FLORIDA: Leftists Deface Trump Billboard with ‘F__k UR Guns!’

We conservatives know the double standard, hypocritical leftists have no  respect for our 1st Amendment unless what is spoken, written, demonstrated etc. supports their socialist Marxist message.

If what we say or do doesn’t support their socialist message; reflects conservative values or in this case our choice for re-electing POTUS Trump then the left thinks we don’t have 1st Amendment rights.  As a direct, local example, the following involves the defacing of Trump/Pence Billboards excellently erected locally by a team of volunteers – see their efforts.


The co-leader of the volunteer billboard construction team wrote the following:

Hello to All

Some of you have already heard about the “attack” on our Trump BILLBOARDS. Severe damage was done to two signs at LeadFeather Gun shop and range. Please if you are on FB search “leadfeather” (see link below) and like the group. Will, the son of the owner Bill, has posted a response to this “attack” and offered a reward to arrest of these people. We are over 1,000 comments and shares at last count on their page. Please join this group, like and share.

I will attach a picture of the damage to one of the signs. damage was also done to two more that we are aware of so far. Please be aware that offensive language was spray painted on the sign.

Click here for the link to LeadFeather Gun Shop and Range FB Page and pics of the defaced signs.

LeadFeather Gun Shop and Range stated:

 “After the local Trump precinct contacted me to ask to put up a Trump sign, I agreed! Only one week in and this is how the opposition responds! If your beliefs and values are not the same as theirs, they vandalize your property! Police were notified, additional cameras installed and a NEW larger and taller sign is on its way. $500 reward if your tip leads to the arrest of the assailant! Never before has your vote counted so much this year!!!!”

The irony and stupidity of these  “useful idiot” criminals who vandalized these signs on private property next to Overlook Rd, Winter Haven, FL is that new signs will be posted above these defaced signs and the defaced signs will help to motivate people driving by to support Trump and LeadFeather Gun Store and Range.

We will not be deterred – we are on the right side in this battle of good vs evil; Constitutional Republic vs. Socialism and with our help and the help of GOD, POTUS Trump will WIN again on November 3rd, 2020!

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

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