We have a dossier on Rush Limbaugh

For those who have discovered The People’s Cube only recently: we have been following Rush Limbaugh very closely throughout the years and have compiled an impressive Rush Dossier, detailing his many exploits.

In lieu of a formal briefing, here are some links all comrades must review and memorize for future reference. You don’t know when, you don’t know where, but you will be tested.

Rush Limbaugh Hails the People Cube’s Editorial Cartoon

The notorious author of See I Told You So described our “Founding Fathers” illustration by saying “It’s a great, great, great cartoon because this is how libs see America today.” See it here: Story #7: Great Editorial Cartoon on the Founding Fathers. He thought it was a parody!

We have been discovered and interviewed by Mr. Limbaugh live on his show. As a result, so many people logged in to this site that our hosting server melted into a puddle of recyclable precious metals. Click here to see how it went.

Rush Limbaugh Discovers Tomb of Rugged Individual

On the heels of James Cameron’s discovery of a tomb of Jesus came an announcement by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh that he had discovered a coffin with the remains of another historical character that progressive scientists consider a mythical creature – the Rugged Individual.

Media Matters Seeks To Silence Rush Limbaugh

The Associated Press reports this morning that Media Matters is launching a radio campaign against Rush Limbaugh, hypocritically refusing his apology and using his Sandra Fluke comments as a club to destroy his platform.

Rush Limbaugh Enemy Of The State

It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.

I Denounce Elton John!

I find myself having to destroy my entire Elton John CD collection to raise awareness of how devastated and outraged I am that he would sing at the wedding of none other than that loudmouthed, hatemongering, wants-Obama-to-fail Rush Limbaugh!

Utter Outrage Fridays: Limbaugh Defies the Party Once Again!


Rush Limbaugh – the murderous capitalist enabler responsible for everything bad in the world –has single-handedly slapped Senate Majority leader Reid (Communist – Nevada) right in the face! I kid you not, Comrades! He is one upping us yet again and we cannot let him get away with this!

David Frum: Greedy Limbaugh Stole My Crown Of Evil

Hi, I’m David Frum – the rabid right-wing ultra-compassionate conservative, the uber-centrist, and the monster of moderate extremism. My unthinking fanatical followers have dubbed me el-Frumbo, a lovable little sleazeball, and Doctor Doom of Democracy.

Progressives: Rage is our Bread and Butter!

Just today the bushwah propagandist Rush Limbaugh said with regards to Sen. Schumer that he can’t understand how someone who is so successful and has always had a good, comfortable life can be so perpetually enraged at everything that happens.

Premature Eulogy for Rush Limbaugh

I stumbled upon Rush Limbaugh’s talk radio program while driving my Suburban way back in the late 1980s, when liberal politicians and the uniformly lockstep-liberal media were relentlessly trashing Ronald Reagan, calling him a bigoted cowboy war-monger…


WOKEY DICK: New diversity version of literary classic

Mitt Romney cuts off his nose to spite his Republican face

Schiff: Trump to dump Alaska and become King of Florida

Schiff loses at Wheel of Fortune, can’t name whistleblower

Schiff quotes his Party Founders (Lenin & Stalin) to Senate

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Red Square from The Peoples Cube is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

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