In 2020 Big government has become the ‘Opiate of the People!’ How did this happen?

“Religion is the opiate of the people.” – Karl Marx

”In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation. The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.” ― Leon Trotsky

Big government is now the opiate of the people.

Let’s review a brief historical perspective on how America got here and then open up the much needed national discussion on the need for big government. 

We the people began to embrace big government 115 years ago with the founding of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society (ISS) in New York City on September 12, 1905 in Peck’s Restaurant. An organizational meeting was held and Jack London was elected President with Upton Sinclair as First Vice President. The ISS was established to,

“throw light [in America] on the world-wide movement of industrial democracy known as socialism.”

Their motto was “production for use, not for profit.”

Production for use, not for profit is the prime goal of big government.

So how could socialists begin selling big government and its redistribution of wealth ideology? First they had to gain unfettered control of production. On February 3, 1913 Congress passed and the states ratified the Sixteenth Amendment to our Constitution. Congress grabbed control of production via the federal income tax. America taxed its productivity by tapping every American’s wages. With the millions, then billions, and now trillions of dollars that Congress collected, they could entice or even force the strongest American to take the big government drug.

Then on April 8, 1913 Congress passed and the states ratified the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution which transferred U.S. Senator Selection from each state’s legislature to popular election by the people of each state. These two events made it much easier to collect and distribute big government as now Senators were no longer loyal to their state legislatures or primarily concerned with state sovereignty. Now U.S. Senators, along with U.S. Representatives, saw the value of spreading  the big government drug amongst the people in return for votes.

During the Great Depression Congress created the first “opiate for the masses” and named it Social Security. It was to be a social insurance program run by government, in other words guaranteed government largesse for life. The Social Security Act was signed into law in 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt. He and Congress said this new drug would keep those unemployed, retirees and the poor financially secure. He called it the New Deal. All we needed to do was just pay in and all would be well.

In 1937 the United States Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Butler validated the Social Security Act and stated that, “Congress could, in its future discretion, spend that money [collected from the income tax] for whatever Congress then judged to be the general welfare of the country. The Court held that Congress has no constitutional power to earmark or segregate certain kinds of tax proceeds for certain purposes, whether the purposes be farm-price supports, foreign aid or social security payments.” All taxes went into the general fund.

Testifying before the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives in 1952, the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration said—“The present trust fund is not quite large enough to pay off the benefits of existing beneficiaries”—those already on the receiving end, in other words. In 1955 chief actuary believed that it would take $35 billion just to pay the people “now receiving benefits”.

How Big Government has made us all dependent upon the state.

In 1935 under the Social Security program the Congress included the Aid to Families with Dependent Children Act (AFDC). During the late 1950s many states realized that this act, while created to help widows with children, was being used to subsidize women having children with men they were not married to. Louisiana alone took 23,000 women off the AFDC act rolls based upon their immoral behavior.

In effect big federal government became the pimp, the homes of single mothers became the brothels and the fathers became the Johns. The children begotten by these women became the next generation of big government addicts. Just as a baby born to a mother doing crack is addicted to cocaine, so too are these children born with a lifetime addiction to the onerous and destructive drug – big government. In 1960 Arthur S. Flemming, then head of the Department of Health and Human Services under President Dwight David Eisenhower and a key architect of Social Security, issued an administrative ruling that states could not deny eligibility for income assistance through the AFDC act on the grounds that a home was “unsuitable” because the woman’s children were illegitimate. In 1968, the United States Supreme Court’s “Man-in-the-House” rule struck down the practice of states declaring a home unsuitable (i.e., an immoral environment) if there was a man in the house not married to the mother. Thus, out-of-wedlock births and cohabitation were legitimized. In very short order, the number of women on welfare tripled and child poverty climbed dramatically. The assault on the family was on and Congress and the Supreme Court were co-pushers of this new government largesse drug called AFDC.

Then Congress added a new ingredient to the powerful Social Security drug called Medicare on July 30, 1965.

Congress created Medicare as a single-payer health care system. Medicare was for those over 65 years old and was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. President Johnson called it part of his Great Society program. Congress immediately got more addicts to begin taking this drug. At the same time Congress added a second even more powerful ingredient to this drug called Medicaid. This new ingredient brought into being an entirely new distribution system – all of the states of the union. Even though this new program violates state sovereignty it was passed anyway, in no small part because Senators were no longer accountable to the State Legislatures but rather committed to pushing government largesse.

The states were now helping pay for and distribute this powerful and expensive big government designer drug. The drug was offered to low-income parents, children, seniors, and people with disabilities. Congress now had more people on the Social Security drug than ever before. Congress had turned a corner – addiction to government largesse was now imbedded in our society. But Congress was not finished for it kept looking for more clients until we now know that the estimated unfunded liabilities for these four drugs are astronomical.

In 2018 it was announced that Medicare’s overall unfunded liability over 75 years is more than $37 trillion. Taken together, the combined unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare are more than $50 trillion, according to official government projections.


The problem is Congress has failed to keep these programs solvent. In fact Congress has borrowed from the Social Security fund and left IOUs.

We the people paid into these programs and Congress continues to steal from them. In fact under Clinton Americans now pay taxes on their social security payments

We have become en-slaved by big government and their programs. Government does one thing and one thing only, it grows ever bigger and more intrusive. Today the motto is obey or starve.

In the age of Covid government has spread its wings of control to a point where people cannot even remember what life and  liberty look like. The facemask has become the new “symbol of submission.”

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In 2012 We Asked: How Did Voter Fraud go from a Cottage Industry to Big Business? Here’s the answer!

In 2012 we wrote an article titled How Voter Fraud went from a Cottage Industry to a Big Business. We wrote:

Many of my fellow journalists are focused on Governor Rick Scott and his efforts to insure Florida’s voter rolls do not have ineligible voters on them.  The question is how did we get to this point where we have dead people, felons and illegal aliens on the rolls in the first place? Why this did happen and how has voter fraud become a big business is the real story.

Both Republicans and Democrats have by either omission or commission participated in voter fraud or have fallen victims to voter fraud. Voter fraud is not new, what is new is that it has moved from a cottage industry to become a big business. The product is an illegal vote the profit is political power. [Emphasis added.

Fast forward to today. We have gone well beyond voter fraud to the new “big business” of election fraud.

WATCH: Excerpt of Penn Senate hearing: Colonel in Information Warfare explains what he witnessed on election night.

In our 2012 article we noted what experts said about voter fraud:

John Fund in his book “Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens our Democracy” states, “[T]he United States has a haphazard, fraud-prone election system befitting a developing nation rather than the globe’s leading democracy.”

There are three types of voter malfeasance according to John Fund:

• Voter Fraud – someone casting more than one ballot or voting if they were not a U.S. citizen.
• Vote Theft – votes stolen or tampered with.
• Voter Impersonation – a person claims to be someone else when casting a vote.

According to Rasmussen eighty percent of Americans agree these activities are wrong. Voter fraud, theft and impersonation have consequences. They put politicians into office who did not win the vote of the people honestly. Once discovered and rectified via litigation (which may take years) the damage is already done. The most severe and long lasting damage is a loss of faith by the American voter that his or her vote counts. [Emphasis added]

How did voter malfeasance move from a cottage industry to become a big business?

John Fund and Quin Hillyer, Senior Editor at American Spectator, have studied the growth of voter fraud, theft and impersonation cases in America. Both have concluded it began with the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, commonly known as the “Motor Voter Law”. This legislation was the first priority of newly elected President Bill Clinton and the first law he signed after taking office. According to John Fund, “Perhaps no piece of legislation in the last generation better captures the ‘incentivizing’ of fraud and the clash of conflicting visions about the priorities of our election system than the 1993 National Voter Registration Act…” What are the two conflicting visions of our election system? One vision is that everyone in the United States should be allowed to vote, the second is that only legally eligible voters should vote. Democrats tend to come down on the side of the first vision, with some notable Democrats and most Republicans supporting the second vision.

The Motor Voter Law made it easier for people to register to vote, whether legal or illegal. However, this has not led to more people voting but rather to expansive voter fraud. As this law lowered the standard for voter registration it created an opening for those willing and able to use the system to make money and gain power. As John Fund points out, “Democrats might do better to look for ways to reform the voting system that would actually improve elections, instead of just making sure the laws do not benefit Republicans. The Republicans might wish to join the critical scrutiny of early or absentee voting, for the best evidence suggests that it no longer favors the GOP.”

John Fund in his book notes that, “[A]bsentee voter fraud [is] a growth industry.” When a person can both register to vote and vote by mail no one knows if this is a citizen or criminal. It is a third degree felony to vote illegally punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $50,000. An illegal voter is a felon. [Emphasis added]

The 1993 National Voter Registration Act

The 1993 National Voter Registration Act opened the voter fraud barn doors and many have tried to close them for nearly two decades. Efforts to clean up voter rolls have met with resistance from groups like the ACLU, League of Women Voters and today the Department of Justice in the case of Florida. On Monday, June 11, 2012 Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner filed a lawsuit in Washington, D.C. district court to get access to the SAVE data base maintained by the Department of Homeland Security. The Hill reports, “For nearly a year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has failed to meet its legal obligation to provide us the information necessary to identify and remove ineligible voters from Florida’s voter rolls,” Detzner said. “We can’t let the federal government delay our efforts to uphold the integrity of Florida elections any longer. We’ve filed a lawsuit to ensure the law is carried out and we are able to meet our obligation to keep the voter rolls accurate and current.”


We are now seeing daily how the 2020 election was stolen nationwide. The media refuses to investigate this fraud of the century. The Tech Giants are suppressing any mention of this election fraud labeling it “disputed.” The Democrats have embraced election fraud in order to insure they win the presidency at any and all costs.

Voter fraud is a felony. Election fraud is a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States of America.

Our elected officials have passed legislation that has allowed the 2020 election to be stolen. History tells us so.

Voting is not a right but rather a duty that has great responsibilities associated with it. The citizen is solely responsible to register and vote legally.  Americans cannot lose sight of the fact that voting is the act of the individual not the collective.

If you voted illegally you are a criminal and threat to our Constitutional Republic!

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Four Items Suggesting Something Rotten in the Swing States for Biden

1. Judge Hands President Trump A Swing State Victory – Donald Granted A Chance In Court To Overturn Results In Nevada

In Nevada, the Trump legal team just scored a significant court win that could actually change the outcome in the blue state. From MSN:

In its first court victory, a Nevada judge has agreed to let the Trump campaign present its evidence that fraud and illegalities plagued the state’s election, enough to reverse Joe Biden’s win and set an example for other state challenges.

Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tweeted out the major update:

BIG news in Nevada: a Judge has allowed NV Republicans to present findings of widespread voter fraud in a Dec. 3rd hearing. Americans will now hear evidence from those who saw firsthand what happened—a critical step for transparency and remedying illegal ballots. Stay tuned.

That doesn’t sound like a team ready to throw the towel in yet. Many people on the ground are signing affidavits swearing they saw some major problems on the ground.

And finally one of these blue states is pausing their rush to certify the election and move on, instead being willing to listen to the evidence.

2. This looks like an interesting document

I was an electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence. I have extensive experience as a white hat hacker used by some of the top election specialists in the world. The methodologies I have employed represent industry standard cyber operation toolkits for digital forensics and OSINT, which are commonly used to certify connections between servers, network nodes and other digital properties and probe to network system vulnerabilities.

3. What a great question:

4. More Miracles for Biden


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WATCH Election Think Tank: Evidence of Vote Fraud Enough to Flip States


Video: Matt Braynard: Evidence of Vote Fraud Enough to Flip States

By Joshua Philipp, The Epoch Times, November 26, 2020 Updated: November 27, 2020

Significant evidence of vote fraud was revealed through data analysis and investigations by Matt Braynard, executive director of Look Ahead America. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Braynard to look over his data and discuss his findings.

These stories and more in this episode of Crossroads.


Senator Mastriano: PA State Senate “is going to “take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court”

Election Battle Heads to Supreme Court As Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Trump Campaign Lawsuit On Pennsylvania’s Voting Election Fraud


Status of Current Electoral Vote Count: President Trump 232 vs. Biden 227

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Send Us Your Tireless, Suppressed, Truth Telling Online Warriors

In the few months since Winston84 has been fully activated, we have received hundreds of suggestions, encouragement, comments, and even a few trolls have shared their thoughts. To all who reached out, even the trolls: Thank you. All of you are invited to use the Contact Us page and tell us what you’re thinking.

In particular, we very much want to discover new providers of alternative content to add to our directory. The only way we’re going to find those who are being suppressed is by hearing about them from people who found them before the algorithms.

One of our newest additions is Mr. Obvious, whose reach is suppressed on all the big platforms, and whose YouTube videos have just been demonetized. Mr. Obvious has been recently producing a lot of content offering information on the contested presidential election. Information that you will never find in the mainstream press. That fact, plus the choice of name – Mr. Obvious – makes this content producer a new favorite.

After all, never mind ballots arriving by the hundreds of thousands at 4 a.m. after “counting was stopped for the night,” but only in swing states. Never mind voting machines that, apparently, any moderately talented nerd can hack and cook. Never mind “tranches” of votes, by the thousands and all for Biden, erroneously stacking the tallies because of “upload malfunctions.” Never mind same-day registration, ballot harvesting, no voter ID requirements, or missing signatures and postmarks. Never mind that Trump earned nearly 6 million votes in California, a 35 percent improvement over his 2016 performance, actually increasing his share of total votes from 31.6 to 34.3 percent, yet lost in fracking Pennsylvania.

Two other new additions to the Winston84 directory are Englishman James Delingpole, a passionate intellectual and lover of freedom who we should have added long ago, and Australian Daisy Cousens, self-described “flamethrower and feminist apostate.”

Starting in 2016, picking up steam in 2018 and becoming frighteningly obvious this year are two things: online censorship is pervasive and is relentlessly escalating, and there is nothing you will read or view on the establishment media that you can trust anymore. Everything now has to be verified independently.

Also obvious, but not nearly as frightening as the censors and media NPCs would have you believe, is the fact that not everything you’ll find in the alternative media is accurate. But thank God it exists. Tell us who they are. We will feature them here.

VIDEO: Diabolical Detroit — Evil never stays isolated.


Evil is never compartmentalized. It spreads like a grease fire, overflowing into all aspects of a place. A person is not both good and evil at the same time. And for clarity, we aren’t talking about people simply sinning, giving in to temptation and then going to confession.

We are talking about the embrace of evil — not just bad, sinful acts. A person can be fundamentally “good” but still sin. That understanding fits nearly everyone struggling to work out his or her salvation in fear and trembling.

No, here we are talking about a situation where a person has given himself over to evil, embraced it. Such people are fundamentally bad. For them, salvation is a much more difficult goal, for they do not even recognize the need for repentance.

So yes, Bp. Barron, we do not have a reasonable hope all men are saved because a huge number of men do not believe in salvation and flat out reject it. Stupid theology. So let’s focus on evil for a moment here. Evil can certainly be concentrated in a person, a group of people or even a place — especially if enough people in a place have embraced it.

A simple reflection on the concentration camps reveals that simple conclusion. Some places are more spiritually healthy than others, and some places are more evil. Likewise, a concentration of evil in a given area of a certain locale can certainly spill over into other areas — the “grease fire” analogy.

Let’s focus on Detroit, for example, the epicenter of the collapse of the Church in the United States back in the 1960s. Contrary to poor scholarship on the part of some Catholic authors who didn’t do their homework sufficiently when talking about the Church being “infiltrated,” it was not Chicago’s Bernardin who reigned down evil on the U.S. Church.

The Detroit domino was the first to fall, 20 years beforehand, pushed over by the wicked Cdl. John Dearden (as Church Militant has explained for the past dozen years or so). Editorial note: Careful whom you read if you’re looking for the complete picture.

When Dearden died in 1988, he was hailed by secular media as the leading liberal voice in the Church. That’s one thing the fake news got right.

Dearden, nicknamed “Iron John,” reigned in Detroit from 1958 to 1980. When he came back from Vatican II, he began a systematic gutting of the Church in Detroit, culminating in the notorious Call To Action Conference in 1976.

That conference, attended by 3,000 phony Catholics from chanceries across the country, produced a list of recommendations that would be cheered by the likes of James Martin. Rejecting Church teaching on birth control, women priests, you name it. It was all there.

While not officially adopted because of being rife with heresy, it was nonetheless taken back to dioceses all over the nation and implemented unofficially, in bits and pieces.

That led to a meltdown of the Faith in Catholic schools, seminaries, parishes and so forth. Chanceries became denizens of evil and spread that evil throughout their diocese. The virus was set loose.

However, in Detroit, for the 10 years between the end of Vatican II and the Call to Action Conference, Dearden used Motown as a sort of petri dish, a localized experiment to wipe out the Faith. That would later be carried to every diocese in the country, but at first, it was largely confined to Detroit.

It was Dearden who first ripped out the communion rails, tore the altars off the back wall and designed the “table Mass.” He implemented the substitution of sacred music for the hippy guitar songs of the anti-Vietnam-War era.

It was Dearden, not Bernadin, who launched Holy Communion in the hand and so-called Eucharistic Ministers. You name it — whatever cause you believe was the origin of the collapse of the U.S. Church, it began right here, in Detroit, beginning in the 1960s.

The Faith was first whittled away, then wiped out first in Detroit. Dearden ordained boatloads of homosexual men, many active, and at the very least sympathetic to the whole scene. Many of those men still wield enormous power and influence here, up to and including Abp. Allen Vigneron, ordained by Dearden in 1974.

Vigneron has embraced all things gay for decades, including his time in various posts in the seminary as well as rector. During his time, the ordinations of multiple gay men continued, as did the purging of straight men (who were deemed too “rigid”).

As a result, the Detroit presbyterate is awash in gay men with collars on. They adore Dearden — and why wouldn’t they? Now, at the same time the evil of homosexual impurity was gripping and strangling the local Church, the local political scene was also becoming evil.

And that should be no surprise, since evil — once embraced — washes over every wall and knows no borders. As we said, evil is never compartmentalized. The same lies that were allowed to penetrate into the heart and life of the Church also penetrated into the heart and life of the people, specifically in the body politic.

It can be no surprise that the evil playing out in the Wayne County vote and Detroit’s cheating politics is so strong and omnipresent because it first found its origins in the local Church.

Once the guardian of truth — the Catholic Church — gives up the ghost, as happened here in Detroit, then there is no remaining firewall to protect and safeguard the innocent, and the entire populace becomes infected, as has happened.

One very plausible explanation for the evil (and, for the record, lying and cheating and threatening people with their lives because of their politics is evil) is the evil that still grips the local Church.

This archdiocese, which Vigneron is successfully busting down to a mere shadow of its former self, is still awash in the sins of impurity and lying, as manifest in the person of the archbishop himself and his inside counselors.

Vigneron and his archdiocese are currently involved in covering up a case of homosexual harassment by one of their employees against at least one young man. And as disturbing as it will be to the archdiocese — yes, Church Militant knows the identity of the offending employee, his place of employment and his closeness to Vigneron.

For the sake of the privacy of the victim, we are not revealing the employee’s name, at least not yet. But rest assured, we know. When people are involved in a cover-up, some people talk Your Excellency — people talk. In fact, very few people around you actually trust you anymore.

But more to the point, the archbishop not only knows about the homosexual harassment by one of his employees, he also knows the employee is actively gay and living with his gay lover.

When a local priest was told of all this, Fr. Michael Suhy of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, he pursued it for the sake of the victim and his family. But his whistleblowing and pursuit of truth got him in hot water, and a week or so ago, he was relieved of his duties by the archbishop under the bogus claim that he was “overwhelmed with his duties as pastor.”

The archdiocese denies any knowledge of homosexual predation by one of its employees, and well, of course it does. Just like it denies any knowledge of a vendetta against Fr. Eduard Perrone, with Msgr. Michael Bugarin fabricating charges of sodomy against him to get him removed.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, Bugarin is the man behind this clerical hit job as well. Nothing has changed in Detroit since the days of Dearden, and why would it? Personnel, after all, is policy.

The people running the show are Dearden’s prototypes — raised by him to have a view of the world where the Church is something other than Her divine charter suggests. So as evil engulfed the Church here and took it over, the same happened in the other areas of daily life, manifest at this current moment by the political underhandedness going on.

There is much in need of purging in Detroit as well as the rest of the country, but it must begin in the Church, without retreating from the public sphere. The evil is the same, just manifesting in different ways depending on the specific stage.

But it is all evil. And to think — it all started right here in Detroit, an archdiocese that had at one time nearly 500 parishes but that will soon have roughly 70! And it’s the same on the political scene, an area where the little man came to find employment in the burgeoning auto industry to better his family and improve his lot. At the same time the Church began collapsing, so too did the political structure, each supposedly protecting him.

Evil never stays isolated. Until it is beaten back, it continues to spread and destroy everything in its path.

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Rules for Revolutionaries: Understanding the transformative events that are reshaping America

“All civilization has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution.” – Havelock Ellis

Ever since the horrific death of George Floyd, events seem to be spiraling out of control. The American public is being bombarded, almost on a daily basis with reports of large protests in major cities; accompanied by rioting, looting, burning, assaults, and even murders.

Observing these events unfold, the average U.S. citizen watching tv from the purported safety of their home, might seem bewildered by these transformative events, the purpose of which is nothing less than a “re-imagining” of America. In order to better understand exactly what is happening, it is necessary to take a cue from the Revolutionary Handbook. There are approximately ten rules; which if you know and understand them, will help the reader to comprehend what is happening.

#1: Inertia is fatal to a Revolutionary Movement.

“The way to be nothing is to do nothing.” – Ed Howe

What does a great white shark have in common with a Revolutionary Movement? Both must continue to move forward or die. Those of you old enough to remember, might recall what was happening in the late 1960’s. The overtures of that movement are eerily similar to what is happening today. The problem was that back then, the revolution was centered around the anti-Vietnam War Movement. Once peace came, the impetus of the revolution died out.

In more modern times we had the Occupy Wall St Movement after the 2008 financial debacle. Protesters occupied an area of downtown Manhattan in close proximity to Wall Street. The civil authorities initially left them alone as long as there was no rioting or wanton destruction. However, as reports of widespread drug abuse began to trickle in, coupled with accusations of rape; the authorities had to act and cleared them out. Many of the occupiers had already left, not out of a lack of revolutionary zeal, but for another cogent reason; it was getting cold outside. Apparently, the winter months are not conducive to this type of protest.

#2: Do not identify your ideology by name; nor state exactly what you will do after you are in power.

Speak only in vague generalities and use simple 2 or 3 word phrases the public can identify with.

“Generalizations are generally wrong.” – Mary Wortley Montagu

Most Americans are fair-minded by nature and want to do the right thing. Terms such as Socialist, Communist or Marxist generally have a negative connotation and would not be well received by the populace at large. Do not look to antagonize them any more than is necessary. The revolution will need its army of “useful idiots” for the future. Instead, use terms such as “progressive” or “social justice warrior” to describe one’s self. Other terms, such as “environmental justice,” “racial/income inequality,” “redistribution of wealth,” “globalism,” ‘undocumented worker,” and “reimagine the police” are also useful. These are far less threatening to the average American. When Fidel Castro ousted the unpopular dictator Batista, Castro initially identified himself as a “humanist.” Only after he felt safe and secure in his new position did he announce to the world: “I am a Marxist Leninist.”

#3: The revolution must get control over mass media and the education system.

“Our educational policy must enable everyone who receives an education to develop morally, intellectually, and physically and become a worker with both socialist consciousness and culture.” – Mao Tse Tung

It is a historic fact that once in power every single Communist or Fascist dictatorship closed down ALL oppositional voices. Truth is defined by whatever the revolution says it is, and anyone who dare speak out is immediately silenced. The only information that is heard and taught is that which advances the revolutionary cause. This was true in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It is just as true today in Communist China, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela. This point cannot be stressed enough. Once the revolution gains control over mass media, it controls ALL the information that is disseminated, and once the revolution gains control over the education system, it controls the future. Currently, we are seeing big tech, mainstream media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and academia censor and suppress free speech.

#4: All the apparatus of the state: the ministries, the civil service, the justice system, the military, and law enforcement must be brought under control.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell, 1984

This rule is simple to understand. Whatever the revolution cannot control could eventually be used against it. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all dealt with the problem of supposed anti-revolutionary activists by instituting a series of purges aimed at crushing ALL potential opposition, which even extended to family members. Stalin himself is alleged to have remarked, that it was fine if innocents were punished along with the guilty, because “that sends an even stronger message.”

#5: All vestiges of the old must be destroyed in order to build anew. This includes all history, traditions, culture, and iconography that cannot be made to conform to the new ideals.

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell, 1984

In the late 1950’s, Mao unleashed the cultural revolution on China. It was based on a repudiation of what Mao called the “four olds”: old ideas, old customs, old habits, and old culture. Estimates vary as to the number of people killed but it was most certainly in the millions. Coming as it did after the disastrous policies of the “Great Leap Forward,” it left China an economic and cultural wasteland.

#6: Conventional ideas about religion and family are an anathema to a Revolutionary Movement.

“The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.” – Karl Marx

“We have created a child who will be so exposed to the media that he will be lost to his parents by the time he is 12.” – David Bowie

Absolute loyalty to the revolution must come first. This extends even to members of one’s own family. Children are encouraged to inform on their own parents if they hear anything that can be interpreted as “counter-revolutionary; organized religion must also go. The revolution cannot have loyalty to God supersede loyalty to the state.

#7: The revolution can only succeed in times of extreme economic, political, and social unrest.

“Everything under heaven is in utter chaos. The situation is excellent.” – Mao Tse Tung

This is a very important point. A generally content, gainfully employed, and prosperous populace is not likely to support a revolutionary movement aimed at overthrowing the government, party or individual that has provided them with these benefits. In order for the revolution to be successful the population must be brought low and kept in a state of abject misery. Years ago, former White House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Recently, activist/actress Jane Fonda brought this concept up to modern times when she noted: “Covid is God’s gift to the left.”

#8: Ultimate victory in the revolution will go to that segment of the revolutionary body that is the best organized, best financed, and most ideologically dedicated.

“Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution, one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” – George Orwell

A revolutionary movement can be composed of a number of seemingly divergent groups; each of which has a peeve with the central government. In our own country we have among others, minorities, LGBTQ, and feminists all rubbing shoulders with idealists, liberals, socialists, anarchists, libertarians, Islamists, and hardcore Marxist revolutionaries. The last group is unquestionably the best organized and funded. They are completely devoted to the “righteousness” of their ideology and even have their own para-military group – Antifa. Their ultimate goal is the complete destruction of the American political and economic system. They will settle for nothing less than total and complete power, which they will use to impose their will on ALL aspects of life. The second best organized and funded revolutionary group are the Islamists. Marxism and Islamism are in an “alliance of convenience,” and for now, intersectionality is in both of their best interests; until the revolution succeeds in overthrowing the system. In the end, they have nothing in common; least of which is religion.

#9: A majority of popular support is not needed in order to force your will on an entire population.

“A minority may be right; a majority is always wrong.” – Henrik Ibsen

This is often the most difficult point for the lay person to grasp. Most people automatically assume that any revolution must have popular support in order to succeed. This may have been true in some cases, but not all. People might be unaware that in 1917 there were two Russian revolutions. The first in Feb/March, did away with the Czar; establishing a provisional government. The second in Oct/Nov, did away with the provisional government and established a Communist regime that lasted for the next 73 years. The provisional government made the mistake of keeping Russia in the first world war; a source of widespread dissatisfaction among the people (See Rule #7). The Bolsheviks then swept into power with a simple slogan: “Peace, Land, Bread.” Although one cannot be certain of the number of hardcore committed Communists among the masses of disaffected citizenry in the Oct/Nov revolution, their numbers would have been comparatively small. It is interesting to speculate that had the provisional government headed by Alexander Kerensky managed to extricate Russia from WWI, whether or not the November 1917 Communist Revolution would have succeeded.

#10: After victory, the revolution will turn in directions not initially anticipated. Once the revolutionary genie is let out of the bottle, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to control events as they transpire.

“All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell, Animal Farm

In addition to exacting revenge on their opponents, revolutions usually turn on many of the very people who were its most ardent supporters. One only has to look at Hitler’s “Night of the Long Knives,” Stalin’s “Gulag Archipelago, and Mao’s “Cultural Revolution, for examples. French revolutionary, Pierre Vergniaud, best expressed this idea when he noted, “There was reason to fear that the revolution, like Saturn, might devour in turn, each one of her children.” Revolutionaries also speak in lofty terms about “justice and equality,” promising a true “classless” society, but in reality, wind up creating an entirely new class of elites based on party loyalty and affiliation.

Here then are the Rules for Revolutionaries. Hopefully, they will enable the reader to have a better understanding of what is happening in the America of today. One important point is that regardless of who is in the White House, what is happening on the streets will not stop (See Rule #1). The radical left is already looking to extract major concessions from the incoming Biden administration. They want something for their support and if they don’t get it, are prepared to take to the streets. That will leave the new administration with two choices. Either put down the insurrection by the use of force; or by appeasement: offering bribes and concessions in the hope they will be placated. The problem with the latter approach is that appeasement as policy generally does not work and only prolongs the inevitable confrontation.

Winston Churchill summed it up best when he said,

“An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile in the hope it will eat him last.”

Where then does this leave us as a nation? There is no doubt that as a society we have made enormous strides in the last half century, yet we are still struggling to come to grips with our past. Sixty years ago, the election of an African-American with the unlikely name of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office of the land would have been impossible. So too, the election of a number of minorities and women to seats in the House, Senate, and even the new VP Elect. We now have a large and expanding Black and Hispanic middle class and women have made their mark on the boards of some of the largest corporations.

Do we now throw all that away and adopt the failed economic and political system of our former Cold War adversaries? There is NO perfect economic or political system, but there are systems that generally work better for more people than others. As imperfect as it is, Capitalism works better than Communism. Capitalist systems encourage innovation, individualism, personal responsibility, and independence. Marxist systems mandate conformity of ideas, conformity of thought, conformity of belief, and conformity of speech. Whatever our many problems, a revolution aimed at the overthrow of the entire system is not the answer.

Neo-Marxist ideologues in the U.S. would disagree with this conclusion. They will continue to extol the virtues of the Cuban, Venezuelan, and Chinese systems, but they themselves recoil at the suggestion that they relocate there. When confronted with the fact that at its height, more than 60% of the world embraced that system; that it failed everywhere, they invariably say something to the effect that “We’ll get it right this time.” As always, they admit nothing, deny everything, make counter charges, and in the final analysis: double down on their ideology.

As for the revolution itself, George Bernard Shaw probably stated it best when he wrote:

“Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny; they have only shifted it to another shoulder.”

©Caren Besner. All rights reserved.


VIDEOS: Testimony of Key Witnesses and Legal Council on the 2020 Election Fraud

Excerpt of Penn Senate hearing: Colonel in Information Warfare explains what he witnessed on election night.

Expert testimony from Navy fraud expert on the November 3rd election in the US

Worthy interview by expert on election fraud, attorney Lin Wood by Judge Jeanine.


EDITORS NOTE: These videos posted by on the Vlad Tepes Blog are republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

America: ‘A Church Relocation Project?’

There is a war on history in our time. There is an all-out effort to cut us off from our past— presumably to make us into a nation in the image of what the Left wants.

For example, Thanksgiving would seem to be as American as apple pie. But an article last week (11/17/20) in the New York Times refers to the “myth” of Thanksgiving.

The so-called “paper of record” quotes a Native-American historian, Linda Coombs, of the Wampanoag Tribe (of New England). She writes about the first Thanksgiving: “There was an event that happened in 1621….But the whole story about what occurred on that first Thanksgiving was a myth created to make white people feel comfortable.” In effect, the article blames the Pilgrims for what others did long after them.

Amazing. The Pilgrims, who settled Plymouth, Massachusetts, had a stellar reputation with the Indians. They made a treaty of peace that lasted half a century.

Rev. Billy Falling, a Native-American pastor and author, told me:

“The Pilgrims had good relationships with the Indians….As a Native-American, I thank God for the Europeans that brought us… the Gospel and brought Western Civilization.”

Obviously, terrible, inexcusable things happened to Indians, long after the Pilgrims, at the hands of other European settlers and Americans. But in doing injustice to Native Americans, they were not at all following the Christian example of the Pilgrims.

Meanwhile, this month is the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims coming to these shores—a milestone in history.

Pastor, broadcaster, and author Dr. D. James Kennedy once observed that America began as “a church relocation project.” His comment is profound—inasmuch as the Pilgrims who settled Plymouth four centuries ago founded America.

The church relocation was from mid-England to Holland to America.

The Pilgrims were one particular congregation that was born in the Midlands of England, in the sleepy village of Scrooby, about 150 miles north of London.

The Bible was beginning to be read by many in England for the first time, and it caused an unexpected reaction. As people compared the New Testament with what they were seeing in practice in the official Church of England, they felt there was a need for positive changes.

A large group of those wanting reform within the Church of England, which was Protestant in its theology bur Roman Catholic in its liturgy, worked for the purity of the Church. They were derisively called Puritans.

A very small subset of Puritans were Separatists. They thought reform within the Church was hopeless, so they created small, secret congregations of believers, separate from the Church of England—which was illegal at the time.

The Pilgrims were one particular congregation of Separatists that was born in mid-England around 1606 during the time when Separatist church meetings were illegal. Their goal was to worship Jesus in the purity of the gospel as they understood it. The Bible (the Geneva version) was the focus of their existence.

Because of persecution in England, they decided to emigrate to Holland, where they stayed for more than a decade. But they could see, over time, their church slowly dissipating. So they wanted to come to America to more fully practice their faith.

In the 66-day voyage of the Mayflower, they were blown off course and ended up under no government’s jurisdiction. To bind the colony together, they wrote an agreement for self-government, under God. It was a political covenant based on the Biblical model of covenant.

In this document, the Mayflower Compact, which was written “in the name of God” and in which they stated that they came “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith,” they created a “civil body politic.”

Historians tell us that the Mayflower Compact was a key forerunner to the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. These in turn have led to a great deal of freedom for hundreds of millions of people to enjoy.

I once interviewed Dennis Prager of PragerU about America’s Judeo-Christian roots. He told me, “The Pilgrims founded America, for all intents and purposes.”

The great leader of the Pilgrims, William Bradford, wrote of the whole Pilgrim experience:

“Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things of nothing, and gives being to all things that are: and, as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone unto many, yea in some sort to our whole nation: let the glorious name of Jehovah have all the praise.”

As Americans, we do indeed have many reasons for celebrating thanksgiving to God for our freedom—notwithstanding attempts from the New York Times to distort our history. And it all began 400 years ago from this time. Not bad for a church relocation project.

©Jerry Newcombe. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Town Clerk in Massachusetts CONFIRMS Mail-In Ballots ‘Glitch’

Project Veritas released a new video today of a town clerk in Millis, Massachusetts, Lisa Jane Hardin, who confirmed that a glitch resulted in hundreds of mail-in ballots being sent to voters that didn’t request them.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Lisa Jane Hardin, Millis Town Clerk: “It was something in the computer program that entered them as having applied for the November ballot.”
  • Hardin: “Well, it was some programming error…”
  • Hardin: “So, theoretically they shouldn’t have been in there [computer system] at all as wanting to have something mailed to them.”
  • Hardin: “We weren’t supposed to just mail out ballots to people unless they ask for it.”

You can watch the full video here:

This video is yet another example of the government failing to uphold Voter Integrity.

How can Americans trust that our voting system is secure when government officials admit to these sorts of failures?

Project Veritas will continue to investigate voting irregularities since the Mainstream Media refuses to do the job.

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.


Tucker Goes Megyn

But my money is on––and has always been on––the Smartest Guy in the Room, President Donald J. Trump.

What is it about good-looking, brainy, articulate, even charismatic people––particularly if they’re in the public eye––that makes them so vulnerable to the self-destroying over-confidence and arrogance known as hubris?

Who can forget when the beauteous, brash and brilliant Megyn Kelly blazed like a shooting star on Fox News, used her background as a former practicing attorney to conduct piercing and revelatory interviews; showcased enough magnetism to, as my mother used to say, charm a bird off a tree; and entranced the show-business and tabloid worlds with her romance and marriage to a rich and handsome businessman-cum-author and then give birth to three adorable children?

In the feminist-invented world of “having it all,” Kelly certainly fit the profile.


And so did Kelly! As soon as the business mogul and TV star Donald Trump descended on the escalator in the eponymously-named Trump Tower with his gorgeous wife Melania in June of 2015 and announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America, every media person in every outlet in the world salivated at the chance of interviewing the billionaire builder.

But nothing would reveal the Real Donald Trump as much as the TV debates in which no less than 16 Republican candidates participated––all of them with the formidable political credentials that the businessman-candidate lacked.

They included Governors Scott Walker (WI), John Kasich (OH); former Governors Rick Perry (TX), Bobby Jindal (LA), George Pataki (NY), Mike Huckabee (AK), Jim Gilmore (VA), Jeb Bush (FL), Chris Christie (NJ); Senators Lindsey Graham (SC), Marco Rubio (FL), Ted Cruz (TX); as well as former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

And who got the plum assignment to host the first Republican debate? None other than Fox’s “it girl” Megyn Kelly. I remember vividly how Kelly tantalized her audience with explosive things to come––rolling her hands, her eyes glistening––as she invited people to see what they had never ever seen before.


And she delivered! Right out of the gate, she accused candidate Trump of being abusive to women.

Uh oh. Wrong question to the wrong target. Did fledgling TV starlet Kelly really think she was more seasoned in media savvy than the guy who hosted two TV shows––The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice––that ran at the top of the ratings for over 14 years?

At the first debate, Trump destroyed two entities––all of his opponents and Megyn Kelly!

The American public––in poll after poll after poll after poll––believed that Trump was more credible, appealing and honest than Ms. Smarty Pants. And it was not long before Kelly was gone from Fox, hired by NBC-News, then gone from NBC and now into, um, podcasts.

Yes, this clever species likes to be paid the Big Bucks, but yoo hoo Missy….where do you think that money comes from? It comes from We the People tuning into this or that TV or radio station or Internet site, and if the numbers are good, the advertising increases and it is that advertising money that pays your overpaid salaries!

Which brings me to an egghead like Tucker Carlson who may understand capitalism but clearly does not understand the power of We the People.


Since November 2016, Carlson has hosted an 8 p.m. show on Fox. In fact, on July 2020, he broke the record for highest-rated program in U.S. cable news history, garnering an average nightly audience of 4.33 million viewers.

Typically, his show features a monologue of provocative political commentary which cites numerous examples of leftist hypocrisy and challenges––with a high degree of empiricism––such sacred cows of leftism as global warming, open borders, and mail-in voting. He also interviews numerous “experts” to either affirm or argue with his own political opinions.

So how did this media star––just like Megyn Kelly––crash and burn?


When Tucker Carlson recently attacked attorney Sidney Powell, who was initially on the Trump legal team but is now independently pursuing justice for the president for the massive voter fraud that has put his reelection in question, We the People immediately suspected that Fox management had ordered Carlson to sing their leftist song.

If so, Tucker obediently complied, evincing the colossal conceit that Atty. Powell should tell him––a Fox News employee, a dispensable employee––the proof of voter fraud that she planned to take before a judge (or several judges) in perhaps the most consequential legal case in American history.

And when she didn’t respond to his preposterous and presumptuous interview request,   he had a verbal, on-air temper tantrum, acting indefensibly  rude and obnoxiously antagonistic about one of the most seasoned and respected lawyers in our country.

While most Republicans and Conservatives were so disgusted with Fox’s dishonest coverage of the election––calling Arizona with hundreds of thousands of votes yet to be counted, failing to ask even one question about the unprecedented shutdown for three hours of voting tallies in the swing states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, et al––they quit Fox and went to Newsmax TV and One American News Network (OANN).

But people like me and many others stayed with Fox solely because of commentators like Tucker Carlson and Mr. Rock-Ribbed Conservative himself, Sean Hannity.

However, when we witnessed Tucker’s shameful behavior toward Sidney Powell, the rest of We the People immediately and instantly and with no regrets whatsoever left Fox FOREVER! With, by the way, a Good Riddance to Mr. Smarty Pants!

And we were not alone. According to Jim Hoft’s unerring reportage, after Fox’s election-night coverage, Fox News crashed to such a degree that their viewership was cut by 50 percent in three weeks!

“Fox News spit on their audience, and their audience walked,” Hoft wrote, also displaying this dramatic graph.


As writer Andrea Widburg writes: “Fox News continues to insult its audience.

In 1983 there were 50 media companies, but today only six organizations are responsible for over 90 percent of all the “news” we read, watch and listen to! Five of the CEOs of these multibillion-dollar businesses are longtime leftist globalists, and the sixth, the only conservative, was Rupert Murdoch (Fox, Wall St. Journal, NY Post, et al) who a few years ago gave control of his empire to his leftist sons Lachlan and James.

For decades, these business titans have made massive financial investments in the global economy, thanks largely to the leftist con men and women—the Clintons and Obama & Co.; the Chinese Communist Party, the tin-pot dictators and America-haters of the United Nations; the leftist billionaires who thrive on and denounce capitalism at the same time—who convinced them that America was on the decline and that the open-borders, one-world-government crowd was in imminent ascendance.

Then Donald Trump happened and all that one-world baloney vanished overnight.


Since then, the globalists have done two things:

  1. They have continued to invest heavily in our economy, hence the rocket-like ascendance of the Stock Market,
  2. They have told their media whores to keep up the drumbeat of negativity about President Trump.

Why? Because the ratings for their devolving shows spiked with his election, as did the money that lined their pockets!

The always astute Daniel Greenfield elaborated on this phenomenon:

“The media spent eight years declining into irrelevance under Obama. Even before Trump, Obama had bypassed the media for social media. The big stories were fed to the press by Obama Inc. cronies like Ben Rhodes or hidden-hand political smear shops like Fusion GPS.

“Trump revived the media… [his] end-year remarks to the NY York Times acerbically summed up his relationship with the media. `I’m going to win another four years… because newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there.’ The answering outburst of rage and contempt from the media burned all the hotter because the statement was not only intentionally provocative; it was also true.

“Trump’s greatest trick was forcing [the media] to get in the ring with him. That’s always been his trick for defeating his opponents.

“The media’s Trump rage ended Hillary’s career, put a Republican in the White House, pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords, brought in the Muslim travel ban, recognized Jerusalem and did all the other things the media wails about every second of the day. And the media helped make them happen.”


If the globally-coordinated, massively-funded, treasonously-conceived coup that leftists have been working on for the past five years succeeds, conservative patriots can be assured that President Trump will create a media company that overnight will have 80-million paid subscribers who will, finally, break––actually destroy––the malevolent, dishonest, and immorally anti-American media that has contaminated our airways for the past 100 years.

Can I hear an Amen?!

But my money is on––and has always been on––the Smartest Guy in the Room, President Donald J. Trump.

Starting today or tomorrow––Happy Thanksgiving everyone!––you can watch the reincarnation of the Greatest Show on Earth, ending, I trust, with the hand on the Bible on January 20th, 2021, being the hand of the reelected President Trump!

©Joan Swirsky. All rights reserved.

Colorado County Refuses to Enforce Lockdowns as Civil Disobedience Spreads Across America

Weld County’s defiance came days before news broke that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “furious” because a Brooklyn synagogue held a secret wedding.

Colorado officials last week announced that several counties had moved into the “red level”—the second-highest measurement on its COVID-19 dial—and would be forced to implement new regulations on restaurants, gyms, and other parts of the economy to combat the virus.

Then something remarkable happened. Weld County, a county in the northern part of the state with a population of roughly a quarter million people, politely said no.

“Instead, county government continues to do what it has done since March, which is promote and encourage residents and business owners to take individual responsibility and make decisions to protect themselves, their families, their community and their businesses,” the Board of Commissioners said in a statement.

With a test-positivity rate north of 16 percent, Weld County’s infection rate is well above the 5 percent threshold the World Health Organization uses as a benchmark for taking proactive measures to limit the spread of the virus. Nevertheless, county officials enumerated what they would not do.

“The county will not enforce a rule confining individuals to their homes for an undetermined length of time;

the county will not enforce a rule that states residents cannot have personal gatherings;

the county will not tell the school districts how to provide education to their students;

the county will not enforce a rule requiring a reduction of attendees in places of worship;

the county will not enforce a rule demanding restaurants close their indoor dining areas;

the county will not enforce any rule that forces a business to shut down or impedes their ability to operate.”

Weld County’s defiance came just days before news broke that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “furious” because a Brooklyn synagogue reportedly held a secret wedding earlier this month “with thousands of unmasked guests” in attendance.

“If that happened, it was a blatant disregard of the law,” Cuomo said in a briefing. “It’s illegal. It was also disrespectful to the people of New York.”

Reports say the synagogue, the Yetev Lev temple in WIlliamsburg, has been fined $15,000.

In Buffalo, New York, a protest of some 50 business owners (and supporters) at a local gym turned into a tense confrontation when a health inspector and deputies arrived (apparently after receiving an anonymous complaint) and refused to leave.

According to the Buffalo News, neither the health inspector nor the deputies would specify what rules the gym owner or those in attendance had broken. Authorities eventually left without issuing citations as protesters chanted “Get Out! Get Out!”

The gym’s owner, Robby Dinero, said the gathering was old-fashioned civil disobedience against lockdowns.

“It absolutely was a protest” said Dinero, adding that enforcement of restrictions has been “arbitrary.”

The defiance against lockdowns has been a long time coming.

The reality is, enforcement of social distancing regulations has been arbitrary. We’ve watched over and over again as politicians have flaunted their own orders without penalty. We’ve seen social distancing exceptions made when a political cause was deemed important or simply worth celebrating.

This is both unjust and dangerous. The growth in government power and the decline in individual liberty witnessed these many months is unprecedented in modern history, as others have observed.

Fortunately, Americans and many other people around the world—from clergy in England meeting in secret to thousands in Berlin protesting COVID restrictions as they’re shot with water cannons—have simply had enough.

This is a good thing, but it’s also stressful. Just watching the confrontations like the one in Buffalo can make a cool-headed person feel tense. It can make the world feel chaotic and give the impression that the order in our world is slipping away.

In his book 12 Rules for Life, Jordan Peterson talks about these forces, order and chaos. Order, Peterson says, is a good thing. It gives our lives stability, structure, and a security humans need. Chaos, on the other hand, sets our world on tilt. It represents the unknown and can cause distress.

Peterson doesn’t end there, however. The chaos-order duality he describes is part of a yin-yang Taoist structure.

“Order, when pushed too far, when imbalanced, can also manifest itself destructively and terribly,” Peterson writes. “It does so as forced migration, the concentration camp, and the soul-devouring uniformity of the goose step.”

The role of the archetypal hero, Peterson explained in his earlier book Maps of Meaning, is not only to tame excessive chaos, but to break down excessive order:

“Terrible, chaotic forces lurk behind the facade of the normal world. These forces are kept at bay by maintenance of social order. The reign of order is insufficient, however, because order itself becomes overbearing and deadly, if allowed unregulated or permanent expression. The actions of the hero constitute an antidote to the deadly forces of chaos, and to the tyranny of order.”

This point is so important to Peterson that, while 12 Rules for Life was subtitled An Antidote to Chaos,” his upcoming book (which he just announced is available for pre-order) is titled, “Beyond Order.”

“Unlike my previous book, Beyond Order explores as its overarching theme how the dangers of too much security and control might be profitably avoided,” he says.

Lockdowns fit the model of a destructive order, one that has thrown the whole world into a kind of chaos. We can all feel it. And this is precisely why the lockdowns must be resisted—just like the commissioners in Weld County, the Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, and the business owners in Buffalo.

Maybe this means sneaking across the Mississippi River to watch a Packer game in a bar in Wisconsin against state orders with your son, in a tavern where no one is wearing masks.

Maybe it means eating Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends despite a state order saying you must not, or simply choosing to not wear a mask in between bites of turkey, as public health officials recommend.

Maybe it means organizing peacefully with local businesses and holding an actual protest.

It doesn’t matter. Or rather, they all matter. The point is lockdowns are incredibly harmfulsoul-crushing, and the most expansive encroachment on personal freedom in modern history.

It’s past time Americans and humans everywhere embrace the radical philosophy of Henry David Thoreau, who taught us that the only true foundation of liberty is civil disobedience, a peaceful and passive form of political protest that rests on the simple refusal to follow unjust laws or pay unjust taxes.

“If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go,” Thoreau wrote in Civil Disobedience, “perchance it will wear smooth–certainly the machine will wear out.”


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

RELATED ARTICLE: Absurd Thanksgiving Guidelines Reveal an Astonishing Level of Government Overreach

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Florida Democratic Party Is In Meltdown Mode After Election Rout

No less a non-conservative authority than Politico has labeled the Florida Democratic Party in “post-election meltdown” after a complete beatdown by the Florida GOP in the Nov. 3 election. It’s so bad that Democrats are seriously worried that Florida has become a permanently red state.

Politico led their story this way:

“It wasn’t just one bad cycle. For Democrats in Florida, Election Day 2020 was a tipping point in a long, painful buildup to irrelevancy. After suffering crushing losses from the top of the ballot down, the state party now is mired in a civil war that could have profound consequences for future elections.”

That does not overstate it. In a year when Democrats had hoped to pick up 5-10 seats in the Florida House and three seats in the Senate and maybe flip the Florida statehouse for the first time in 20 years with the help of tens of millions of dollars poured in from outside Florida, the exact opposite happened. Florida Republicans expanded their state Senate majority by one seat and our state House majority by five seats while also flipping two Congressional seats and giving President Trump a four times larger margin of victory than he had in 2016.

Tellingly, Miami-Dade County led the dramatic flip. Hillary Clinton won the county by almost 300,000 votes in 2016, Joe Biden won it by only 85,000 — just 7 percent compared to Clinton’s 29 percent margin. That’s also where the two Congressional seats were located. But all of this is only continuing the reddening of Florida.

Florida Democrats in the 1980s had a nearly one-million voter registration lead. When Barack Obama won Florida in 2008, their voter registration lead was still nearly 500,000. When President Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Democrats’ lead had narrowed to 327,000. During the 2018 midterms, the Democrat gap was down to 263,000 and by the Nov. 3 election this year, Republicans had narrowed that gap to 134,000 registered voters.

The gains have not been just the red areas getting redder than the blue areas got blue. It’s all areas getting redder. In most major urban counties, Republicans continue to close the gap, albeit slowly. Pinellas County, where St. Pete is located and the Tampa Bay Rays play, flipped to a GOP-majority county three years ago and now has an 11,000-voter registration advantage. Gaps were closed in Hillsborough (Tampa), Seminole Orange (Orlando) Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach, also. And more than 20 mostly rural counties have flipped from blue to red in the past decade.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Joe Gruters has successfully made voter registration one of his top priorities. It continues to pay off as most observers give the Florida GOP the chance to finally and for the first time ever become the majority party in the state by voter registration. Given Republicans’ higher voter turnout rates, that’s an even bigger problem for Democrats.

The idea that Florida could become — or has become — a huge, electoral-rich red state like Texas to counterbalance California and New York in that column for team blue, gives national Democrats heartburn. If Florida is not a 50-50 swing state, that increases the must-win states for Democrats, narrowing the path each election cycle.

For Florida Democrats, staring down the barrel of permanent minority status, it is a near-existential crisis in which they now enter a fight for identity. It’s worth watching because the Democrat Party in Florida mirrors Democrats nationally — in large part because Florida attracts people from all over the U.S. and — for better or worse — they bring their politics to the Sunshine State.

From the AOC-Socialist wing to the moderate wing represented by state Sen. Jason Pizzo, who said in frustration after the election, “I’m not a f—ing socialist.” The angst is palpable as recriminations for Nov. 3 fly and there is no clear Democratic leader in the state. Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo is dead in the water, but interestingly, until just Tuesday when former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz jumped in with Michael Bloomberg’s support, no one had thrown their hat in the ring. That no one was itching to do so, simply reveals more of the disarray.

All of which continues to strengthen Florida Republicans. Gruters and Governor Ron DeSantis will push to overtake the Democrats in registration in time for DeSantis’ re-election in 2022.


EDITORS NOTE: This Revolutionary Act column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. Follow Rod on Parler. Like Rod’s new Youtube channel

The Best Patriotic Movie of 2020: ‘No Time to Run’

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During this pre-release of No Time to Run we ask you to watch, enjoy and share with family and friends. Your support of No Time to Run will help us bring this critical film to massive audiences nationwide. Not surprisingly, social media is censoring No Time to Run! So word of mouth referrals are critical!

©No Time to Run. All rights reserved.

Lockdowns Not Linked With Lower COVID Death Rates, New Study Finds

Many US states and countries around the world are imposing another round of economic lockdowns in an effort to combat the coronavirus.

The actions are certain to come with a series of devastating unintended consequences—economic destruction, surging poverty, and mental health deterioration among them—but a new study suggests the lockdowns may not do what they are designed to do: save lives.

A new study published by Frontiers in Public Health concluded that neither lockdowns nor lockdown stringency were correlated with lower death rates.

Researchers analyzed data from 160 countries over the first 8 months of the pandemic, testing several factors—including demographics, public health, economy, politics, and environment—to determine how they are correlated with COVID-19 mortality.

“Stringency of the measures settled to fight pandemia, including lockdown, did not appear to be linked with death rate,” the researchers said.

The researchers found that the criteria most associated with a high death rate was life expectancy, though higher COVID death rates were also observed in certain geographic regions.

“Inherent factors have predetermined the COVID mortality: understanding them may improve prevention strategies by increasing population resilience through better physical fitness and immunity,” the authors said.

On one hand, the findings are astonishing. After all, the lockdowns have resulted in mass collateral damage: a global recession, millions of businesses ravaged, tens of millions of jobs lost, widespread mental health deterioration, a resurgence in global poverty, and surges in suicide.

To look at the destruction lockdowns have wrought only to learn they have failed to effectively slow the spread of the virus is maddening and, frankly, nauseating.

On the other hand, the findings shouldn’t be terribly surprising. Months ago researchers had compiled enough empirical evidence to determine how effective lockdowns were in taming COVID-19.

“…there’s little correlation between the severity of a nation’s restrictions and whether it managed to curb excess fatalities — a measure that looks at the overall number of deaths compared with normal trends,” Bloomberg’s data columnist Elaine He noted back in May.

Since then the evidence has only grown stronger. Sweden, for example, which opted to not lockdown in March, has seen its mortality ranking steadily fall throughout 2020.

In September, as it passed the US, Sweden saw its COVID mortality rate fall to 11th highest in the world. Its rate of 577 COVID deaths per million people was far better than many of its European neighbors who implemented strict lockdowns, such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, and Italy. Since then, Sweden has fallen further down the list, currently standing at 23rd in the world.

While critics of Sweden’s “lighter touch” strategy point out that its mortality rate is well above that of its Nordic counterparts Norway and Finland, many fail to realize that Norway and Finland have had less restrictive government policies than Sweden for the majority of the pandemic.

The reality is that lockdowns come with incredible collateral damage but appear to do little if anything to actually slow down the coronavirus. This is precisely why the World Health Organization reversed course in October and began advising nations to refrain from using them.

“Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” Dr. David Nabarro, the WHO’s Special Envoy on COVID-19, observed.

Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, offered a similar sentiment.

“What we want to try to avoid … is these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society and to everything else,” Ryan said at a briefing in Geneva in October, adding that sometimes they are “unavoidable.”

Despite mounting evidence that lockdowns don’t work and are incredibly harmful, government officials around the world continue to push them. Why? Because lockdowns are designed to save lives and experts are unwilling to admit they are powerless to control the virus.

In doing so, they’re falling victim to a dangerous deception: the good intentions fallacy.

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results,” the famed economist Milton Friedman once warned.

It’s time for the intellectual class to admit a basic reality about lockdowns.

They aren’t just horribly destructive and an affront to liberty. They’re actually failing to save lives.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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