devinsupertramp posted the following about the WWII Documentary “Here Am I, Send Me“:

Video made possible by CISCO. With special thanks to SOG Knives and Team Wendy.

We took on this project not knowing what exactly we were going to capture or even how, but we knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime and that we had to be a part of it.

It ended up being a more meaningful experience than we could have imagined. Due to the subject matter, historical locations, and the personal stories shared, each day after filming there was an immense emotional weight. It genuinely opened our eyes and changed our perspectives on sacrifice, family and gratitude.

While we by no means want to compare ourselves to the veterans we had the privilege to work with there, we chose “Here Am I, Send Me” for the title of the documentary feeling it not only represented so many of these soldiers but also fell right in line with how we felt when this project was first presented to us- Filming these veterans, and a gold star mom, and sharing with them this experience in Normandy, was an intimidating and overwhelming responsibility but we essentially raised our hands and said “we’ll do it, send us!” and we are forever grateful that we did.

Video made possible by CISCO – https://www.cisco.com
With special thanks also to:

SOG Knives – https://sogknives.com
Team Wendy – https://www.teamwendy.com

Our lives have been changed from this project and it would not have been possible without CISCO. Thank you for making this happen!
We also want to give big shout outs and special thanks to SOG Knives and Tools and Team Wendy!

Directed, Written and Narrated by Zane O’Gwin
Produced by Carter Hogan
Director of Photography Devin Graham
Additional cinematography by Johnny Quintana & Carter Hogan
Aerial Photography by Andy Farrington & Larry Yount
Associate Producers: Matthew Griffin & Zach Carbo
Edited By Zane O’Gwin & Carter Hogan with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley
Colored by James Terry
Visual Effects by Taylor Caudle

The amazing music that we used can all be found on MusicBed: http://share.mscbd.fm/devinsupertramp

Relapse by Luke Antencio
Greatest Love by Genderdyn
In Absentia by Max II
Waiting At The Airport by Rhian Sheehan
Glory by Chris Coleman
Reverie by Jordan Critz
Beacon by Roary
See by Roary
Steady by Roary
Saints Returning by Bradford Nyght
Waking Up by Convolv
Who Am I by Dario Lupo
Reborn by One Hundred Years

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