, Mustafa Barsani has graduated from the Soviet Military Academy…

“1951 – A new generation of Kurdish nationalists revives the KDP. Mullah Mustafa Barzani is nominated president while in exile in the Soviet Union, but the real leader of the KDP is Ibrahim Ahmad, who favors close ties with the Iraqi Communist Party.” Iraqi Kurdistan Profile – Timeline

31 October 2017. The son of Mustafa Barsani, Masaud Barsani was President of the Kurdistan Region from 2005 to 2017. As you can see, in both accounts Russia is also in Kurdistan.

There is a recent debate about the Iraqi war—should we have invaded Iraq or not… I am not pretending to know the correct answer. Yet, I know this, our inept Intel and FBI missed. In my writing, a constant reference for the past thirty years was: Knowledge of Russia and its Intel is a Must!  Knowing Russia and its KGB, I found out the information about former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. He was a citizen of Iran, when he was recruited by the KGB, a builder of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. His movement to Iraq was an assignment of the KGB and none in our Intel knew that and only by knowing that data can you find a competent answer to the Iraqi invasion. Knowledge of Russia and its KGB is a MUST! That sounds today in October 2019 as crucial as ever to answer many other strange events in America.

They Corrupt Everything They Touch

The NBA and LeBron-China stories did not surprise me; I am writing about an asymmetrical war against Western civilization for the last thirty years and sport is the center in targeting our culture. It is a multi-faceted war with multiple fronts run by Socialist mafia, which corrupts everything it touches by infiltrating and destroying it from within—a typical Soviet style Socialism in action in America. The vivid example of that is an irregular impeachment procedure not by the Constitutional requirement of House of Representative, but by the Dems’ Socialist mafia run by a Queen of Fraud and Adam Schiff Inc. and working hand in hand with Clinton’s political machine, which I called Clinton’s mafia.

Our Intelligence community and the FBI had been infiltrated, incapacitated and paralyzed. I don’t know what agency is vetting the Dems candidates for the 2020 U.S. presidency and whether they vetted at all in 2019. I found several individuals among them sponsored by the KGB (not Tulsi). With such a disabled FBI and top Intelligence apparatus we can have the third American Manchurian President. At the same time, Socialist mafia of the Intel community and FBI had banned my writings to prevent you from learning the Truth about them–a crime against me and my intellectual property. Alas, Tom Cotton is not the FBI Director…

The 2020 Election: The Last Stage of Socialist Revolution

We are on the last stages of Socialist Revolution in America, which will attempt to oust duly elected American President, Donald J. Trump. The crux of the matter is that the person who really led the revolution is Vladimir Putin, who has participated with Dems in this crime against the American Republic since the Obama Presidency…The Ukrainian scandal is the same Russian attempt to oust President Trump. In reality it is a predicate of Trump/Russia collusion, which started in 2014–2015 by Biden, assigned to Ukraine by Obama. It is possible that Trump aimed his words in conversation with the Ukraine President at uncovering the crime committed against the American Republic in Ukraine. Yet, a Queen of Fraud and Adam Schiff Inc. are eager to cover up the crime committed by the Dems against the American Republic.

The Trump impeachment will be a victory of Vladimir Putin, a mortal enemy of President Trump. The fraudulent impeachment is also aimed at deceiving the Republicans in the Senate and prompt them to vote for impeachment. The GOP is missing the elephant in the room: The Brain-Washing War on America’s Mind and Soul. We are dealing with the army of aggressive international Socialist mafia aimed at turning the Constitutional American Republic into the Union of Socialist American States. The Dems’   main reason for fighting for power is to cover-up the sinister crime of TREASON against the American Republic they have committed over several decades. This crime committed by the leadership of Dems’ Socialist mafia, and DNC should be a major topic in the November 2020 election.

President Trump is right—our democracy is at stake!

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