Open Letter: To The Arizona Attorney General

TO:    Attorney General Mark Brnovich

2005 N Central Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Dear Attorney General Brnovich,

To suggest citizens across the country are mad over the findings of the last national election would be a great understatement. The level of anger and disgust is not only quite real but increasingly quite evident, something many elected officials still are underestimating. There is a mind-set among public officials the public will get over their “Trump Syndrome Remorse” as other life matters take center stage. Quite the reverse, as more evidence mounts of the complete chaos in America deliberately introduced by the Biden crowd, that much more anger rises to the surface from otherwise historically agreeable citizens. As more evidence surfaces across counties and states that election fraud occurred in their jurisdictions, as well as what has been publicized in Arizona, the level of anger and sense of acute betrayal also surfaces with citizens, and they are now demanding answers! Few are the elected officials willing to stand and un-hesitantly formally petition for full and complete investigations into election fraud. Fewer yet are those elected officials willing to say what Americans across the country are thinking, and a growing number are saying. Below is an article from Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers published today, 10/20/21, that depicts what I mean:

LD6 SEN. WENDY ROGERS: Now the Maricopa audit showed the extent of the fraud and issues in 2020. Over 284,000 ballots in Maricopa County are missing their original corresponding image- one out of every 10 Maricopa County ballots. During my interview last week on Victory Channel’s Flash Point, I called for arrests in Arizona as evidence was brought forward during a Sept 24 State Senate hearing, revealing in part, that three different individuals reportedly deleted data, in regards to the 2020 general election. Elections have consequences and stolen elections have worse consequences. We’re the only State that’s done a deep dive, a cyber forensic audit of 2.1 million ballots. We had the final hearing on Sept 24. It’s now in the hands of our Arizona Attorney General [Mark] Brnovich. I have been leaning very strongly on him to make arrests. We have imagery of three different individuals who deleted data. This is evidence that was put forward on Sept 23, she explained. During the Arizona Senate hearing, Ben Cotton of CyFir– revealed that election results were purged from the EMS the day before the forensic audit began. Moreover, during a hearing in the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Oct 7, Maricopa County Board of Supervisor officials admitted under oath, that they deleted election data after they received a subpoena from the Arizona State Senate. I want to see the Maricopa Board, Dem Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Adrian Fontes in cuffs – throw away the keys. That is the standard for what happened to us. They had the audacity to brag about their lawbreaking to the media. We know what happened in Maricopa. Now we need to pursue the offenders. Arrests seem appropriate here.

Evidence has surfaced, and more appears to be on the horizon, that serious crimes were committed to deliberately alter and steal the last national election. Furthermore…evidence appears, at least in Maricopa County, Arizona, that several county officials were complicit in covering up purported election crimes, and tampering with the investigation itself! What citizen would be allowed to get away with such behavior? What position or right do public officials have that allows them to commit acts against State and Constitutional Law, and then simply walk away without consequences? Are the citizens allowed that same ability, that same privilege; of course not! The Arizona Attorney General has a mammoth decision to make most likely several. Is there more than sufficient verifiable evidence stemming from the forensic evaluation in Maricopa County to bring charges against those identified as participants in crime(s) connected with the last national election? If such evidence exists to the preponderance of formal law enforcement action taken, will the Arizona Attorney General have the strength of character to do such; to effect the arrests of those directly involved regardless of their public title or office?

Mr. Attorney General, you, sir, are in a most difficult position. But you also have the once in a life-time privilege of correcting a heinous wrong, a deliberate attack on our electoral process that severely damaged one of the most sacred privileges we have in America – to freely elect leaders we believe are in the best interest of our nation and We The People. The entire country is truly watching, not merely half-interested but fully invested in the outcome of this investigation begun a year ago in November, 2020. Mr. Attorney General, Senator Roger’s statement is clear, direct, and not concerned with political correctness, but truth addressing a heinous act of treason against our nationally historical privilege to freely choose our representatives by holding free and untampered elections, not at all similar to Marxist countries who fully “get” what took place in several states during the last national election, and are smiling. Sir…I pray you are not smiling but soberly going after the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God. Then stepping up and confronting the offenders with consequences.


Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

©All rights reserved.

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