The Ideology of Soviet Fascism vs. Trump

“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is responsibility of   every American to be informed” – Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States

We are at war in an asymmetrical war against multiple enemies and ignorance is one of them, helping our principal foe–a fraudulent Socialism fighting against our democracy. Ideas are not spread by air or wind—people have brought to our country a fraudulent philosophy to deceive us and destroy the American Republic. When I saw America’s children singing song about our ‘leader’ Obama, I thought I would have a heart attack, because I had sung the song about my leader Comrade Stalin in the 1940s and 50s. Socialist Obama with the help of an ignorant part of the population, was very vocal and effective in destroying the American republic. He hated all successful capitalists, especially Donald Trump and you are watching now how the Dems are carrying this exact hate throughout Trump’s impeachment, which is as fraudulent as Socialism itself …   Ignorance is running the ball…

Soviet Fascism and its Origin

As a diligent student, Vladimir Putin learned a great deal at Law School and then from his teacher the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov how to undermine and destroy Western civilization from within. A devoted disciple of Stalinist Soviet Socialism, Andropov strongly believed in the ideology and even more strongly believed in their own superiority over “imperialistic capitalism”—that ideology united the two for life. Putin has begun practices his believes worked in Europe in the 1970s. The collapse of the Soviet Union deeply shocked him, but it did not change his mind–the teaching he got as a devoted disciple of Stalinism only doubled his hatred toward capitalism and his asymmetrical war got a new hateful impulse and effort to destroy the enemy from within.

As a matter of fact, the Soviet Union did not collapse in 1991—it was Socialist economy, unable to produce that collapsed. Yet, in other parts of the system, all security services have survived. In my writing, I use the term KGB talking about them. We, the former citizens of the USSR had known the KGB as a mind-control agency. It was the force of the KGB that helped Socialism to deceive people for seventy years—in 1991 the fraud died in the country where it was born. The people of the KGB and the bureaucracy of Socialist mafia were usurping ultimate power and prolonging the life of the fake ideology…

In the labyrinth of the Soviet history and politics the KGB catapulted Putin to the Presidency of the Russian Federation… The knowledge he obtained from his teacher came with him to the Kremlin. Not a lot has changed in Russia, instead of failed Socialism Russia has now a Crony capitalism. The war against Western civilization is still intact and history should determine a new term identifying the system of giant hate based on the militant, aggressive and expansionist force in Russia. I did it many years ago calling the dogma Soviet fascism and knowledge of Stalinism had provided me with the adequate definition of the ideology.

A lot has changed in the world for the last thirty years, new technology, industry, and culture, yet the Soviet objectives, tactics, methods, and tricks remain the same in the Kremlin. The target now is bigger and wider–the U.S.A. has become a central target of that war. The Chief Commissar of this war is Vladimir Putin and the countries of the Axis of Evil including China are all under his ideological command. Yes, China militarily and economically is a major threat for us, but the ideology, tactics, agenda, methods, and tricks inculcated by the KGB in all countries of the Axis of Evil plays a crucial role. It took Stalin 29 years to create the Chinese Communist State…Do you remember the Gulag in Russia? China has the same Gulag on a quadrupled scale.

Professor Niall Ferguson calls this war—the Cold War II, I strongly disagree. Writing about this war for the last thirty years, I called it WW III and defined it as “Recruitment, infiltration, drugs and assassinations”. If the Cold War was officially between U.S. and Russia, today it is multi-national aggressive and disruptive global forces under Russian ideological command, attacking Western civilization every day since 1949.

In 1949 I was a young girl, but…  December 21, 1949 was a very unusual day–Stalin’s 70th birthday and I remember it. I lived in Leningrad, today St. Petersburg. That day the city was so well illuminated and decorated that I have remembered the picture for a long time. The entire country celebrated Stalin’s birthday, even some food appeared on the stores’ shelfs. Though a young girl, I knew that Stalin was a zealous Anti-Semite. He hated Israel and, researching Stalinism seventy years later in America, I found another zealous Anti-Semite in the Middle East. As new information has gradually come to me, here is a shot summary of an event in 1949:

The Great Mufti of Jerusalem Haj el-Hosseini was an Egyptian and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood: their close connection with Nazi Germany had been established since the 1930s. The German Army had an Arab Division of “SS” that participated in WW II. Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj el-Hosseini visited one of the Muslim “SS” Divisions (photo). Though the Nazi’s were defeated in the war, Stalin invited the Great Mufti of Jerusalem Haj el-Hosseini to the Kremlin on his birthday in 1949. After that the Muslim Brotherhood moved its headquarters from Berlin to Moscow with directions from the Kremlin ever since. Stalin’s global design and love for Muslim culture presented a real opportunity for him to bring it to fruition. Soviet intelligence structured the Muslim Brotherhood as a Politburo of the Islamic World with many branches across the World.

Today you know the names of those branches: Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Taliban, ISIS, Hezbollah and many others… Sen. Cotton is right: “Afghanistan is the place from which the 911 attacks were launched and the place that has the largest concentration of terrorist organizations than anywhere else in the world, the reason we’re in Afghanistan is to protect our own citizens here at home.” Please, take a map and see a large extend of the border of the former USSR’s Muslim Republics and Afghanistan. Also, please, remember that all those Republics are still run by the KGB. Multiple terrorist attacks across the world are coordinated in the Kremlin. The hatred of Jews united them all. That is why the adequate name of the ideology today should be Soviet Fascism—The Axis of Evil is a consortium of countries adhering to the ideology sponsoring terrorism globally in fighting Western civilization.

To prove my point, please read an opinion of the former KGB member who defected to the West, Konstantin Preobrazhensky:

“A key distinction between Russian and American attitudes towards Islamic terrorism is that while for America terrorism is largely seen as an exterior menace, Russia uses terrorism as an object as a tool of the state for manipulation in and outside the home country. Islamic terrorism is only part of the world of terrorism. Long before Islamic terrorism became a global threat, the KGB had used terrorism to facilitate the victory of world Communism. This leads to the logical connection between Russian and Islamic terrorism.” Russia and Islam are not Separate, Published by Gerard Group International, Intel Analyses, August 31, 2007)

America’s Enemy Within—The Democrat Party

The world is constantly talking about the Evil Axis’ political ideology, yet, no one put a name to it. I did, writing about Soviet Fascism for over thirty years… Soviet Fascism has infiltrated half of the world, including America. In my books and columns, I am trying to give you the knowledge of Soviet Fascism, for you to recognize how it looks, sounds, and smells and what its objectives are: to know its successful Soviet propaganda, agenda, intrigues, methods, tactics, and tricks. The ideology infiltrated every corner of our society from Obama’s White House to Smollett’s scam, from a Communist CIA Director John Brannon to the Democrat Party paying $150 to the thugs for disrupting Trump’s rallies, from America’s Socialist mafia collaborating with Ukrainian, meddling in the 2016 our election to help Putin’s operation to interfere and harm both countries.

Like Obama, Putin mortally despises Trump, and never helped him. I found a striking similarity of the Dems’ agenda with the outline of Stalinist devoted disciples, including Putin, to destroy our country from within. It is not “a lunatic plan,” it has the direct intent to destroy the American Republic from within.

Just look at the Dems’ agenda:

  1. Abolish the Electoral Collage
  2. Abolish ICE
  3. Open our borders
  4. Free Health Care for illegal aliens

Besides many others, these four elements are completely dismantling the political system design left to us by our Founding Fathers–the agenda of the Democrat Party. The Dems are not only selling our country to the Axis of Evil run by Russia, they are also using the manner and routine of Stalinist Political Correctness to do so, keeping you deceived. I dedicated to the subject dozens of my columns. Here is my definition of PC:

“… Political correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by the political agenda, a skillfully crafted design of a quintessential system of lies, fraud, and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization to create of One World Socialist Government under Kremlin’s rule.” Political Correctness and Socialist Revolution in America, October 31, 2019

In the script created by Schiff, Brennon, and others, I have recognized Stalinist PC and the KGB’ Soviet technics—they were forming, coordinating, and cooking up a saga of Trump’s guilt, a myth with circumstances they were making up. In his “parody” Schiff had already demonstrated how to lie, wrapping it in the load words–a typical Stalinist PC to hide the Truth. Impeachment is Putin’s latest weapon against Trump and the means to cover up the crime the Dems leadership have been committing by collaborating with Putin for several decades. Deception and lies are the foundation of the ideology. Do you remember the accusations against Justice Kavanagh? Everything was planned to use deception and people who lie easily. That exact system, of closed-door meetings, secrecy, hiding exculpatory evidence and many other things, we, the former citizens of the socialist countries had gone through in our former lives. Welcome to the Soviet Union and Stalinist mentality, America!!

Guard Against Ignorance!

I suspected the Dems in the Congress as well. During the impeachment inquiry, for the first time I had the opportunity to watch and hear them. I was very disappointed—it was a complete swamp of ignorance in term of Russia, Ukraine, and the world. Some of them reminded me of Soviet apparatchiks. Alan West counted seventy Socialists in the Congress, I believe there are many more Socialists and Communists betraying America. Watching the “Squad” I recognized another real enemy of America– another swamp. Who is voting for those people? Poor America, ignorance is running the ball! American CIA and FBI have been infiltrated and paralyzed, they submitted my name to FISA Court in 2002 to ban my writings and deprive you from needed knowledge of the Truth.

In attempting to silence me and hide my words from my fellow citizens, the American traitors deprived the world of learning the Truth about Russia and its KGB, to act accordingly, and prevent enormous damage done to our country and the world. The shooting in American schools has continued, as I predicted. We are not dealing only with Russia or China now— Western civilization is targeted by a huge and well equipped army of global terror, I called this army—the Axis of Evil. Those governments adhere to the expansionist ideology of Soviet Fascism—Trump is an existential threat to them. By 2020 the fight across our globe will escalate trying to prevent President Trump from winning reelection… We are in an ongoing asymmetrical war: Soviet Fascism is waging this war against Western civilization and capitalism… People should know that!!!

All leaders of NATO should read this column!!!

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