Evidence of Massive Election Tampering

UPDATE: Wisconsin

Comparing the latest number of registered Wisconsin voters (3,684,726) to the number of votes cast in Wisconsin (3,297,137) would mean that 89.5% (3,297,137 / 3,684,726) of Wisconsin voters voted.

How often has 90%± of any state’s voters ever voted on anything?

As a point of reference, here are the voter turnout rates for the 2016 national election — very hotly contested. The highest of any state was 74%. A 90% voter turnout for an entire state would be a phenomenal record.

2016 United States Presidential election in Wisconsin
November 8, 2016
Turnout 67.34%

Something very bad is happening.


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  1. Terry Craven
    Terry Craven says:

    Here on the Iron Range of Northern MN several of our small townships post the “ticker tape” print out of the election at the town hall for all to see. 3 townships all showed trump had many more votes than Biden. But the MN state website changed the totals and had Biden as the winner! FRAUD plain and simple

  2. Janis Pounders
    Janis Pounders says:

    Any fool can see that in popularity alone, Trump is more popular than biden by FAR!! Trump filled every stadium he went to, biden couldn’t fill a laundry mat… Patriots! Wake UP! Your USA is being stolen out from under you right before your very eyes..!! Dont believe the liar liberal medias, Trump is under attack and being cheated out of YOUR vote!! BELIEVE IT, it is happening!! REVOTE with paper ballots, and Trump will easily win! VERIFY every single vote, and Trump will easily win! pelosi has been buying voter programs for years from foreign lands, this is why she was taken by surprise in the 2016 election.. Trump won it in spite of her cheat.. So, she “upped” the cheat ratio in the 2020 election.. But it wasn’t enough even then, so they stopped the vote and recalibrated the cheat ratio… hence the pause and denial of observation… Any fool that has ANY street smarts can see what is happening…


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