How Cultural Marxism Is Grinding Christianity Down

During a recent prayer session in support of Black Lives Matter, the pastor of St. Xavier Catholic Church in New York City instructed white congregants that they must renounce their white privilege to help “transform the church culture.”  Using the noble cause of racial equality as a fig leaf, Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent political organization whose Marxist ideology is anti-Christian — and anti-American — in the most profound meaning of those terms.  In many churches across America, cultural Marxists in the pulpit are quietly supplanting traditional Christian values with those of the hammer and sickle.

“Cultural Marxism” is the gradual process of grinding down Western democracies by subverting the pillars of their culture, the structures and institutions of family, religion, education, politics, law, the arts, and the media as they provide the social cohesion necessary to a functioning society.  Challenge the legitimacy of these institutions, and a capitalist society can be overthrown from within without firing a shot.  Known as the father of cultural Marxism, 20th-century Italian communist Antonio Gramsci summarized his stratagem for dismantling Christian nations thusly:

Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity.  Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.

Gramsci referred to his stratagem as “the long march through the institutions,” infiltrating a society’s cultural institutions and gradually supplanting their traditional values and principles with communism.  Operating via stealth and deception, Gramsci’s disciples in this country have diligently labored to grind down every cultural institution in America, including its predominant religion, Christianity.

The communist plan to diminish Christianity’s hold on America

Communism cannot flourish in a society with a strong religious footing.  In his best-selling book, The Naked Communist, former FBI special agent Cleon Skousen listed 45 communist goals to subvert America from within.  Two of those goals pertain to diminishing Christianity:

Goal No. 27 calls on communist warriors to infiltrate churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion.  Revealed religion is based on Scripture; the communist concept of social religion teaches citizens to look to government, rather than God, for their salvation.  Scriptural religion is about individual salvation; social religion is about collective salvation, a concept that does not exist in Christianity.  In many churches on the religious left, the communist goal of replacing revealed religion with social religion has largely been accomplished, as evidenced by the constant refrain of religious-left pastors who sermonize about their undying commitment to the cause of “social justice.”  The term refers to justice within a society that allocates wealth according to the Marxist directive “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Goal No. 28 calls on communist warriors to infiltrate schools and eliminate prayer and every type of religious expression on the grounds that it violates the principle of separation of church and state.  In addition to using classrooms as transmission belts for socialist propaganda, cultural Marxists have also infiltrated the entertainment industry, the media, government, and corporate America.

Cultural Marxism’s message to Christians: Sit down and shut up

In attempting to drive Christianity from the public square, cultural Marxists in our midst, nearly all of whom belong to the Democratic Party, routinely mock and ridicule Christianity and its believers.  The following sacrileges were carried out by members of the entertainment industry:

  • Bill Maher began one of his programs on HBO with an attack on Christianity by comparing Holy Communion to sodomy.
  • On his nationally syndicated radio show, Howard Stern said, “If I was president, I would have you pro-lifers gassed.  I would have you marched into the ovens.”
  • Upon receiving an award for her cable reality show, comedienne Kathy Griffin said, “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this.  No one had less to do with this award than Jesus.  All I can say is suck it, Jesus.”
  • In an episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, the star of the show, Larry David, urinated on a picture of Jesus.
  • In an in-your-face to Christians, the Netflix film The First Temptation of Christ, portrays Jesus as a homosexual and depicts God the Father as a lecherous seducer of women.

Using “diversity,” “inclusivity” and “multiculturalism” as justifications, cultural Marxists in corporate America, government, and publicly funded schools and colleges regularly scold, threaten and punish Christians, as well as censor religious activities by Christians and Christian organizations:

  • Employee of major package-shipper ordered on administrative leave for wearing a Christian cross on her dress while at work.
  • Christmas decorations banned at Florida’s turnpike toll booths.
  • NBC edited out “under God” from pledge of allegiance recited by children during broadcast of U.S. Open golf tournament.
  • Pentagon orders Air Force officer to remove Bible from his desk.
  • Court of Appeals upholds school district’s ban on Christmas carols.
  • The ACLU filed suit to force removal of 8-foot cross erected on remote federal land to honor soldiers killed in war.  See video about the Mojave Desert Cross here.
  •  Army warns soldiers that pro-life Christians are “tearing the country apart” and constitute a “radical threat to the nation.”
  • Obama DOJ defunds at-risk youth program after it refused to ban prayer.
  • V.A. hospital refuses “Merry Christmas” cards sent by 4th-graders to sick and wounded veterans.
  • High school prohibits valedictorian from telling how Jesus changed his life.
  • Military base takes down Nativity scene after atheists complain.
  • Federal judge prohibits high school band from playing “How Great Thou Art.”
  • Texas school bans Christmas trees, red and green colors from holiday party due to fear of “offending others.”
  • “Introduction to Humanities” professor fails student because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.
  • University prohibits Christian club from setting up table at meet-and-greet for new students.
  • Children banned from saying “Merry Christmas” at elementary school’s “Winter Party.”
  • High school prohibits students from praying together, cites “separation of church and state.”
  • University de-certifies campus Christian club for insisting on having a Christian as its leader.
  • Government tells ministry that feeds the poor to remove portrait of Jesus.
  • University’s diversity guidelines warn: “Make sure your holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise.”

The above instances are but a small sample of the efforts aimed squarely at driving every vestige of Christianity from the public arena.

Most distressingly, disciples of Antonio Gramsci have infiltrated top leadership positions of every major branch of the Christian religion.  While pretending to do God’s bidding, cultural Marxists hiding under the ecclesiastical robes of the Christian faith are knowingly subverting their professed religion from within.

For example, earlier this year, Pope Francis announced that he will sign the Global Education Pact, which will usher in a “new humanism,” under which God “withdraws” so that all of humankind can be “free.”  Under the pact, children of the world will be indoctrinated with “climate change” and other U.N. propaganda designed to pave the way for a New World Order under the banner of global communism.  Operating by stealth and deception, Marxists have methodically seized control of the Vatican in a way that went virtually unnoticed by most Catholics until after the fact, just as Gramsci planned.

To understand the importance of religion to a free society, please consider watching and sharing the brief presentation below by Harvard professor Clay Christensen.

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