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BREAKING: First Age Verification Bill in the U.S. Goes into Effect!

On January 1st, history was made when the first law in the U.S. requiring pornography sites to verify the age of users, and therefore prevent children from being exposed to pornography, went into effect. House Bill 142 (now Act 440), passed in Louisiana, was sponsored by Rep. Laurie Schlegel with bipartisan support. Passage of HB 142 is […]

The Internet: A Pandora’s Box of Threats to Our Children

The Internet has opened up a Pandora’s Box of threats to our children. These threats include grooming by online predators for sexual abuse or to be sex trafficked; having sexually explicit images and videos shared online that will haunt our children for the rest of their lives; exposure to pornography; messages encouraging harmful sexual behavior […]

PROTECT Act Will Aid Victims of Image-Based Sexual Abuse Against Big Porn

It only takes an instant for anyone to become a victim of image-based sexual abuse (IBSA). It can happen through hidden camera videos, deepfake/edited images, leaked photos, filmed child sexual abuse, rape, sex trafficking, and prostitution. These images can circulate fast and be posted to pornography websites, or shared without consent to other platforms, often […]

Survivor-Leader Teresa J. Helm joins the NCOSE Law Center

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) welcomes Teresa J. Helm to its team as the new Survivor Services Coordinator. Teresa will assist survivor clients seeking justice through civil litigation against major corporations who have profited from their abuse Teresa is a lived-experience expert who survived being sexually assaulted and trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and his network […]

Female College Students Secretly Filmed in Locker Room — Footage Posted on XHamster and Pornhub

It’s outrageous enough that female college students were secretly filmed in a locker room. But the footage was posted to XHamster and Pornhub. WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has joined as co-counsel in a lawsuit (Does 1-9 v. Murphy et al) against XHamster and MindGeek filed on behalf of 9 women who […]

Why Etsy made the 2022 Dirty Dozen List — Take Action!

SIGN THE PETITION Each year, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation releases the Dirty Dozen List, an annual campaign that names twelve entities that have facilitated or profited from sexual exploitation – and each year, we see significant victories and progress that give us hope for a world truly free from these abuses. You’ve probably heard of some […]

BREAKING NEWS: MindGeek Layoffs & Leadership Resignations!

Thanks to you, nation and worldwide change is happening right now! The world’s largest sexual exploiter is crumbling before our eyes! MindGeek, the parent company that owns Pornhub and many of the largest porn sites in the world is under intense pressure. This week, their CEO & COO fled the company and they laid off more than […]

“Swipe Right” for Bumble: A Corporation Combatting Cyberflashing

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is pleased to present the Dignity Defense Award to Bumble, a popular woman-founded, woman-led dating app that is devotedly working to combat the unsolicited sending of sexual images – a form of online sexual harassment known as “cyberflashing.” Bumble’s fight against cyberflashing has involved adding industry standard-setting safety features […]

TAKE ACTION: The Many Dangers of Discord for Children

Discord, a popular communication service, has been named to NCOSE’s Dirty Dozen List for the past two years due to its failure to adequately address the sexually exploitative content and activity on its platform. While Discord made some important safety changes following the 2021 Dirty Dozen List, problems persist on the platform and the company can do much more […]

TAKE ACTION: OnlyFans is a Paradise for Pimps and Predators

OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform known for pornography, has been placed on NCOSE’S Dirty Dozen List for the past two years due to the egregious sexual exploitation that lies at the foundation of its business model. NCOSE—along with numerous survivors, whistleblowers, police, and investigative journalists—has been sounding the alarm on the criminal activity that hides behind OnlyFans’ paywall […]

Lyft and Uber: Fighting sexual assault in the transportation industry through transparency

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is pleased to give the Dignity Defense Award to Uber and Lyft, two ride-sharing companies who have stepped up as industry leaders in the fight against sexual violence. Sexual assault and harassment on transportation services is a far too common occurrence, so much so that Congress considers new legislation to […]

TAKE ACTION: Before adding an Edit button, ask Elon Musk to stop Twitter’s hosting of child sexual abuse

The Problem Pedophiles and other predators go to Twitter to trade in criminal content such as child sexual abuse and nonconsensual pornography. The platform is rampant with accounts and posts functioning as advertisements for commercial sex—including prostitution. Twitter fails to adequately respond to its victims, claiming it cannot be held accountable for disseminating illegal material. […]

ACTION ALERT: 2022 Dirty Dozen List REVEALED!

12 Mainstream Facilitators of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation | 2022 Dirty Dozen List.  What is the Dirty Dozen List? The Dirty Dozen List is an annual campaign calling out twelve mainstream entities for facilitating, enabling, and even profiting from sexual abuse and exploitation. Since its inception in 2013, the Dirty Dozen List has galvanized […]

Myth vs. Fact: The EARN IT Act

Countering Myths About the EARN IT Act. Contact your Members of Congress and urge them to COSPONSOR and support the EARN IT Act! Why Tech Companies Should Support the EARN IT Act Living in a world that is so heavily fixated on technology comes with its own consequences. Recent generations have grown up in the digital […]

Mazoola Protects Kids’ Privacy

Payment apps and online payment options through social media platforms are used to enable child and adult sexual exploitation. These digital payment options give easier access to sexual predators to groom young users. Direct service providers serving child sex trafficking victims have called NCOSE to ask our assistance in advocating that Square, CashApp, and Venmo […]