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VIDEO: Marine Le Pen Demands a Real Immigration Policy, Not a Fake One to Anesthetize the Public

Marine Le Pen, French National Front political party leader and candidate for the National Front. Marine demands a real immigration policy, not a fake one to anesthetize the public. EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog video posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

VIDEO: What appears to be a religious Muslim describes Jesus and Mary in highly offensive terms

WARNING: As our friend Paul put it, “(this) Might be the most offensive 1.29 minutes on film. This was translated for us by Janya, a translator of most Indian dialects into English. If you are sensitive about how you wish to hear Jesus and Mary described, I would give this a miss. But seeing as […]

VIDEO: Straight men must date trans or it’s a hate crime?

An excellent example of why we can no longer make jokes of logical extremes. It is well on the way to becoming a hate crime for a straight person to refuse to have a sexual relationship with a ‘trans’ person.  Related: Watch CTV leftist savage a politician for saying the bleeding obvious. Of course […]

VIDEO: YouTube removes Tommy Robinson’s expose of Danish TV ambush of Free Speech Org’s chair

More vial than the dishonest ambush of Aia Fog on Danish TV, is the removal of the bust of the methods of dishonesty used against her by YouTube, that Tommy Robinson did. Its one thing to select what you can show on Youtube based on some kind of reasonable criteria. Its another thing to selectively […]

SECOND U.S. Airstrike North of Baghdad – Three Vehicle Convoy of Iran-backed Shia Militia Leaders . . .

From the Conservative Treehouse: Reports of new late-night U.S. airstrikes north of Baghdad are starting to be confirmed.  According to developing reports a convoy of two or three vehicles carrying Iran-back Shia Militia leaders was targeted near Taji in Northern Baghdad. From Citizen Free Press Trump Does It Again – Second Terrorist Convoy Carrying High-Value […]

VIDEO: Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s Controversial Speech About the Dangers of Modern Feminism — English subtitles

This video is a list of good and at this point, courageous observations. But misses the big point. And that is that Feminism has been hijacked, if it wasn’t created in the first place for this purpose, by Marxists as a weapon of attack on Western culture, peoples and thought overall. To understand how this […]

VIDEO: Massive pro 2nd amendment demo planned for January 20, 2020, in Virginia

Posted by Eeyore MASSIVE MILITIA MOVEMENT!! 2ND AMENDMENT RALLY VIRGINIA!! PLEASE BE PREPARED! (Warning 1/20/2020) RELATED ARTICLES: VIDEO: Fairfax County Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech — Civil War 25 Companies Cave to Anti-2nd Amendment Extremists — Scorepages Updated Candidate for Los Angeles County Sheriff Supports 2nd Amendment, wants politics out of law enforcement EDITORS NOTE: […]