VIDEO DEBATE: Does The God Of The Bible Exist?



Atheist Andrew Seidel “makes history” by arguing that he is BOTH an Atheist and an Agnostic at the same time! This is all you need to know about the absurd philosophical, contradictory beliefs of this Constitutional Attorney.


Seidel tries the Abraham & Isaac, “would you kill your son if God told you,” trick on Trento, similar to the “have you stop beating your wife,” trick. Though I was cut off from explaining my  purposely shocking “YES” answer to this silly question, either God would intervene as he did with Isaac or as I would have explained, I would not trust that it was actually the voice of God and would need further evidence. Predictably, Seidel takes this few seconds of debate and later screams out to all his trolling friends “Trento wants to kill his kids!” Predictably, his acolytes dance with joy. To the objective observer this is more indication of the moral bankruptcy of atheist Seidel.


As you watch, notice the remarkably immature and childish comments and reactions of Seidel when I am making key points that impact his position. This is typical with atheists who rely more on style than substance. At times he looks and sounds like a third-grader!  Honestly, I did not notice this during the debate as I was looking into the camera and not at Seidel. Very dumb of him.


At the end of our debate Seidel challenges me to debate him on the influence of Christians in politics. On camera, I absolutely agree. As of this Thursday Feb 25, Seidel has NOT responded to my efforts to organize that debate. I will keep trying and publicize whether Seidel responds or takes a pass. Nevertheless, here is his political position, whether he realizes it or not.

Seidel’s Atheism, the foundational belief of Marxism, has mounted a nationalistic attack against the beliefs of Jews and Christians. Atheistic Nationalism is the belief that the Secular State must completely destroy any influence of Jewish or Christian theology in any public entity or any public institution.

To Atheists, the STATE is god.

Atheistic Nationalism is totalitarian and destructive to the moral order, to human agency and completely antithetical to the Founders view of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Joining with these Atheist Nationalists are hard-core Marxists, Islamic jihadists, Big Tech oligarchs and the Biden Administration.

The ultimate objective of Seidel and this anti-Constitutional cabal is the “cancelling” of the voices of Christians and Jews, especially in the Public Square of politics, education and culture. Therefore, it is essential that believing Jews and Christians fight back against the emotional, non-logical, hateful campaign to “cancel” the monotheistic God of the Bible, thereby illegally obstructing the participation of Jews and Christians in the reformation of our great country!

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