Could The Walking Dead Defeat DeSantis?

Given Governor Ron DeSantis’ ever increasing popularity, re-election in 2022 appears to be a foregone conclusion. The Sunshine State’s electoral systems have been lauded as the gold standard of the country … but are they? The bar is exceedingly low, given the findings of Arizona’s audit and the mounting list of anomalies in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Defend Florida, a 30,000+ grassroots organization committed to ensuring free and fair elections, canvassed 14 of Florida’s largest counties. This public effort has uncovered 2020 voter roll anomalies such as:

  • Over 700,000 registered voters who did not vote in over eight years.
  • 137,000 voters who should have been removed by law in 2017.
  • 61% of canvassed voters no longer live at registration address.
  • 6% of canvassed voters were deceased.
  • 18% of canvassed addresses were not residential addresses.

With mounting evidence showing electronic voting systems vulnerabilities, concerned Floridians are pressing their representatives for iron-clad reforms. So far, they have met staunch opposition from Laurel M. Lee, Secretary of State and Maria Mathews, Division of Elections Director. Laurel Lee admitted applying for and receiving a $200,000 grant from the Zuckerberg funded nonprofit Center for Technology and Civic Life (video available).

Lee was appointed by DeSantis to replace his original choice, Mike Ertel. She was a former Hillsborough County Circuit judge.

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