VIDEO: Rep McCarthy Is Preparing For A RED WAVE | Huckabee

Rumble — Rep. Kevin McCarthy is preparing for a red wave. Why? He analyzes the GOP’s momentum in 2021. Don’t miss Gov. Mike Huckabee’s interview with Rep. Kevin McCarthy!


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  1. Martin
    Martin says:

    I hope you can expose facebook, twitter, and google as bad actors in our tampering with our free speech, becoming the conduit of american enemies and creating hate for profit.

  2. Martin
    Martin says:

    Many Democrats and Republicans have agreed of Ms Pelosi reckless comments and actions. Please make a priority for the redwave to stop this actions from Ms Pelosi. How could a few votes elect Ms Pelosi to her post and for her to create so much hate and turmoil from her reckless comments and actions. This is the true reason why Ms Pelosi should be removed. She has been in power more years that Ms Merkel in Germany. We need to reform how our officials are re-elected. ‘ narrowly reelected ‘


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