Bill Gates, China and COVID-19

“A Thorough Knowledge Of The Bible, Is More Valuable Than A College Education!” – 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt.

Today’s blog comes from a friend of mine, Pastor Bob Brown, who runs an organization called One Nation Under God. Some of you will remember him from our huge “Save America Foundation” event in Tampa. A great speaker and truly good man. His site has many great articles but this one hit me and I knew you, my informed readers, will want to read it to. I will put all links and credits at the end but ask you share from this blog.


The Corona Virus, COVID-19, was Patented in 2006, under U.S. Patent # 2006257852,
called “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ” (S.A.R.S. is also called a Corona Virus), which is owned by GlaxoSmithKline, a major vaccine manufacturer.

There is also an European patent on this same virus, and its vaccine; Patents # EP3172319A1 & B1, applied for in November 2014, and granted in November 2019 – just ONE MONTH before the debut of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Chinese Military and Communist Party ONLY further manipulated this VERY SAME Corona Virus, to allow its transmission to humans (SOMETHING THAT IS ILLEGAL, AND ALSO MAKES IT A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON)! Using a Biological Weapon against the world, politically correct verbiage aside; IS AN ACT OF WAR – Regardless of whether or not your politicians have the moral courage to DECLARE that SO in public!!!

The European patents for this virus, are owned by the Pirbright Institute (which is owned by Bill and Melinda Gates, who have been Very Publicly Telling Us that they seek to MANDATE, and then to Vaccinate, The ENTIRE WORLD with “THEIR” vaccines)!!! Only AFTER worldwide Vaccination is complete, does self-appointed World Emperor, Bill Gates think that it would be ok to go back to planet normal!!!

Is this HOW Almighty God Intends for us to deal with, and to Treat – Diseases, Plagues, and Sickness? Read our Bible Study on “Divine Healing, and The Laying On Of Hands”, at for WHAT Almighty God SAYS about Healing and Curing Sickness and Disease!

Note: Most flu vaccines increase the risk of getting the Flu by 36%, according to a recent U.S. Army Study on vaccinated servicemen (if in fact the vaccines did not “GIVE” the 36% percent of our troops the Flu, tested in this Study)!

Remember they stopped giving the Polio vaccine because it was determined that the vaccines were actually transmitting the disease (Vaccine Induced Polio) to the Non-Vaccinated public, instead of curing it!!!

In other words, Vaccinated people were having a genetic reversal occur of the pathogen in their  bodies, and were actually excreting a viral form of the pathogen to non-Vaccinated people around them!!!

In medical terms: The vaccine-derived attenuated virus is normally excreted from vaccinated  people for a limited period; thus, the spontaneous reversal of the vaccine-derived virus to a virulent form and its spreading in the environment, can lead to unvaccinated people becoming infected!!!

Shockingly, in 1960, rhesus monkey kidney cells were used to prepare  the Polio Virus vaccines, which were then later determined to be infected  with the Simian Virus-40 (or SV40), which is a naturally occurring virus that infects monkeys. In 1961, SV40 was found to cause tumors in  rodents!!! More recently, the virus was found in certain forms of cancer  in humans (brain, bone tissue, pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma, and  some types of non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma)!!! Hundreds and Hundreds of Millions of people have been Inoculated and Vaccinated with “Animal DNA” over the last 70 years!!!

What does God Think and Say about those who Defy His Natural Order? READ Romans 1:18-32!!!

Back to the 19th Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease (or COVID-19):

COVID-19 only infects humans, because like our previously discussed polio vaccines, they have been genetically manipulated, in laboratories – ON PURPOSE – to specifically infect humans!!! WHY would humans want to infect other humans? Because these “Scientists and Doctors” are Following Satan instead of Almighty God (John 10:10 / Romans 1:18-32 /  Exodus 15:26 / Psalm 91:1-16)!!!

There are some very Wealthy, but very EVIL people, that want to Kill and Control MOST of the people on this earth!!!

So let’s indulge in a fantasy for a moment, and imagine; If YOU were an Evil and Twisted Billionaire, with lots of Mad Scientists on your payroll, HOW would YOU control the ignorant and pathetic masses of people around you?

How To Control The World in Ten Easy Steps:

  1. Develop a virus that will run rampant like the seasonal flu, yet with minimal fatalities (about one third the deaths that annual flu strains cause).
  2. Obtain a patent on the virus, and for it’s vaccines, in European and in American patent offices. YOU now OWN the Disease and it’s CURE!!!
  3. Assist the Chinese Communist Party (The Second Largest Naval Military Powerhouse on the planet – after the U.S. Military and Navy; but without any of the moral scruples or “weak minded” religious views getting in the way), in the infiltration of American Universities, where bio-labs are working on your “patented” flu strains.
  4. Assist Chinese Communist Party Military Officers, acting undercover as  “Foreign Exchange Students”, to steal and transport your viruses back to Military Biological Weapons Labs in China, where they can be Manipulated with Bat DNA to make a simple and benign virus, now transmittable to human hosts!!!
  5. Have China release the viruses worldwide, once patent and vaccine manufacturing are in place; and then work extensively with your paid agents in The World Health Organization  (W.H.O), Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.), and in worldwide media outlets to “Hype” the disease way out of proportion, and well beyond its Actual and True casualty impact.
  6. Use allies in government offices, and in healthcare, to “cook the books”, and give financial incentives to those treating YOUR disease, and to direct resources and manpower at areas with “your false” inflated infection and fatality data.
  7. Shut Down and Control societies, businesses and manufacturing under the guise of a “Major Health Crises”; thus producing hoarding and artificial shortages of certain goods and services. 
  8. Limit individual rights and freedoms, use all available means to appeal to “Sensationalism” and to instill “Irrational FEAR” wherever and whenever possible. Promote the wearing of masks, so that people will “believe” that there is an invisible threat, EVERY time they SEE someone wearing a mask!!!
  9. Blame China as the “Bad Guy”; and when all Hope appears to be lost, Offer a viable, but “Untested”, VACCINE to the masses, using “Deemed Credible” Medical Experts; with the Promises of both Preventing  future outbreaks, and / or, of Substantially Reducing the symptoms and death rates during future and similar Pandemics. (NOTE: Vaccines given to “The Sheeple”, will be later discovered to have an unfortunate side effect: they will have STERILIZED 80-90 percent of school age children, worldwide (those with strong natural immunity), and have caused an Exponentially Greater fatality rate, than COVID viruses ever could). In Essence: Create an Artificial Crises, then Use FEAR to Mandate Worldwide  Vaccines; then after Financial Profits have been Realized – WAIT for Vaccines to Drastically Lower Western Society, and Developing Nations’ Population Levels – BOTH by short term attrition, through Vaccinated Caused Deaths (one year), and through Long Term Attrition, through Vaccinated Caused Sterility!!! Patience PAY$$$!!!
  10. Allow China to dominate Militarily, and Politically in the “Carefully Created Power  Vaccum”; acting as The New Powerhouse for a European Orchestrated and Controlled New World Order!!!

Call this fantasy, if you’d like. But there are some very rich and very powerful people, who are currently Very Drunk with the wine of this very particular fantasy (Revelation 18:3)!!!

Never forget that the W.H.O. has been accidentally “sterilizing” tribes in Africa, since the mid 1980’s (or  causing “insignificant research casualties, necessary for the greater good of Stabilizing the World’s Human Population at Sustainable Levels”)!!!

I’ll bet you that the people “tricked” and sometimes “forced” to take these vaccines in order to be “Exterminated in slow motion”, over one generation, don’t feel insignificant (Matthew  10:26-33 / Genesis 1:26-31)!!!

ALL men and women, and ALL boys and girls, are Precious in Almighty God’s Sight!!! Creating a Pandemic and a Vaccine, in order to MURDER Billions is of Satan, and NOT of  Almighty God or of His Son – Our SAVIOR (John 10:10)!!!

You can read about WHAT Almighty God has to Say, about this, and future “Pandemics”, in Two Great Bible Study Series:

  1. Jesus Christ’s Olivet Prophecy (Parts 1-4)
  2. The Beast of Revelation, and The King of The North (Parts 1-4)

Both are always available, at No Cost, at!!!

Prepare Yourself NOW!!!

We recommend staying Physically and Spiritually Healthy (See below for details on how to Biblically achieve both). Store up a reasonable amount of food, medicine, and supplies as a Prudent and Wise Ant (Proverbs 6:5-11). Contemplate how you could or might have to, withstand future food shortages, riots, looting, and forced inoculations, under your  national laws, under your current financial and employment status; and lastly, we ask you to realistically evaluate your safety and security infrastructure and contingency plans, for your current dwelling’s location.

The Biblical Answer to The Beginning of Sorrows (Matthew 24:1-51), is 90 percent Spiritual; but make NO MISTAKE, Jesus Showed us that it is also 10 percent Physical Preparation and ACTION (Matthew 13:41-43, 25:1-46)!!!

Learn HOW to Keep Alert, and HOW To Stay SAFE in the days, months, and years ahead – EXACTLY AS Jesus Christ Taught Us To DO!

In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name,

Pastor Bob Brown

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