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The United Nations is the COMINTERN: Three kinds of attacks on the West by the UN [Video]

The problem with being too far ahead of the curve is that you sound crazy. The fact is, the UN has been nothing but a communist plot against the world for a long time now. To be frank, I think someone needs to rewrite the whole Chicken Little story from a much more sympathetic angle. […]

ELECTION RIGGING: Not just by the FBI, but the CIA had a hand in trying to throw the election for Clinton in 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if Canada had a few actual journalists who could look into the RCMP and military and maybe figure out if the same was done for Trudeau etc.? Canada is much more controlled in most ways than the U.S. though. WATCH: Obama CIA EXPOSED in bombshell report Bombshell new report says the […]

The Trans-Dialectic and the Perpetual Communist Revolution

First, the newest example of how the communist revolution steamrolls over whoever cannot keep up. From the Daily Mail: LGBT hook-up app Grindr is accused of discriminating against GAYS by Stonewall riots hero: Will let users search specifically for transgender men or women – but not biological males because that’s ‘transphobic’ Gay hook-up app Grindr has been blasted […]

VIDEO EXPOSÈ: The United Nation’s Weaponized Illegal Migration Agenda

The following documentary is by two brothers who followed the entire invasion of the US route from start to the US. They found UN stations all along the way giving support. The United Nations is the COMINTERN. Like the Democrat Party at this point. This documentary is a must watch to understand how Biden along […]

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on the Transgender Line of Attack on Civilization and Reality

This is on someone named, Yen Vy’s YouTube channel so there is no way to know when this was actually broadcast. Rather, there is a way to know but I don’t know when it was broadcast. Below is our favorite video explaining the nature of the Trans lie. An explanation of how the trans-issue is […]

VIDEO: TIK History on Hitler’s Altruism and the ideological roots of National Socialism

Gotta say, I really like this guy. TIKhistory states, The ideology and philosophy of National Socialism has its origins in the works of philosophers like Hegel, Kant, Plato and Heraclitus. In this video, we’ll learn how Hitler’s “Struggle” and “Blood” concepts were nothing new, but ancient religious ideas given a new twist. This video is […]

Who paid for what now? Anti-Israel protestors are well paid actors!

We did post this some weeks ago from the New York Post: Groups behind Israel-bashing protests backing Hamas attacks got $15M-plus from Soros By Rich Calder and Matthew Sedacca · Published Oct. 28, 2023, 2:01 p.m. ET Far-left billionaire kingmaker George Soros has funneled more than $15 million since 2016 to groups behind this month’s pro-Palestine protests, […]

Meet India’s Geert Wilders, Kajal Hindustani Who’s Unrepentant About Bringing the Truth to the Hindu People

The mass slaughter by Muslims of Hindus and other systems of thought and cognitive tools such as Buddhism native to India is on a scale Western people have trouble imagining. The Muslim general, Tamerlane (he is also known by Timur and other spellings ) is rivalled only by China’s Mao in terms of industrial scale […]

The Netherlands: What They Teach in Islamic Schools

To be clear, any Islamic school teaches Islamic scripture. Islamic scripture is in essence, jingoism against the unbeliever. Motivating pep talks to kill, conquer and impose sharia law. So these kinds of videos are problematic only in that it allows people to think they are “extremist” or in some way an outlier. This is Islam […]

Harrowing Testimony of Terror and Survival: ‘I cooked for three terrorists. It was either this – or to be raped.’

A couple of items on the treatment of people in Israel by the attacking Muslims from Gaza on Saturday, October 7th and thereafter. First, Alex Berenson: On the sexual atrocities Hamas committed on Oct. 7 On Thursday, The New York Times recounted in awful detail the sexual atrocities the men of Gaza committed during Hamas’s October 7 […]

The Point is Never the Point, and The Issue is Never the Issue

1. But think of all the great restaurants! Tunisian mass stabs colleagues at Quebec restaurant 2. Good thing they don’t want bodily autonomy. I hope the lawyers for the Coutts 4, men in prison without trial in Canada, for protesting at the bridge see this. JUST IN: Pro-Palestinian protesters are blocking the road leading to […]

VIDEO & COMMENTARY: On The Communist State Of The West

It seems some of the big guys are calling it like it is. WATCH: Discussing Communism in All Its Glory | Michael Malice READ: Mark Steyn lands on the line in his article “You Make Me Feel So Jung” A small sample: […] Dennis Prager equates the mutilation of American schoolgirls with the enforced clitoridectomies […]

VIDEO: ‘Why DEI Must End for Good’—Bari Weiss Gets a Lot Right Here

This is very good. But it’s our view that if you see what is taking place and describe it, in effect you are controlled opposition. Seeing what is happening but failing to understand its nature or intent actually perpetuates it. Makes you a slave to it one way or another. This is not hypocrisy by […]

Steve Kirsch Has Data For THREE Countries Showing VAXX Death Rates

We posted this interview before, but for those who haven’t seen it, or those who want to see it in the context of these other nations, as it adds a lot of gravitas to the New Zealand leaked data, here it is again: WATCH: Steve Kirsch December 11th, 2023 interview on RAIRFoundationUSA BREAKING: I now […]

On Islamic Apostasy Laws: How they’re Becoming Insidiously Normalized in the West, and Worse, Applied

From time to time circumstances or one’s own thoughts can bring us back to some older videos, almost always that have been censored off of the usual platforms, and it becomes either relevant again, or a good reminder of the subject to repost them. RIAR Foundation published the linked essay on the nature of Islam’s apostasy […]