WATCH: Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann Joins Candace Owens to Discuss Decision to Come Forward to Veritas

Brave Insider Morgan Kahmann was graciously invited onto Candace Owens’ new Daily Wire show this week, where they discussed Facebook’s “vaccine hesitancy” documents and what compelled him to come to Project Veritas.

You can watch the interview here:

It’s powerful to see how selfless Morgan was by sacrificing his job for the public’s right to know — and Candace was a fantastic host, as always.

What makes all of this even more incredible is that because of people like you, Rich, Morgan was able to hit his $500,000 fundraising goal in just 10 DAYS!

I want to personally thank the GiveSendGo team for working tirelessly to ensure this brave patriot was supported by the public.

This impressive achievement sends a message to all potential Insiders out there that the American people have their back.

Project Veritas encourages more people like Morgan Kahmann to come forward if they see wrongdoing taking place.

You can reply directly to this email with any tips that you think our team should pursue, or you can also send a secure message to

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ARIZONA: Youngest Black Republican Candidate Alex Stovall Kicks Off Campaign With Ad Calling Himself The “Anti AOC”

CHANDLER, Ariz. /PRNewswire/ Alex Stovall is a 26 year-old Army Reservist Chaplain candidate running for Congress to stand up to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who he sees as the biggest problem in the U.S. House. If elected, Stovall would become the youngest Black Republican ever elected to Congress in American history.

“We are proud to launch this historic campaign for Congress. Alex was spurred into running by seeing the actions of AOC and her squad. He knew that our nation needed a young Conservative voice in Congress to counter her socialist agenda. Alex loves this country and will fight to make sure that it continues to be the greatest country in the world,” said Stovall’s Press Secretary, Joel Bailey.

The campaign launched with a video that went viral gathering over half-a-million views in 72 hours and featured a memorable opening line addressing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, “Socialists like AOC hate two things: God and America.” The video continues by outlining the grassroots approach Stovall is bringing to the campaign.

“To stop AOC and her cronies, we have to fight fire with fire. That’s why I’m running to become the youngest black Republican Congressman in U.S. history. I will be the perfect voice to cut through their B.S.”

The campaign has received a groundswell of support both online and offline after releasing the announcement video. He frequently posts pictures from drive-by rallies done in the district and memes targeting the embattled Congresswoman.

“We’ve seen a large increase in contributions from fans across the country that want to see us stand up to representatives like AOC, who claim they fight for minorities,” says Bailey. “People are tired of her radical policies. They don’t help anybody but her.”

Stovall is running in Arizona’s 9th Congressional district in Maricopa county in a seat held by Democrat Rep. Greg Stanton. The campaign says challenging the seat will be integral to taking back Arizona after the 2016 election.

Arizona is now a battleground swing state that Republicans and Conservatives need to win. Electing Alex is a huge chance to take back a seat that the Democrats are afraid to lose and win back a state that Republicans need to take back in 2022,” continued Bailey.

Stovall has focused his campaign on advancing job creation, championing education reform, and stopping illegal immigration. He is a Reservist Chaplain Candidate in the Army and has been enlisted for eight years. Stovall holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and a Master in divinity from Grand Canyon university.

He experienced seeing domestic violence, child abuse, and gang activity growing up and wants to make sure that kids in his district never have to go through the same thing. His campaign features the tagline “Faith, Family, and Freedom.”

You can contribute to Alex Stovall at his website here

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Why do Biden and Harris get a free pass on migration but not Trump?

Criticise Trump if you will, but when Biden and Harris adopt the same policies, be consistent: criticise them, too.

You can be for or against open borders; immigration is a difficult debate, and I respect anybody who sensibly argues for either side.

But you have to be consistent. I have no respect for people who demonise a politician for having a position on immigration and laud another politician when she defends exactly the same position.

Sadly, this is precisely what the liberal media in the United States have been doing for years. President Donald Trump was persistently portrayed as a bogeyman who hates immigrants because of their skin colour. But, this narrative leaves aside that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, had deported more people than any other previous US President, to the point that some sensible critics called him the “Deporter in Chief”.

Not to be outdone, in a recent visit to Guatemala, Vice-President Kamala Harris told citizens of that impoverished Central American nation: “Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders.”

So, why do Obama and Harris get a free pass, whereas Trump doesn’t?

Because the “medium is the message”. This concept goes back to Canadian literary critic Marshall McLuhan, who argued that the way a message is conveyed, rather than its actual content, is what really influences people. Two people can say exactly the same thing, but if they use different media to convey the same message, people will perceive it differently.

When McLuhan came up with this concept in his 1964 book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, he had in mind differences in mass media (print vs audiovisual, etc). But we are now entering a new era of “the medium is the message.” The differences between, say, newspaper and television are not so important as the differences between the identities of the people who convey messages.

In our day and age, identity politics reigns supreme and that is what really determines how messages are perceived.

Consequently, it is time to point out the elephant in the room: Obama and Harris get a free pass because of their skin colour. Obama used illegal drone warfare in Pakistan, bailed out banks, and massively increased surveillance control­— the kind of policies that the Left has always found disturbing. But very few progressives managed to point out the obvious. They ran the risk of being called “racists” for daring to criticize the first black President in American history, so they mostly kept their mouths shut.

To his credit, Obama never went as far as to say: “Vote for me because I am black”, but many voters (including some celebrities) did unashamedly admit that they voted for him simply on the basis of identity. The actor Samuel L. Jackson, for instance, told Ebony in 2012: “I voted for Barack because he was black. Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people—because they look like them.”

Whether consciously or unconsciously, Obama used that to his advantage. He knew that his skin colour would be the message itself. The American people cared little about the content of the message and were in search of a medium to free themselves from the burden of guilt for a long history of racial injustices. They found it in the hip Obama who would smile, play basketball, and walk the right way, but who would do the very same objectionable things many of his predecessors had done.

To a large extent, Kamala Harris is Obama 2.0.

Once the US had finally its first black President, it was time for its first black woman Vice-President (presumably as a platform to reach the presidency four years later). With Harris, her identity became even more salient. In Obama’s case, one still had to read inbetween the lines to see how race played to his advantage. For Harris, the pretense was over. Joe Biden explicitly said that he would choose a woman for his electoral ticket, preferably a black woman.

And perhaps even more so than Obama, Harris’s identity has become the message itself. She is all too aware of this, and very smartly uses it to her advantage. She knows that she can get away with presenting a campaign video with radical Left ideas of equity, and only a few months  later deliver in Guatemala an anti-immigration speech that is almost verbatim the same as those delivered by a former President who is portrayed by liberal media as a white supremacist.

It is time to go back to the basis of common sense. Ideas are to be judged on their own merits, regardless of the skin color ­— or genitals— of those who profess them. Opening borders to immigrants may or may not be a good idea. But, for crying out loud, be consistent! What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

This content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license.


Gabriel Andrade is assistant professor of medicine at Ajman University, in the United Arab Emirates. He received a PhD from University of Zulia (Venezuela), in 2008. He worked as Titular Professor at University… More by Gabriel Andrade

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A Look Into OnlyFans: Child Sexual Abuse Material and Trafficking

OnlyFans markets itself as a social media platform where “influencers” can sell their content to a subscriber base. However, it is no secret that the overwhelming majority of the content sold on OnlyFans is in fact pornography. OnlyFans has thus become the latest iteration of the commercial sex industry—and its popularity is rapidly escalating. What is perhaps most concerning is that OnlyFans is even growing in popularity amongst children.  

Recent news stories (also see stories herehere, and here) have highlighted cases of minors creating and selling sexually explicit content of themselves on OnlyFans. The child sexual abuse material (CSAM, the more apt term for “child pornography”) found on OnlyFans also includes instances where children are exploited by traffickers. 

Thus far, OnlyFans’ Age Verification systems have failed to detect and prevent these cases of CSAM. What’s more, their marketing strategies and attempts to normalize the commercial sex industry are contributing to the allure children feel towards webcamming through OnlyFans. 

Children Selling Self-Generated CSAM for “Easy Money”

A recent BBC article offers a very thorough investigation into the issue of minors creating and selling CSAM of themselves on OnlyFans. A common theme emerged among multiple cases: children are enticed by the promise of easy money, as well as the hope of growing in popularity and social influence.

As one 13-year-old said: “I know it’s not appropriate for kids my age to be doing this, but it’s an easy way to make money. . . Some of the girls have thousands of followers on Instagram and they must be raking it in—I wanna be just like them.” 

Another 16-year-old bragged to her school career advisor about the money she was making through OnlyFans, asking why she should listen to any career advice from her.  

OnlyFans’ marketing strategies are contributing to this dangerous allure for children. By branding themselves as an “influencer” platform, OnlyFans has helped fuel these children’s tragic notion that the way to become popular and influential is to sell their bodies. OnlyFans intentionally blurs the lines between the commercial sex industry and mainstream social media, saying, “As far as we’re concerned, if you use social media and produce your own content, you should be using OnlyFans.”

This serves to further normalize the commercial sex industry amongst young people, who likely don’t understand the extensive short and long-term harms and risks inherent in the industry. OnlyFans promises easy money to new and amateur “content creators” with their slogan: “Anyone can earn.” They declare on their website that earnings could be between $1,499 and $7,495 per month.  

Even if OnlyFans is not deliberately targeting children, or designing their market strategies with minors in mind, a dangerous consequence of their marketing has been to attract many minors into the commercial sex industry, many of whom likely would not have been attracted to the industry in other forms. 

Lesser Known Risks Associated with Webcamming

As the commercial sex industry becomes increasingly normalized in society, many adults—let alone children—may enter the industry without properly understanding the risks or harms involved. Webcamming in particular is often lauded as being harmless and especially empowering, and an increasing number of young people consider it to be normal

Research and anecdotal evidence from survivors shows that the webcamming sector of the commercial sex industry is still rife with potential psychological, socio-emotional, and physical harms.

Participants in studies have described webcamming as psychologically traumatic or distressing. For example, in one study a participant named Jessica describes sitting in a corner traumatized for the entire day after her first webcamming performance, while a participant named Ken says he did not leave his room for an entire week. This psychological trauma is a common theme in studies on all forms of prostitution; the online nature of webcamming does not appear to erase the trauma.  

There are also other risks and harms which are in fact heightened by the unique nature of the webcamming industry. For example, the online nature of webcamming leaves performers extremely vulnerable to doxxing, stalking, extortion, blackmail, and “capping” (ie. customers filming the webcammer’s private “shows” and posting them online without her consent). Webcammers in one study state that capping is “pretty much inevitable” and is “one of the risks you’ll have to come to terms with in this line of work”. Some researchers argue that the risks of stalking or other forms of harassment are heightened by the interactive nature of webcamming and the fact that webcammers are encouraged to communicate directly with subscribers. 

In addition, the ease with which anyone can start webcamming and the increased normalization and popularity of webcamming has turned it into a highly competitive industry, as it is flooded with content and content-creators. As a result, studies find that webcammers often must escalate to performing more and more dangerous, extreme, or degrading acts, to stay ahead of the competition. Finally, the risk of being trafficked is not eliminated in webcamming, as numerous studies show. Which brings us to the other form of CSAM found on OnlyFans: instances in which children are being exploited by traffickers. 

Cases of Trafficked Children on OnlyFans

While much of the CSAM on OnlyFans is a product of minors uploading their own self-produced content, police and child protection agencies are also uncovering cases of children being trafficked or exploited on the platform. 

For example, the Vice President of the National Centre on Missing and Exploited Children, Staca Shehan, states: “In 2019 there were around a dozen children known to be missing being linked with content on OnlyFans. Last year the number of those cases nearly tripled.”

Police forces have also received complaints from children who had others upload intimate images of them to OnlyFans without their consent. In another case, a minor had her face edited onto someone else’s body (i.e. “deepfake”), and the resulting pornographic content uploaded to OnlyFans. Yet another minor complained to the police that she was blackmailed into posting images on OnlyFans. 

Insufficient Age Verification Systems in Place

Although OnlyFans claims to have robust, constantly improving Age Verification systems to prevent CSAM from being uploaded to the site, these systems have failed in all of the aforementioned cases. 

Minors have been able to cheat the Age Verification systems by using fake ID’s or ID’s owned by older relatives. In one case, a minor named Leah used a fake driving license to create an OnlyFans account and upload sexually explicit material. Leah’s age was anonymously reported to OnlyFans at a later date, but after reviewing the account, the company decided that it “appeared legitimate”, and no further action was taken. Leah’s age was also stated on numerous other social media sites; OnlyFans claims to check other social medias as part of the account verification process, but this evidently did not stop them from allowing Leah’s account. OnlyFans finally shut down Leah’s account after being contacted by BBC News, but by that time CSAM from her account had been downloaded and uploaded in numerous other places, all across the internet. 

OnlyFans claimed that Leah’s case, and others like it, happened during a transition “from one effective ID age verification system to a new exceptionally effective” system. However, BBC News tested this supposedly “new exceptionally effective” system in April, and succeeded in creating an OnlyFans account for a 17-year-old by using her 27-year-old sister’s passport. 

OnlyFans is putting children at risk with their lack of sufficient age verification and their dangerous influence on culture. That is why OnlyFans was named to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s 2021 Dirty Dozen List. We must work collectively to prevent platforms like OnlyFans from further normalizing sexual exploitation and causing harm to women and children.

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VIDEO: 40k to 400k Americans DEAD from Covid Vaccines

The VAERS reporting system lists 4100 dead by Coivd-19 vaccines. That number is only a small fraction of the total number of dead. So, while Joe Biden attempts to shame tens of millions of Americans into getting a vaccine or be forced to wear a scarlet letter mask and while Dr. Fauci continues to cover-up the truth about how and where the coronavirus originated, the American people are being denied the facts about these medical devise vaccines. Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Bryan Ardis of Ardis Labs about what Dr. Fauci is hiding, the actual VAERS numbers, and WHEN we might start to see some of these long-term, adverse effects from the vaccines, like sterilization and autoimmune disease.


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VIDEO: Vaccine Remorse — Got the Shot? Judy Mikovits On What to Do About It

So, you’ve received one of the covid “vaccines” but now have buyer’s remorse because you now understand reality. These are not vaccines at all; this is a giant, unprecedented biological experiment that could have many, crippling and/or deadly side-effects. Graham Ledger talks with scientist Judy Mikovits about what the vaccinated can do now to inoculate from this experimental inoculation.


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VIDEO: Tiny Bistro In Very Blue State Standing-up to Government Tyranny

The Marxist Governor of California is lying and bragging simultaneously about a phony, rosy economic picture in the once Golden State. Gavin Newsom has crushed business and only a few Constitutional Americans have had the guts to say “no” to his unconstitutional attacks.

Graham Ledger speaks with the owner/operator of the Apple Bistro, Jennette Waldow, in Placerville, CA. about the price one restaurant is paying for standing up to a tyrannical government.


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Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico: “Biden” at Fault For Border Crisis

Every rational, loyal American thinks the same thing……

Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico: Biden at Fault for Border Crisis

By, Edwin Mora, Breitbart, June 10, 2021:

Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, three Latin American countries vital to addressing the migrant surge, have all blamed the Biden administration’s promise of better treatment and policies for the border crisis.

On the eve of Kamala Harris’ visit to Guatemala Monday, marking her first foreign trip as vice president, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei repeated his position during an interview that aired Sunday on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” that the Biden administration’s more welcoming tone is responsible for attracting the historic migrant surge overwhelming resources and personnel at the U.S. southern border.

The Biden administration’s promise that it will “reunite” migrant families and children with their relatives in America are incentivizing his compatriots to emigrate, Giammattei told CBS News.

“The message [for migrants] changed [under Biden] too: ‘We’re going to reunite families, we’re going to reunite children,’” he added.

“The very next day [after the Biden administration’s welcoming message], the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States,” Giammattei, who has blamed President Joe Biden’s lenient border security policies for the surge in the past, declared.

The Guatemalan government did not respond to Breitbart News’ request for an unedited video or transcript of the CBS News interview. CBS News did not provide an unedited version of the interview or the full transcript of the exchange.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has also repeatedly indicated his American counterpart Joe Biden’s overwhelmingly more welcoming tone that began to develop during the U.S presidential campaign near the end of the Trump administration, when the migrant surge began, has “created expectations” among migrants from Mexico and Central America that crossing the border is almost guaranteed under the new American commander-in-chief.

Critics such as the Mexican government and Republicans believe Biden’s move to rescind the Trump-era border security policies and measures to enforce immigration laws in the interior of the country are at fault for the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the U.S.-Mexico border. The U.S. President denies the allegations, insisting the border is closed even as his administration continues to release illegals and asylum-seekers into American communities.

In May, the Washington Post reported:

Mexican officials, including Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, have been privately frustrated with Biden’s rapid-fire rollback of Trump policies, according to current and former U.S. and Mexican officials, because Mexico thought Biden’s moves incentivized migration in the short term while his proposed solutions consisted of long-term measures [such as addressing the root causes of migration and providing $4 billion in assistance over four years] that could take years to make a difference.

Central Americans from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, the primary source of  the surge, and migrants from outside the Americas, traveling from as far as Africa and Asia, have taken these policy changes, as well as the more lenient border security approach under Biden as a sign this president is inviting them to cross the border.

In an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that aired in March, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele attributed the surge at the U.S.-Mexico border to three reasons:

  • A lack of economic opportunities
  • The absence of security in Latin America
  • Incentives provided in the United States

He stressed that it is his country’s responsibility to provide better economic opportunities and security to prevent people from leaving. Bukele has previously said he favors commerce with the United States private sector over U.S. taxpayer-funded foreign aid that has failed to make any changes in the years the U.S. has been sending assistance to Central America.

The lack of economic opportunities is “bad for the United States because immigration will go up, and it’s bad for our country because [of] people leaving the country … so it’s bad for both of us,” he proclaimed.

Bukele emphasized that U.S. incentives for migrants are gutting El Salvador of people who could contribute to the economy in their home without leaving.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), citing overcrowded and sometimes unsanitary conditions at processing centers and detention facilities, is releasing the detainees to American communities without court dates, granting them the opportunity to reunite with their loved ones without any mechanism to ensure they will report to immigration authorities.

Apprehension of illegal migrants from places such as Africa, Asia, and other regions outside the Americas by Panamenian authorities suggest that details behind Biden’s tolerant border policies have reached places all over the world.

The New York Times reported in May that the U.S. is now releasing most of those migrants who are apprehended into the United States where they are reunited with loved one despite the Trump-era pandemic control protocols (Title 42) kept in place by the sitting president. Title 42 allows the government to remove any illegal immigrants amid the pandemic to stem the spread.

However, the Biden team is not applying Title-42 removal exemption to unaccompanied children, mainly from Central America, and vulnerable single adults persecuted for their sexual orientation, among other reasons.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who U.S. prosecutors have accused of being involved in state-sponsored narco-trafficking activities along with his brother, has been silent about the border crisis, unlike other times.

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VIRAL VIDEO: Fierce NY Mom Goes Off On Racist, Anti-Christian School Board

This woman (Tatiana Ibrahim) is everything of the sort. I’d got to war with her anywhere, anytime. We need an army of these heroes.


RELATED ARTICLE: Florida Board of Education Approves DeSantis’ Rule Banning ‘Critical Race Theory’ From Its Classrooms

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Sorry BLM, but Palestinians have nothing in common with Native Americans or oppressed Black Americans


Is that so?

According to the world Facebook (1), Gaza 2019 GDP per capita was $6,220. Yes, Israel’s GDP is $43,589 and that’s looks like a hell of an inequality of income. But comparing Gaza to Israel, at least in regard of economic inequality, make no sense. Black American GDP per capita is $ 23,000 (2), and Mexico is only $ 9,863. Would you find the comparison acceptable? Of course not, it doesn’t make any sense. Nor is the comparison between Gaza and Israel. Gaza is as far from Israel than Mexico is from Afro-Americans in term of infrastructure, socio-economics, education, culture and work environment.

To compare inequality, we must compare how two different groups are doing in the same environment – Blacks in America to White in America, not to Blacks in Mauritania, and Arabs in Gaza to Arabs in Egypt or Jordan, not to Jews or Arabs in Israel or New York. Egyptian Arabs GDP is $11,763. Jordan’s $4,405. At $6,220, Palestinians from Gaza fall in the middle: no inequality here.

Are Native Americans comparable to Native in Palestine, ie the Bedouins, in the sense that Jews stole the land of the Bedouins the same way American stole Indian land?

Let’s take a closer look.

Pro-Palestinian activists and BLM claim that there is a similarity between the situation faced by the American Indians over a century ago as a result of American colonization of their land and the situation which exists today in the state of Israel as a result of Israeli occupation of what was formerly Palestinian territory.

They tell us that when you have a massive immigration of one population into a region occupied by another population, such as happened with European immigration into North America and the later American migration westward, you are going to have a massive relocation and disenfranchisement of the indigenous peoples of that region.

What we need to look at first is the international recognized definition of indigenous people, also called native.

According to the UN definition (3) Indigenous peoples are “inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures…They have retained social, cultural, economic and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the dominant societies in which they live,” and “Indigenous peoples have sought recognition of their identities, way of life and their right to traditional lands, territories and natural resources…”

Indigenes are descendants of the people who were first in a particular territory. They have lived on the land “from time immemorial”‚Äî thousands, and even tens of thousands of years. The Australian aborigines, for example, have lived in their territory for anywhere between 40,000 and 60,000 years while Native Americans claim a history of thousands of years.

North America’s Indian are arguably Indigenous populations. They were removed from their traditional hunting and gathering territories that they‚Äôve known, literally for thousands of years prior to the introduction of private property, as if they had no right to be there in the first place.

Native Americans were once peoples who occupied vast territories throughout what is today the U.S. and Canada. Not anymore. They now are among the poorest people.

Native Palestinians are the Bedouins. Like the Indians, they are a minority. Like the Indians, they are the poorest. And like the Indians, they are “inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures” and they have “retained social, cultural, economic and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the dominant societies in which they live”.

That is where the comparison stops. This is where the similarities end, at a fundamental point: the land.

In some areas, when the colonists arrived from Europe, they did steal some Native American land, though it is murky in other areas.

This is why Palestinian situation is not similar to that of the “First Nation”, the original inhabitants of America.

In Israel, explained Havatzelet Yahel, Ruth Kark, and Seth J. Frantzman in an academic piece published in 2012 (4), “the indigenousness claim has been raised over the past few years by the country’s Bedouin citizens, a formerly nomadic, Arabic-speaking group centered in the southern arid part of the country, the Negev. They argue that Israel denies their basic indigenous rights such as maintaining their traditions and owning their own lands.”

The Bedouin of Israel’s Negev claim that Israel is like other colonialist regimes: they stole their land, dominated their territory, refused to admit their lengthy presence in their native land, and denied their rights.

Their argument doesn’t hold waters:

  • To begin with, the Bedouin are by no means the only people who can claim to be “first people” in Palestine. Jewish presence in the land predates Arab presence there by millennia.
  • Moreover, countless other groups have lived in Palestine way before them, since antiquity (Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Idumeans, Samaritans, Nabateans, Romans, Christians, Ottomans…)
  • The Jews are the only nation that can claim an uninterrupted presence on the Palestinian land. It started from biblical times to date.
  • Three millennia ago, a kingdom of Israel was established in the landmass from the Negev in the south to the Golan Heights in the north, making the Jews the real Native people, not the Bedouins.
  • Then, regarding territories, what characterizes the Bedouin is their relationship to the tribe, rather than to a specific place or territory (5).
  • And regarding to their “lengthy presence”, most of them arrived during the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, from the deserts of Arabia, Transjordan, Sinai, and Egypt (6) in the wake of Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt and Palestine in 1798-99 and subsequent Egyptian rule under Muhammad Ali and his son Ibrahim Pasha (r. 1831-41).
  • Ottoman tax registers demonstrate that the tribes which lived in the Negev in 1596-97 are not those residing there today: they cannot claim, as the native Indian do, to have live in Palestine from immemorial times (7). I mean, unless they have a memory problem. The Jews can.
  • Even Clinton Bailey, a scholar of Bedouin culture, could not find any evidence in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries of the continuity or existence of Bedouin tribes, which later lived in the Negev in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (8).
  • The Bedouins themselves stole the land from other people. Their foothold in the Negev was achieved through armed intertribal struggles as well as raids on established Arab settlements that caused the latter’s to run away or die (9).

And regarding to their more recent claim for land ownership, The Ottoman law – that still apply since it wasn’t canceled by Israeli law after the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, have decreed that the lands they claim were never allocated for private use, and that they are of the category of mewat (defined by the Ottoman land law as the area of waste land that lies beyond the carry of the human voice when uttered from the nearest habitation). For the Ottoman law, it is public land and cannot be assigned as privately owned.

Their claim of ownership over the land are nothing more than conspiracy theories. Because a bunch of White people and a bunch of Jews traveled from Europe, the first one to America, the other group to Palestine ; because both the Native Indian and the Bedouins are a minority ; and the two groups maintains their old tradition, separate and different from the majority, and because they both are very poor, doesn’t allow to project and equate their condition more than the tribes in the Andaman Islands off the coast of India.






(5) Clinton Bailey, Ha-Beduim (Sede-Boqer: Midreshet Sede-Boqer, 1969), pp. 1, 6.

(6) Moshe Sharon, “Ha-Beduim Be-Eretz Yisrael Bameot Ha-Shmone Esre Ve-Ha-Tsha-Esre,” M.A. thesis, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1964, pp. 21-4.

(7) Wolf-Dieter Hütteroth and Kamal Abdulfattah, Historical Geography of Palestine, Transjordan and Southern Syria in the Late 16th Century (Erlangen: Palm and Enke, 1977), p. 3.

(8) Clinton Bailey, “Dating the Arrival of the Bedouin Tribes in Sinai and the Negev,” Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 28 (1980): 21-4; idem, “The Negev in the 19th Century,” Asian and African Studies, 14 (1980): 42, 45.

(9) Sharon, “Ha-Beduim Be-Eretz Yisrael,” p. 49; Joseph Ben-David, “Od Al Ha-Konflict Ha-Karkai bein Beduei Ha-Negev Levain Ha-Medina,” Karka 44 (1998): 64; Emanuel Marx, Ha-Hevra Ha-Beduit Ba-Negev (Tel Aviv: Reshafim, 1974), p. 15; Emanuel Marx, Bedouin of the Negev (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1967), p. 7.



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WE DO NOT HAVE A BORDER: A Report From Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio is located within Val Verde County which consists of approximately 3,200 square miles of mostly ranch land surrounding the man-made Amistad Reservoir, and across from the Mexican city of Acuna.

I arrived in Del Rio on June 3rd, with a fact-finding delegation organized by the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Border Security Coalition of which the Center is a member. The Border Patrol’s processing capacity is around 120 people – the day before 800 people were apprehended.

The total numbers are staggering.

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Kyle Shideler

Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

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VIDEO: Watch The First People to Enter the Capital on January 6th! Do these people look like Trump supporters?

Video Surfaces of Some of the First to Enter the Capital! Do these people look like Trump supporters?


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Omar’s Extremism Too Much for Some Democrats

When the New York Times sat down with Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-Minn.) last year, she insisted, “I wouldn’t run for Congress… if I was anti-American.” Well, you could have fooled us. In the two years that Omar has been a part of the U.S. House, no one has been more openly hostile to the values and traditions of this country than the representative of Minnesota’s Fifth District. She calls herself “a starter of fires,” and this latest one—suggesting America and Israel are terrorists—won’t be easy to put out.

The title of the Times’ piece was “Ilhan Omar is not here to put you at ease”—a sentiment Democrats can certainly relate to as they struggle to contain her appalling rhetoric. The latest example, an exchange with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, shows just how little she cares to contain her hatred of Israel or the country she calls home. During the virtual meeting, she demanded an investigation into the supposed human rights abuses committed by Israeli Security Forces. On Twitter, she framed it this way: “We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.”

The idea that Omar would lump America and Israel in with a bunch of known terrorist killers like Hamas was so appalling that even Democrats were horrified. In a rare move, a dozen of them fired back publicly, insisting that “Equating the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban is as offensive as it is misguided.” The 12 (which included high-profile Leftists like Reps. Jerrold Nadler, N.Y. and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Fla., among others) wrote that, “Ignoring the differences between democracies governed by the rule of law and contemptible organizations that engage in terrorism at best discredits one’s intended argument and at worst reflects deep-seated prejudice,” they wrote. “The United States and Israel are imperfect and, like all democracies, at times deserving of critique, but false equivalencies give cover to terrorist groups.”

As usual, Omar played victim, claiming that she was the subject of “constant harassment and silencing.” Her spokesperson, Jeremy Slevin, took it one further, saying this only proves how “normalized” Islamophobia has become in “American political discourse.” Give me a break, David Harsanyi writes for NRO. “It’s not ‘Islamophobic’ to seek clarification for why she believes the Taliban and the United States are morally comparable. It’s a simple question. Surely, Omar, who believes the U.S. was ‘founded by genocide’ and built its power through ‘neocolonialism,’ has some Marxist drivel to share on the topic… But, whatever the case, being an African-American Muslim woman doesn’t give Omar dispensation from debate or immunity from criticism. At least, not yet.”

Omar’s pals disagree, insisting that her religion and skin color give her the right to smear anyone she wants. “I’m not surprised when Republicans attack Black women for standing up for human rights. But when it’s Democrats, it’s especially hurtful…” Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), another Squad member, tweeted. “Enough with the anti-Blackness and Islamophobia.” The “obsession with policing her is sick,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) chimed in.

As for Republicans, they think the biggest statement of all may be Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) non-action. “Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitic and anti-American comments are abhorrent,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) fumed. “Speaker Pelosi’s continued failure to address the issues in her caucus sends a message to the world that Democrats are tolerant of anti-Semitism and sympathizing with terrorists.” As the GOP made a point of reminding everyone, Republicans took drastic action when one of their own made controversial statements—even going so far to strip her of her committee assignments. The fact that Democrats haven’t acted to rein in Omar is especially infuriating, in light of her long string of vile statements.

And congressmen like Brian Mast (R-Fla.) take that personally. “This is absolutely disgusting from a Member of Congress. I lost two legs and a finger defending the USA and fighting the radical Islamic terrorists that Ilhan Omar is now defending. She is completely unfit to serve our country.”

Republicans, who continue to be villainized for inciting violence they had no part in, have every reason to be upset, Harsanyi agrees. “If we are going to start holding politicians responsible for the actions of third parties, then Omar has a lot of answering to do for the spike in anti-Semitic violence last month.”

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Phantom Voters, Election Integrity and Amazon Spying on You!

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK to canvass for Election Integrity! We have discovered millions of PHANTOM VOTERS across this country who not only voted in the last election, but some are also receiving STATE AND FEDERAL BENEFITS – yes your tax dollars are going who knows where…Let’s locate and expose all these phantoms and get them off our voter rolls!!

Please use this LINK to provide your contact information and location so that we can connect you with the right team.

Details will be given via text and email.

Thank you for stepping up and participating in Election Integrity!


National Election Integrity News

Pennsylvania and Georgia audits projected to begin in July. Those states as well as Nevada have toured Arizona audit facility with impressive references with regard to audit protocol.

Colorado Cleaning Voter Rolls.  The US Election Integrity Project are isolating data indicating fraudulently-registered voters.

Michigan:  A team in Michigan has been investigating and has found multiple jurisdictions in Michigan that had more registered voters in a locality, than adult residents.  This is an interesting development, and I encourage you to check your locality to see whether you have more registered voters than resident adults.

Citizens Initiatives.  Michigan has constitutional provisions that allow its citizens to play a larger role in passing statutes (without the governor’s approval), than many other states.  Article XII § 9 of the Michigan Constitution allows for these citizen petitions.

Colorado Elections Omnibus.  Colorado is working to pass an elections overhaul omnibus that includes many items that will make elections with integrity more difficult.  This includes effectively eliminating challenges to fraudulent ballots, and taking away the citizen’s ability to recall its leaders.

Texas Legislation.  Texas Senate passed SB7 — it’s omnibus election reform bill.

 Wisconsin Speaker Appoints Election Fraud Investigators.  Assembly Speaker Robin Vos hired an attorney and three retired investigators on behalf of Wisconsin Voters, to investigate the 2020 election.  They will be investigating the $6M given to the Wisconsin 5 from Zuckerberg-funded CTCL.  The investigators may also look into double-voting, and ballot curing by certain clerks.

Wisconsin Big Five Lawsuit.  Phill, Amistad and Wisconsin Voter Alliance filed the fifth lawsuit regarding Wisconsin’s big five cities allowing their elections to be run by outside left-leaning 501(c)’s.

 Fulton County, GA Audit Lawsuit.  Garland Favorito and Voter GA were supposed to be allowed to look at five pallets of absentee ballots in Atlanta last week.  The ballots were scanned at 200 DPI (Dots Per Inch), which wasn’t a high enough resolution for experts to make any determination.  So the judge was going to allow a re-scan at 600 DPI — a much higher resolution.  Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Fulton County attorneys filed a renewed motion to dismiss the case and prevent the audit from taking place.  Fulton is arguing that the plaintiffs haven’t complied with election contest legal requirements, and again asking for the case to be dismissed.

  Windham, New Hampshire Audit.  The most recent Windham, New Hampshire audit has come to an end on-site.  The audit team now has 45 days to issue its written report.  Remember a republican House candidate’s lead increased significantly after a hand recount of the November election results.  This led to the small town demanding an audit of the results that were off by hundreds of votes in favor of the democrat candidate.  Here are a few of the findings:

  • The most recent hand-count confirmed the first hand-count.  Meaning the hand-counts were accurate.
  • One of the three chosen auditors was Harri Hursti.  Hursti seems to believe that some of the votes counted for the democrat are because of where the ballots were folded, the machine interpreted folds on the democrat’s name, as filled in bubbles for the democrat candidate. Hursti also found that dust in the machines could have contributed to the machines miscounting…..
  • A Windham Selectmen and his supporters are still unsatisfied with the results of the audit.  He wants to know why the machines weren’t cleaned if this leads to the miscounting of votes.

 Maricopa County, Arizona Audit.  The Arizona Senate has increased its lease of the arena through the end of June.  The media onslaught mocking the audit is reaching a fever pitch.  They are now producing polls showing that a majority of Arizona residents oppose the audit.  With non-stop anti-audit coverage, the polls aren’t surprising. AZCentral is reporting that the Arizona Senate has now contracted with a California-based group called Citizens Oversight that will evaluate ballot images, on top of the Cyber Ninjas audit currently taking place.  As details come out, we will seek to update on this important audit.

Nevada Senate Votes to Codify Ballot Harvesting.  The Nevada Senate voted for Assembly Bill 321 that would legalize ballot harvesting, and all other COVID-related changes.  This is a very bad bill.  Here are some of the items it contains.
  • Ballot Harvesting: “at the request of a voter whose mail ballot has been prepared by or on behalf of the voter, a person authorized by the voter may return the mail ballot on behalf of the voter by mail or personal delivery to the county clerk, or any ballot drop box established in the county, pursuant to section of this act.” (Sec. 9.1)
  • Universal Mail-in balloting: “the county clerk shall prepare and distribute to each active registered voter in the county and each person who registers to vote or updates his or her voter registration information not later than the 14 days before the election a mail ballot for every election.” (Sec. 3.1)
  • Discourages Accountability: “a person shall not willfully: (a) Impede, obstruct, prevent or interfere with the return of a voter’s mail ballot; (b) Deny a voter the right to return the voter’s mail ballot; or (c)If the person receives the voter’s mail ballot and authorization to return the mail ballot on behalf of the voter by mail or personal delivery, fail to return the mail ballot” …. In other words, you can’t challenge ballots going into a drop box.  (Sec. 9). 
  • Signature Comparison: A clerk’s office can’t deny that a signature matches, unless:
    • The signature is compared to EVERY signature on file for that voter — past and present; AND — TWO employees agree the signatures don’t match; 
    • What cannot be used as grounds for denial of a signature that doesn’t match? Change of initials, last name, change in punctuation, abbreviations, use of nicknames, or “slight dissimilarities”….
  • Partisan Absentee Counting Board.  The clerk appoints a central absentee counting board, and board members can’t all be of one political party but there is no requirement for any sort of parity.  There is no number limit, and this seems to be within discretion of the clerk.  It appears that appointing a board of 9 democrats and 1 green party representative would fulfill the requirements of the board under the statute. There is no language about appointing a person from the “two major political parties” or from “both parties appearing on the ballot.”  (Sec. 12)
  • Counting Votes Weeks Before the Election.  The absent Counting Board must count all mail-in ballots 15 days before the election and be completed with this counting 7 days before the election. (Sec. 13).
  • Centralized Election Tabulating.  The absentee count must be reported to the clerk for each precinct.  The clerk then notifies each precinct of these numbers, and the precinct adds them together.  In other words, the local precinct has no control over the mail-in numbers given to them by the partisan absentee counting board. (Sec. 15).


Listen to General Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne talk about The America Project.

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On June 8, Amazon will activate Amazon Sidewalk, a mass wireless sharing network. Users of all Amazon smart devices will be automatically enrolled, without consent, unless they opt out by disabling the network settings. The Amazon Sidewalk network will allow shared internet use up to within about a half-mile radius of the Amazon device. In effect, this network is part of the creation of “smart cities.” Amazon Sidewalk includes a “Community Finding” feature that allows people outside of your home to connect with Amazon’s servers through your Alexa, Echo, Ring and related smart devices.

Violation of privacy, personal data and safety

Most people have no idea the network will be activated on June 8, or that they will be automatically connected without consent. Even fewer understand the full implications. Being part of the Amazon “smart” networks increases the chances devices and information will be hacked, as “smart” wireless devices are prone to hacking. Amazon has been sued by Ring users whose devices were hacked — some received ransom demands.

How to opt out and disable settings 

Anyone who doesn’t want to be automatically enrolled in Amazon Sidewalk on June 8 can opt out by disabling the network on their Amazon devices. Here’s how:

Open the Alexa app:

  1. Open “more” and select “settings.”
  2. Select “account settings.”
  3. Select “Amazon Sidewalk.”
  4. Turn Amazon Sidewalk “off.”

Customers with Echo devices can update their Amazon Sidewalk preferences anytime from “settings” in the Alexa app. If users have linked Ring and Amazon accounts, their Sidewalk preferences on either the Alexa or Ring app will apply to eligible Echo and Ring devices.

Amazon is banking on millions of customers who aren’t aware of this upcoming activation on June 8. Share this information, including the health risks and violation of privacy and safety online, with your neighbors, family and friends. Encourage them to opt out and to share this article.

Full Article: 

COVID “Vaccine” – Tell the FDA to STOP BIG Pharma from Killing us!

WE the PEOPLE need to enter our comments in the government FDA site. Unfortunately, as of now there are more comments in favor of the COVID injections than those calling for caution, asking for further studies and time to prove safety. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

We now have 5,165 DEATHS reported from these injections. NEVER in our history have we allowed this many deaths ( not counting injuries) to continued be pushed to our population, let alone those who are pregnant and children as well.

Click this link to add your comment: Please type in your comment asking that the Food and Drug Administration not approve the experimental injection that is causing so many deaths. After typing your comment, click the drop down arrow to choose a “Comment Category” and select “Drug Association D0012”

Enter your information and be sure to SUBMIT your comment.

This is the SFE’s link along with the agenda: 

I hope to see you there!

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Full-Scale Democrat Civil War

And I am living for it. But I believe the seditionists have already won…..

Get ready for a full-scale Democratic civil war

By David Marcus, The New York Post, June 10, 2021:

Things are getting a little testy in the Democratic Party these days. Just months into the presidency of Joe Biden that they all worked so hard for, the Party of Jefferson and Jackson is slipping into outright civil war. At first, the center of this factional fighting was West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who refuses to blow up the filibuster, much to the chagrin of the progressive set. But now there is even more.

On Tuesday, darling of the far left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tore into Vice President Kamala Harris for daring to tell Central Americans not to illegally storm the US border. AOC had this to say to Harris, the sudden border hawk: “… the US spent decades contributing to regime change and destabilization in Latin America. We can’t help set someone’s house on fire and then blame them for fleeing.”

Most of the media will play down this schism. But this division is a real problem for the Democratic Party. The border is a disaster, and an issue where polling puts Biden underwater. Harris’ tough talk is meant to stop the bleeding — but that can’t happen while AOC is advocating that we erect a turnstile into Texas.

These internal disputes — Manchin’s refusal to change the rules for the sake of slamming through progressive legislation and Harris holding a shiny new stop sign at the border — have something in common. They both reveal a stark contrast between the side of the party that wants to transform almost all of America right now, and another that takes a slower, more traditional approach to political power

Biden was successful during his basement campaign in presenting himself as a traditional moderate who was open to the ideas of the far left, but willing to work with the right. That was always a dicey proposition, but hatred of Donald Trump made his voters think it could work. Now the fault lines are fracturing and the earthquake is coming. The divisions between the moderates and the progressives in the Democratic Party aren’t just troubling, they are existential.
For all the talk of the Republican split in recent months, that conflict fizzled rather quickly. The GOP caucus is unified with the exception of a handful of bloody-minded objectors who make their living on liberal cable news networks. But the Democratic civil war is real and it is spectacular.

Increasingly it appears that the days of the old-timey Joes, Biden and Manchin, are slipping away. In its stead, a new progressive faction of the party has all the zeitgeist. For vulnerable Democrats in purple 2022 districts, this could spell disaster. But the AOCs of the world don’t seem to care. They are willing to lose elections if it means winning the soul of the party.

As far as the Republicans are concerned, well, they love to see it.

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