Back the Blue Campaign Launched

America is at a crossroads. 

Either we let lawlessness and chaos continue to divide our great nation or we will stand up for law and order.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are broadly painting all police officers as enemy number one and want to abolish the police.

We recognize that some police officers have done horrible things and some should never be serving in the police force. But this does not mean that ALL cops are bad and that we should defund or abolish the police. We need law enforcement and we support all good cops who lay their life on the line every single day to keep us safe.

They leave their families every single day not knowing if they are going to come back home alive dealing with the criminals, murderers, and thugs of society to keep us safe in our communities and our homes. They deserve our support!

We are launching a nationwide Back the Blue campaign in support of the valiant men and women who serve our communities and are committed to restoring peace, law, and order.

We ask you to join us in building community support for our local police officers. Visit your local precinct and say thank you for your service. Take something like a box of cookies, a cake, thank you cards, flowers, or a basket of goodies to show your appreciation for their work in your community.

Click here for several resources you can download Free and use for activism and group activities in your community such as Back the Blue Banners etc. 

Take pictures and send them to us so we can include them in our national campaign, but don’t forget to post pictures of your support on social media using the hashtag #backtheblue and #actforamerica.

Want to fund our Back the Blue Campaign? Click here to become a monthly partner!

Americans respect law and order. Americans respect authority. Americans respect justice. We are a nation of laws and must support law and order. We will never allow the thugs to destroy our country, burn our cities, and demoralize our nation. Not under our watch.

EDITORS NOTE: This Act For America column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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