America’s Coming Back to the KGB Operations

When The New York Times reporter called Trump’s supporters “Enemy of the State,” I took it personally. I am a Trump’s supporter and unapologetically American, writing and exposing American enemies foreign and domestic for thirty-five years. I was deeply insulted by the ignorance bordered on stupidity, as Douglas Murray correctly identified it. The conflict between Red and Blue states is taking the form of real war and I have no other way to answer this reporter, but exposing him by presenting the Truth.

“America’s coming back” those words belong to Joe Biden, he repeated them many times during the six months of his presidency. They are the part of the ocean of lies, deceit and fraud cascaded by him and his administration, formatted by Stalinist Political Correction. In fact, America’s coming back to the KGB operatives and their operations to harm-damage America and benefit Socialist/Communist Charlatans and aggressors… In my opinion, we are witnessing Socialist Revolution, Soviet Style in America. The Dems run it from within. The Biden/Putin conspiracy supervised the revolution, drugs, violence, a disaster on the border, and incredible lies. We must stop it now! Read my recent columns.

Lee Smith the Author of The Permanent Coup, The Plot Against the President is right and the titles of his books reflect the today’s reality. Yet, it was Leon Trotsky first, who gave us a term Permanent Revolution a hundred years earlier and the Permanent Revolution we are witnessing today globally. The irony of the two centuries, or a crux of the matter lays in that: The Permanent Coup derived from the Permanent Revolution and both are coming from the same place–the Russian capital, and the same Russian Intel. I am repeating again: Knowledge of Russia and her Intel is imperative for American republic to survive…

Socialist/Communist Charlatans, Thugs, and Criminals

The host of the Fox News, Steve Hilton named his show: “The Next Revolution.” As an optimist-Republican, he has believed in the Trump revolution. I was an optimist and desired the same. But, I am also a former Soviet attorney, who knows well Russia, her Intel, and Socialist/Communist modus operandi. As a matter of fact, they never slept and acted in a proper time for them before us: we witness now Socialist Revolution in America from the opposite side exercises by the Democrat Party from within and in concert with Putin’s KGB. This happened because we don’t know Russia and her Intel.

When the official information told us about the events in Afghanistan, it was their own signature of incompetence and stupidity in foreign affairs and policy: U.S. has asked Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to temporarily take in Afghans who assisted with American military’s invasion and occupation of the country as part of a broader U.S. security deal with the central Asian countries. What a shame! All mentioned, so-called Independent Republics are the former Soviet Muslim Republics totally subordinated to Russia through their own, old KGB’s apparatus in power today. In fact, Biden has betrayed the Afghans translators sending them to Putin’s hands… We are facing a Humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.

For your information, Putin’s KGB was schooling the different groups of Taliban’s through the KGB of those six former Soviet Socialist Muslim republics. This knowledge is very important for another reason, too. I just described to you the major KGB duties as a doer—to carry on the Socialist/Communist ideology across the world… Pay attention to the tandem of Socialist/Communist–Russian/Chinese Intel. China declared her international support to the Taliban in Afghanistan. The real reason for China is to control Afghanistan’s natural resources—an absolute repetition of the Soviet policy for Africa in the 20th century.

The identification of Socialist/Communist Charlatans, thugs, and criminals is vital for America. The “Environmental Justice” and “Climate Change” have been promoted by the “Squad” for years. These two illustrate the same KGB schooling in America. There is also an attempt by the KGB to disguise itself as the training Marxists: look at the activities of BLM, Antifa, and other groups harming, burning, destroying, and killing in the “2020 Summer of Love.”  They all belong to Socialist/Communist thugs attacking our Constitutional republic in the Dem-run states. This is Permanent Revolution from within in America with Stalin/Andropov protocol of vandal violence… President Biden, a Democrat, has not stopped it…

Look at the global behavior of the KGB vis-a-vis America during two centuries. U.S. officials under the previous two presidential administrations opposed Nord Stream 2, out of fears it would heighten Moscow’s economic and political sway across Europe, President Biden has changed it. The recent conduct of Germany didn’t surprised me. It is important to remember that Angela Merkel came from the Communist part of Germany—GDR. This part of Germany had a fascist Intel Staci, implemented by the Russian Intel apparatus. The KGB schooling was executed there by the counter-intelligent officer of the KGB—Vladimir Putin…  Stay tuned!

The COVID-19 and the international Pandemic is a product of the war waged by Socialist/Communist Charlatans against Western civilization. In my column December 21/2020, I wrote: “A man-made Chinese COVID-19 promises a lot of negative surprises for the citizens of America and the globe… Remember: the Russian/Chinese Intel is waging a war against Western civilization and American capitalism for global Control and Power.” One of the surprises: President Joe Biden was collaborating with the Russian/Chinese Intel. He has been helping Vladimir Putin since 2014 to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy. You saw the “quid-pro-quo” scene in his personal theatrical performance. He continues helping Putin by deceiving, misleading you and destroying our Constitutional republic…

You can ask me: where have I got the evidence of the Biden/Putin conspiracy? The answer is in my books and over a hundred columns. I’ve submitted to you my research of the “Biden and Son” activities in Ukraine in dozens of my columns in 2018-2021. Ukraine is the territory of my expertise, I was writing about it for many years. And you could watch how Socialist and Communist Charlatans, thugs, and criminals were moving very smoothly from the 20th century to 21st century… I want to see how the New York Times will debate me.

Lamentably, the Fox News also showed some incompetence: Chris Wallace has a proclivity to give air to Socialist/Communist Charlatans one after another. He interviewed Tom Lopez, Debby Dingle, who is lying without blinking her big eyes, and James Clyburn. Regardless of race and gender, Socialist Charlatans are looking for the opportunity to propagandize and agitate the public. Alas, incompetent in Fox News give them this chance. Moreover, Fox News aired Progressive to promote Social Progressive Democrats for years. I believe that Progressive Insurance. Inc. violates anti-Trust Law on behalf of the Democrat Party, but Fox News is silent about it for years…

The recent maneuvering with Hunter’s painting is also the KGB operation. The GOP is asking the wrong questions. Whether you like the painting or not, it takes the talent, skills, and a lot of time to draw-produce such a number of paintings. Hunter Biden has none of the three, he is a person from rehab. We know that he has traveled intensively since 2014 and was busy with another activity globally. Besides, if you saw his Lab, you know that it wasn’t painting. The right question is the following: Who is the real individual producing this art? The criminal cabal is defrauding us again…You should be ready for the usual Socialist Charlatans’ FRAUD…

The fleeing Taxes Democrats are cooperating now with Clinton’s mafia, the first Manchurian President—a logical connection of the KGB operation.  Just watch the second Manchurian President who is defending fleeing Taxes Democrats from his Deep State and you will see the circle of the Socialist Charlatans is closing by the KGB operation in action… Bill Maher is right: we are living in the mentality of Stalinist Russia in today’s America.


Conservatives have ignored the ideology for decades, now they are fighting a wrong one. As a former Soviet attorney, I warn you–it is not Marxism, but Stalinist Soviet Socialism and its KGB that is destroying America under Biden/Putin supervision today. As usual, Socialist Charlatans are using COVID-19 to intimidate, threaten you and divert your attention from Socialist Revolution, which is underway and destroying our Constitutional republic. Read my recent columns, here is a link: hot

I know Mark Levin as a staunch Conservative. His book American Marxism has thoughtful research and brilliant analyses. Yet, I believe in my conclusion, researched for thirty-five years. It is the Evil ideology of Stalinist Soviet Socialism that infiltrated all strata of our society and attacked us from within by open borders and “the 2020 Summer of Love ” with vandal violence under slogans “Defund the Police ” in the Dem-run states. It was Stalin, who established the protocol of the war against Western civilization, assigning the Intel apparatus to carry on this war, to divide the targeting population, to create the revolutionary situation and finally Socialist revolution to demolish the capitalist economic system globally.

I have been a witness of many Stalinist revolutions in the world and described it in my books. Please, read What is Happening to America?  The Hidden Truth of Global Distraction, XLIBRIS, 2012. You will learn how Stalin had created the Chinese Communist State. Knowing Russia and her punitive Intel apparatus, you could also learn who and why had been killing Jimmy Hoffer and plenty of other precious information…  Knowledge of Russia and her Intel is a MUST for our Constitutional republic to survive and defeat Socialist movement…

My fellow Americans!

We the People can’t wait for 2024! Time is money! Act accordingly now!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

To be continued and at

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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  1. Michael O'Block
    Michael O'Block says:

    Thank you for your article on how our country under control of the Biden/ Harris administration is quickly changing from a Republic to a Socialist government. I will continue to work on changing it back to the Republic it was laid out by the founding fathers and the constitution that they wrote to give us the freedoms we have today. We must not let our country be subverted by the current administration. Let’s Roll!

  2. Doris Snyder
    Doris Snyder says:

    Please get in contact with Gen. Flynn he needs to hear your stories. He can be found on Telegram and CloutHub. There are a lot of Patriots out there your voice needs to be heard. Thank you and so glad I found you!!

    • Simona Pipko
      Simona Pipko says:

      Dear Doris: Thank you for reading and commenting on my column. For some reason, I’d appreciate you to contact General Flynn and send him my column.
      Thanks in advance,
      Simona Pipko


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