Twitter Tweets Child Sexual Abuse – You can hold them accountable!

One of the world’s most powerful companies has crossed the line.

It’s shocking …

The influential social network Twitter allows users to share videos of child sexual abuse and then, with a straight face, claims it has no knowledge of how its platform is being used to degrade and destroy?

It’s absolutely true. And today I’m urging you to give now to stop them.

After calling on Twitter multiple times to stop knowingly distributing and profiting from illegal child sexual abuse material — and getting nowhere — the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of two of the many victims.

Twitter is so cynical that in a response to our lawsuit, the company responded with this: “… the law does not punish a defendant [Twitter] for participation in a lawful venture with sex traffickers, or knowingly but passively receiving the financial benefits of sex trafficking.”

Richard, have you ever heard such nonsense?

Twitter actually further claims that, because it is not technically a “publisher,” it is immune from prosecution. But the law is clear: online interactive services such as Twitter can claim immunity only if they act in good faith to remove the obscene material.

Twitter, of course, did not — and has not — acted in good faith.

It would take pages to explain the case, the background, and the status of our suit. But what we want you to know is that NCOSE is going hard at Twitter. We’re doing everything we can to force the company to do what’s right AND what’s required by law: a much better job of policing their network and protecting vulnerable children.

Today we’re asking you to join us in holding Twitter and ALL social networks accountable. Your gift will help ensure this never happens again … ensure Twitter is brought to account … ensure other social platforms are put on notice that they cannot profit from the misery of vulnerable people and then claim protection in the name of “free speech.”

Please give now to battle Twitter’s shameful profiting from child sexual exploitation.

EDITORS NOTE: This NCOSE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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