VIDEO: In 2018 the New York Times Proved Dominion Voting Machines Can Easily Be Hacked

Dominion Voting makes specialized hardware and software used by some 600 U.S. jurisdictions in 22 states, as well as by jurisdictions in Canada and other countries.

The Jewish Voice’s Jared Evan published an article titled NY Times Proved Dominion Voting Machines Can Easily Be Hacked in 2018. Jared Evan reported:

With all the talk about Dominion voting machines, conservative commentator Dan Bongino- found a video from the NY Times, showing how easily these nefarious voting machines can be hacked.

April 2018, The New York Times published a video of a University of Michigan computer scientist, J. Alex Halderman, showing a group of students how easy it is to rig a Dominion Voting Machine. The name of the video is “I Hacked an Election. So Can the Russians.” A caption next to the title read “It’s time America’s leaders got serious about voting security.”

WATCH: How I Hacked an Election | NYT – Opinion

These Dominion Voting Systems machines which use a touch screen rather than a paper ballot to cast a vote. Once a vote is cast the machine prints out a ballot that has minimal information on it and a bar code. This ballot is then run through another Dominion machine and the vote is “recorded.” As we previously reported the Dominion Voting System was found to transfer Trump votes to Biden in Michigan. We also reported on a On October 26, 2020 PBS News Hour analysis of the Dominion Voting system in Georgia, a state where the 2020 election recount is being currently disputed. The PBS analysis found the Dominion Voting system seriously flawed when compared to using a traditional paper ballot.

Jared Evan noted:

Today The NY times, A.P, CNN, ABC, NBC, PBS, Reuters, and practically every other media outlet, is telling the public:  that it is paranoid, far right-wing, conspiracy theory, to even fathom the thought of any kind of election fraud.  Election fraud is simply a discredited idea that would forever damage the confidence in our system and is a dangerous threat to our democracy by a power-mad, fascist President Trump, or something like that!

The National Pulse reported:


Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, however, reveal the company is overwhelmingly staffed by Democratic donors – perhaps contributing to the explanation as to how the machines malfunctioned exclusively to Biden’s benefit. [Click here to see the list of Dominion donors]

What goes around comes around.

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