The Dumbing Down of America Started Here

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, while I was teaching, I noticed a significant change in the goal of education. I usually didn’t care what the curricula or text said; I wanted my students to learn what I learned in school, which helped me make great choices throughout my life. I was teaching my students skills so they could make the best choices for their lives.

It was during this time I noticed that instead of teaching knowledge and skills, the teacher’s manual changed. We were now to focus on feelings and common thought. As a math teacher asking, “how do you feel about 2+2=4?” did not compute. How does that help you balance a checkbook, work a profit-loss statement? So I never asked those questions. The new world order has us focusing on the group, not the individual.

Individual excellence was not as important as the achievement and success of the group. The group got a name, and the group achievement got stars on the wall instead of naming individual students and showing their achievement. Students were given group assignments, and the fast learners were discouraged from finishing so fast. The others had to catch up. The dumbing down of everyone had begun.

This evolution took the entire 22 years I taught, until one term when we came back to school, and there was no more old text for me to use. Everything was now to be done the John Dewey, Modern Education way. That year marked the end of my teaching career.

I attended the John Dewey New School for Social Research, Greenwich Village, NYC. It was there I learned that all subject matter was to be integrated with the same message. Hollywood, the media were all to carry the same message, which would be reinforced in school. The message: The Environment, the destruction of the planet is caused by HUMANS. How evil we are. They were right at that time. The pollution and smog were so bad that it was almost impossible to breathe in some cities. They focused on pollution as the cause of climate change⏤more lies.

In the beginning, the EPA did clean much of the air and water, but somehow it was never enough. The rules got stricter, and prices of items became unnecessarily higher. Try buying a simple item like a gas can. In 2000, a gas can was about four bucks. Today they are over ten bucks. Why? Because now they have to follow insane EPA regulations on gas and oil and the design of the can. Eventually, as many people with power do, they abused their power and closed industries which was the original intent. The lucrative logging industry came to a standstill, and Americans were forced to buy expensive lumber from Canada and overseas. The forests now go up in smoke instead of logging and following good forestry practices, which loggers did. Because they do not allow opposition, We have a choice of one, whatever they give us. My first car was a 1968 Camero. I got to pick the exterior color (white) and the interior color (Hunter Green) Not today. Today we can choose one of the packages the manufacturer selected for us. Sadly our children will never have the individual choices we could make. 

I learned how important messaging is and how you can take a group of people and motivate them to ignore their own will and vote with the group totally. The one controlling communication has the power. If you can isolate people and make them afraid, they will give up almost anything to make the pain disappear. Just look at the present day of forcing mask-wearing and vaccine mandates on an unwilling public.

We learned Cloward and Piven, the Hegalian Dialectic, Cognitive Dissonance, Projection, and the Precautionary Principle. I learned that the ends justify the means of Conspicuous Consumption and Planned Obsolescence. It was then that I realized we were teaching a communist method.

Students were no longer encouraged to think outside the box. Today they must think inside the box. No more individual excellence only collective mediocrity. Today unelected people who had this type of feel-good education are making the new rules which make no sense because the new Globalist is void of logic and reason.

I began to notice how all of these psychological theories had one thing in common⏤as a math teacher; I always looked for the common denominator. They all were fed by EMOTION. What were we teaching in school? EMOTION. Following Edwin Bernays, the grandfather of Marketing and Sales: “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby” – 40 Virginia Slims Cigarette Ads From the Early 1970s, the thinking was once these kids got out of school, they would be guided by their emotions. Once that happens, those in charge using a persuasive argument can control the masses; the talking heads on MSM are perfect examples. Do they actually believe their own lies, or are they controlled because of money and ego?

The brain is like a filing cabinet. A human can only have ONE thought at a time. The other thoughts are in the locked cabinet. So if all you ever deal with and learn in school is emotion, you will never use logic and reason. Today we are living the results of that type of emotional education. For the most part, the 1% of people running the world are sociopaths and nihilists. They have NO emotion and could care less about anyone but themselves. They are on a mission for eternal life. Anything else is just a temporary annoyance. 

With money and power, they control the next level of about 10% of the population. The job of the 10% is to use emotion to spread fear in order to control the sheeple. People who die along the way are just collateral damage in their never-ending quest for money and power—killing off seniors, no big deal. Seniors have become the useless eaters digging into their profit. So they continually tell us that the earth is overpopulated, not enough food – all lies. They know the money pot is finite, and they resent you for having any. This is why every time we get our share, a bubble of destruction is orchestrated to put us back in our place by making sure we lose our assets while they get stimulus money to get richer. The money they have really belongs to us. They essentially stole our money through all kinds of government schemes.

Think about the economy today. People can not return to work because the Globalists have arranged that by overregulation, mandates, lockdowns, government subsidies, and importing cheap labor. Globalists hate America, want to destroy America, and have instituted a strategy called death by 1000 cuts.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity = DIE

By owning Education, Wall Street, Media, Pharma, and Hollywood⏤they own the messaging. This same messaging is now seen in every agency and industry in America. By owning education, they can ensure obedience and loyalty. The incompetence, corruption, racism, and hatred found in every American agency are staggering.

Do you now understand why the border is open? The middle class was making too much money under Trump. The middle class was finally catching up.  However, according to the Globalists, the American middle class was becoming a bad example for the rest of the world. Obama even told a group of Kenya graduates not to think about air conditioning or cars like Americans. No competition was allowed under communism. No one except the chosen ones can profit as long as the government gets its cut. Enter China with lots of $$$$. 

A new partnership was born with China and the corrupt politicians who arranged favorable trade positions for China to the detriment of Americans. By following the America First plan of President Trump, the Globalists began to see their income and power shrink, and the middle class expanded. How dare MAGA fight back. You are the enemy. Therefore, anything goes, you deserve to be punished. Time for a good crisis, and they have many: Inflation, Covid, Mass Unemployment, High Gas Prices, Drug, Crimes, Murders, Alcohol, Suicide. 

Globalists are in both parties. Globalists must punish their enemies. Their enemy is anyone who disagrees with them. Americans, especially MAGA Americans, disagree. Therefore MAGA Americans are the enemy and deserve to be punished. This punishment of the evil domestic terrorists, MAGA, enables Globalists to justify the political prisoners, riots, mandates, open borders, election theft, censorship. 

We can’t let them get away with dictating to us. We can not allow their lies to stand.

We must be the truth warriors. Stop letting others choose your destiny. 

Is America worth saving?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

©Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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