Impassioned Words From A Patriot.

Today I read something my good friend Adam wrote. It struck a cord and I needed to share it with you all. Let me tell you a little about my friend and brother Adam.

Adam is blind. He is a true patriot. He is a musician- self taught – with an incredible voice. He is a religious man. A married man. A family man. A man who does not need a lot. A highly intelligent man. A moral and ethical man. He is the sort of American that used to be in the majority in this constitutional republic. Not radically right. Not left. A centrist. The sort whose politics made up the bulk of this country.

Please read his great addition to this blog and share it far and wide. His words are 100% correct. They are heart felt and genuine. Thank you Adam and Christie for your love and friendship and yes, support. You are always there when we need advice or just someone to vent to. You are both family.

Here are his words…….

Is it too late?

I wrote the following last night and went back-and-forth about posting it. Though it is only some personal thoughts I figured it might be helpful to anyone else sailing these same rough waters to know that you are not alone in this storm.

It seems to me that this world has become all too cynical, all to reactional and altogether judgmental and not in a positive manner. It seems that everyone assumes that any differing opinion isn’t just wrong but maliciously so, evil at its core. Granted if I am honest I have fallen into this trap of close minded arrogance a time or two and though I do believe that at its core man’s nature is self-serving and malevolent, I also believe that we should always give the benefit of the doubt until we know the true nature of what and why others believe and feel the way that they do. There are a lot of miss-guided and misinformed people both out of willful ignorance and purposeful deception, but even in this we must be careful not to just assume the worst at first glance.

Don’t get me wrong, anger and outrage are necessary when done in all sincere righteousness but this must always be calculated and not simply done off the cuff. I think as I look around at what is going on in our nation I see that the truly sad part is that such a small percentage of fanatical retards are directing the narrative and creating the divisiveness that has so infected our society. Ultimately I am just tired. I am tired of the constant wearing and tearing away of our values. I am not suggesting that my values are any better than anyone else’s, but I am saying that they are just as valid as anyone else’s. I am tired of the hatred, I am tired of the vitriol, I am just tired. I am tired of being played. I am tired of the media, of the social networks, of the government using us as pawns in there games of division where their only goal is money and power and control.

In a nation so rich, so far advanced from where we have come from and where quite frankly any other society has ever been, this all seems just so ridiculously impossible, and yet we find ourselves exactly where we are. Maybe I am just a sentimental fool, or maybe it’s just the rum talking, but let me tell you what, if we don’t make some very hard decisions in the very near future we are screwed!

We can react to hatred with hatred, but I think history shows us exactly where that leads. We can react to the hatred with turning the other cheek, but I am not sure that leads us in any better direction. So what is the answer? Hell if I know, but I know if we don’t figure it out soon there won’t be anything left to figure out! What the hell happened to the society of the 80s and 90s, where did the rational thinking of my generation end? I really don’t know and as I sit here in my own personal darkness, every day brings me closer and closer to really not caring anymore. Is there an answer? I am sure that those with superior education and understanding may think so, but down here for all of us simple and common folks it just seems like the weight of this nonsense is too heavy to bear, that collapse is inevitable.

Agree or disagree, like it or not this experiment that is America is failing and falling and if we don’t wake up and figure it out in the near future there will be nothing left to figure out. You can wave flags, you can rock the vote but the bottom line is that if we can’t come together as a people and put these governmental pariahs in their proper places we are destined to fail just as every other society who has come before us and every society who will come after us has and will.

Now is the time and this is the place!

If you really believe in this American experiment, if you truly believe that this constitutional republic is the only hope for this world then we better start coming together because that is the only way it works! Disagreement should bring conversation not hatred! Diversity should bring understanding and resolution not division! If our leaders can’t bring us to that then we need new leaders and if you can’t come to that then you need to reevaluate yourself, your position and your character!

Freedom was never meant to be free or easy and though every effort has been made to turn us against each other, every effort has been made to dumb us down, every effort has been made to stress us out and take away our will, now more than ever we need to grab our bootstraps and man up!

We are worth fighting for, our children are worth fighting for, our way of life is worth fighting for, America is worth fighting for but that cliff of no return is fast approaching and the powers that be see their envisioned “promised land” of total power and control and are pushing us ever faster and closer toward it.

Is it too late?

I don’t know and maybe only history will show us, if that history is even allowed to be spoken of in the future that we are speeding to??? I am so glad that my grandparents aren’t around to see this and that my parents won’t have to live through the worst of it. I fear for the younger generations who will have to live through it and may never know what we destroyed and what they missed…

In the short term I think we must start by building strong communities. We must circle the wagons not to keep others out but in order to support and protect each other. We must start relying on and caring for each other because Lord knows there is coming a day when each other will be all that we have. Our government has done all in their power to break down the family and break down the community because they know all too well that with family and community comes independence and true freedom. The government has done everything in their power to take away our self-reliance, to build absolute dependency on them and the system that they have created, no, that we have allowed them to create. Hell, in all honesty that we have demanded they create.

We need to start doing with less and doing without. We need to start making difficult choices not to shop at these industrial giants that turn around and use our money against us. We need to realize that we are going to have to spend more and get less, but in the end it will bring us so much more! We need to support the local small businesses even if that means we don’t get the brands that we like or the products that we have grown to love. We need to get back to the basics of self-preservation and independent living.

When was America great?

When we were self-reliant, when we didn’t need or demand that the government feed us, clothe us, employ us, educate us… America was great when WE the people were great, when we cared about ourselves and each other.

We had better get back to the basics of living and being able to provide for ourselves. Growing our own food, making our own clothes, bartering within our community for services and goods. We had better get back to the simplicity of life and appreciating every little thing instead of expecting the latest and greatest and comparing ourselves to everyone else. We need to get back to the simplicity of entertaining ourselves. Of finding the pleasure in sitting on the pourch, family meals, community BBQ’s. Of reading and writing and music. Not just consuming it but producing it. Not just expecting it but teaching it and valuing it. Something far worse than where we are is right around the corner, and when it drops it will drop fast and hard. We had better start coming together, preparing ourselves and our communities for the demanding times that are literally right over the horizon.

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