VIDEO: We Are The News

Now that Rudy Giuliani has been activated, we can mark this as a critical and pivotal moment. Sure, there has been the “alternative media” for quite some time now, but this is different. And as Q, (QANON) has told us, we are the news.

Now with the most recent and incredibly dangerous and disruptive impeachment hoax behind us, we are now ramping up our offensive moves against the Deep State, the Democrats, and the Fake News. This well planned and calculated move, (timing is everything), with Rudy Giuliani being activated, indicates that  a new phase in the battle to resurrect America, has begun. A battle of of which we are clearly, winning. Just today, I made a decision to begin to reveal and unload all the data and intel that must now see the light of day. Yes, it is time. Please subscribe to the “News Behind the News” which will soon be available on multiple platforms. The gloves are off!

Check out Rudy’s YouTube channel and subscribe to the “News Behind the News”Request a copy of a free digital report that I have authored which includes over 50 links to alternative places to get information. Watch what now begins to unfold here in 2020 and beyond. We are truly in uncharted waters but the pendulum has shifted. The Deep State and its operatives are being exposed. We are at the “expose” stage. I refer you once again to steps six, seven and eight on the scale of discovery and action. The gig is up. They are panicking and False Flags will continue to ensue. Justice is coming. Take a win now that the President will be fully vindicated and acquitted. They, as I have stated all along, are all going down. Three cheers for our amazing commander in chief- hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray!

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