Top Picks of the World’s Deadliest Guns

There are guns that everybody has heard of and there are guns that nobody wishes to encounter in real life. Naturally, we don’t talk about Glock or Makarov handguns – you’ll soon see that those are babies compared to what we’re about to present you.

Namely, today we’re going to talk about some of the deadliest guns in the world, as well as about the features that make them so deadly – besides the fact that they can be used to hunt any kind of game and not fail the hunter, ever!

  • Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle

This particular rifle is made from a lightweight titanium frame and a floating barrel and can fire .50 BMG rounds – five of them in roughly 1.6 seconds!

The gun itself weighs around 14kg and is manufactured by Accuracy International Ltd., a British firearm producer. Why is it on our list?

Well, it has an effective range of 1800m and a caliber of 12.7mm. On top of that, it is specially designed to hit long-distance targets with increased precision and accuracy.

  • M4 Carbine

Naturally, we couldn’t have a top of the world’s deadliest guns without mentioning the M4 carbine. This particular model is a shorter version of the M16. However, the M4 comes with the same firepower as the traditional assault rifles.

As such, given its portability and firepower, it is known as a very dangerous and effective firearm. It can fire up to 950 rpm and has an effective range of 500m.

  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Even though we said that handguns won’t have an entry in this article, we can’t ignore the almighty Desert Eagle!

It was first produced in 1982 and it is a semi-automatic, gas-operated handgun with an effective range of 200 meters.

The most recent model, namely the Mark XIX, can be chambered for different cartridges. The largest – and probably the deadliest for a handgun – is the .50 AE. Obviously, Mark XIX can kill with a single shot.

  • Heckler and Koch HK416 Assault Rifle

The HK 416 model is an assault rifle believed to be a modernized version of the M4. It comes with an effective range of 600 meters and fires 5.56mm rounds.

Speaking of rounds, the assault rifle can fire up to 900 rounds per minute – an aspect that is both impressive and deadly. Obviously, the cartridge size and the sheer power of this Heckler and Koch gun make it one of the deadliest in the world!

  • Kalashnikov AK-47

The infamous AK-47 is known as one of the most used weapons during the Second World War. It can fire up to 580 rounds per minute and has an effective range of up to 800 meters.

Nowadays, the AK-47 is extremely popular due to its weight, as well as its incredible effectiveness in various weather conditions. After all, the Kalashnikov is known as the weapon that can be fully submerged in water and still work seconds after.

Moreover, it is one of the cheapest guns to manufacture – as it contains only eight moving parts.

  • FN FAL

The FAL, also known as Fusil Automatique Leger, is a battle rifle known as the most dependable gun that the military uses.

The weapon features a gas-operated action and can fit 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges. In terms of power, it can fire up to 700 rounds per minute when set on fully automatic – however, due to its very strong recoil, FAL users avoid this particular model.

The FAL is known by many as one of the most widely used guns in history – with more than 2 million units produced since its creation.

  • Uzi

The Uzi is, without any doubt, a rather curious entry on this list of the world’s deadliest guns. However, most of you probably already know that one should never underestimate the Uzi.

This small weapon is capable of firing up to 600 rounds per minute – on top of that, it packs accuracy as well, besides sheer firepower. Moreover, due to its size and weight, it’s the preferred weapon when it comes to personal defense – used by either military personnel or criminals.

  • DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

Last but not least, it’s time we talked about another sniper rifle – but a more powerful one than our previous entry.

This particular gun is, clearly, one of the deadliest there can be – and here’s exactly why. First of all, it is worth noting that the DSR-precision is manufactured as an ­anti-material rifle. This makes it capable of puncturing vehicles – even armored ones.

It comes with an effective range of 1500m and, as its name implies, fires .50 caliber rounds. Obviously, it is equipped with free-floating barrel technology.

Among some of its peculiar characteristics, we have to mention its rather short length that doesn’t affect the rifle’s power at all. In fact, the manufacturer made it highly adjustable and capable of great precision.

Then, to make it even deadlier, the gun was also equipped with a front holder that decreases the gun’s reloading time!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, a weapon is not deadly simply because it is very large or fires the largest caliber possible – thinking of the Uzi, in this case.

For a weapon to be the deadliest in the world, it must come with firepower and accuracy first. Then, some versatility would be helpful too – for example, there are guns that can be chambered for different bullets.

Then, in the end, it is very important that the gun is made from durable materials and that it’s manufactured properly. As mentioned above, the AK-47 contains only 8 moving essential parts and, because of this, the weather will not affect it at all.

This is, basically, what makes a weapon deadly – the fact that multiple generations can use it without major failure and that you can rely on one even if it sat in your attic for the last five years!

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