A November surprise?

Many Americans believe that what we’re witnessing today is simply a more intense form of politics as usual: Democrats vs. Republicans. If only that were so.

Before we go down the rabbit hole—and be forewarned that’s where we’re going—let’s recall that history is riddled with conspiracies, and it’s only been since the aftermath of President Kennedy’s assassination that We the Pesky People have been warned to shut up about them. Flash forward: we now know there was a “soft” coup d’etat conducted for several years to remove duly elected President Trump. Did the plotters go on MSNBC to boast about their plans? Hardly. They hatched them in secret—as a conspiracy.

But that seditious plot is small potatoes compared to what the New World Order “elites” have worked out in their pricey secretive meetings (Bilderbergs, etc.) in swank luxury hotels. Think of it this way: these are meetings of the wolves deciding how to control, manage, plunder and, yes, devour the sheep. That’s us.

The New World Order and Weapons of Mass Destruction

What makes their dystopian agendas for us so horrific— U.N. Agenda 2030, etc.—is that they have the Frankensteinian world of high-tech at their disposal. This enables them to take their psychopathic plans to whole new levels. It’s as if they were demented teenagers who could create their own grotesque video games and then snap their fingers and bring them to life.

What am I talking about? Powerful technologies that can simulate natural disasters, such as Geo-engineering, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). With easily weaponized toys like these, the Davos elites can steer hurricanes, cause devastating flooding, set off the worst firestorms we’ve ever seen, cause tsunamis, earthquakes, and yes, pandemics.

The Torching of California

If you do a bit of research on California’s wine country fires in 2018 and 2019, you’ll discover that these fires burned magnitudes hotter than ordinary wildfires. Houses were literally vaporized, but nearby trees were left unburned. Many firemen remarked on the myriad “anomalies.” And here’s another smoking gun: after the fires were out, various governmental authorities and the media began to wonder out loud whether we should allow people to rebuild and move back into such a dangerous area—a “human interface” with wild-lands. Coincidentally, the U.N.’s Agenda 21 calls for people to be corralled in megacities, surrounded by “wildlands” that are off limits to the general public, aka The Wildlands Project. Let’s just say that our soybeans and apples aren’t the only things being engineered.

The Marxist-Globalists’ Full Court Press

I realize it’s a big stretch for many people to entertain the possibility that an apparently wacko “conspiracy theory” might be true.

But let’s keep this possibility in mind just in case we are hit by an “impactful event” such as a comet or asteroid hitting the earth on November 2nd, in time to derail the election. Remember we’re witnessing the globalist Left’s full court press. All the chips are on the table now. They’ll stop at nothing. As FDR observed, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” This is true of the faux pandemic, and of the “civil unrest” courtesy of rioting by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, largely funded by George Soros. And it’s true of the tragic financial bludgeoning of much of our working and middle class – especially small business owners who’ve seen their life’s work evaporate over a very cruel but well-financed “pandemic” psy-op.

The Why Question

Why would the richest, most powerful people on the planet want to destroy America and turn the world into a virtual prison camp? You got me. But here’s my best guess: the people who planned all this misery are sociopaths who hate seeing others happy and contented. Since they have the means and opportunity to destroy Western Civilization, and apparently nothing worthwhile going on in their lives, this is how they get their kicks. Plus they’re insatiably greedy and want to own and control, well, everything.

Remember that psychopaths/sociopaths have no conscience. They can murder and destroy with impunity. And as a number of researchers have pointed out, many of these people are Satanists or Luciferians, who engage in occult practices. Apparently, they believe in a set of pagan “Universal Laws,” one of which is a requirement to announce an event before executing it.

Predictive Programming and Telegraphing Messages

Take the movie “Contagion.” It’s basically the Hollywood version of the Covid pandemic. Yet it debuted in 2011! The elites have had pandemics on their minds for a long time. And while the film accomplishes the predictive programming they are so fond of—so we’d know we’d need to wear masks and shelter-in-place in locked-down cities—it also likely served as their declaration of intent. It seems even Satan has rules.

Which brings us to the cover of The Economist magazine from November/December, in 2018: “The World in 2019.” Partially owned by the Rothschilds, the Economist should be taken seriously. The cover of this issue featured a pangolin. A what? None other than the exotic animal that’s been touted as the Sars-Cov-2 virus-carrying intermediary between bats and human beings. Funny that this cover came out a full year before the Wuhan flu emerged. Coincidence?

How about the Economist’s “The World in 2020” cover? Anything of interest there? Unfortunately, yes. Encoded in line 11 of the clever take-off on an eye chart for 20/20 vision, is the word “asteroid.” And it just so happens that there is an asteroid hurtling around in space that is predicted to make its way to Earth on November 2nd—the day before the election! Now the few astronomers left who haven’t been shut out of their observatories due to fake Covid concerns, have reassured us that this asteroid is the size of a refrigerator. Well and good. But the Powers-That-Be own the media and, as they did with the Chinese flu, can construct their own narrative in classic psy-op fashion. Imagine hearing on CNN that the harmless little asteroid turned out to be the size of Delaware, and will cause a tsunami that will wipe out much of the Eastern Seaboard, or short-out the grid over most of flyover country. Oh yes, there’s also the word “war” on this cover, among other suggestive predictions.

Let’s consider one more feel-good cover from the Economist in June/July of this year, with the title, “The Next Catastrophe”— just the uplift we needed while the globalists continued to push their pandemic scare tactics to spoil our summer. This cover portrays a domestic scene—a family of three sitting on their sofa. But Dad is wearing a gas mask, Mom’s is off to the side, junior’s got on a military helmet, and on the wall behind them are pictures depicting a massive volcano eruption, a nuclear bomb, and…here it is again…an asteroid hitting the Earth. Oh, and the clock on the wall shows it’s a few minutes before midnight.

With their various energy and weather weapons, their virtual control of the media, and their vast power untethered to any particular nation, the globalist elites can inflict a variety of catastrophic measures on us, as they’ve done through the Wuhan flu plandemic.

What Now?

So what can we do?

We can lay bare their November asteroid plan, making it go viral on the internet, because if it is exposed, they are far less likely to see it through—if, indeed, it is their plan.

We should also suspect any calamitous occurrence that affects the election to be a false flag event. They’d like nothing better than to throw the election into chaos. But chaos also serves their need as a necessary precondition for their New World Order to slither into being.

We should, of course, vote for President Trump and elect a Republican Congress. And while we’re at it, maybe quietly buy some non-perishable food and a few extra rolls of you-know-what.

And we should pray! This is surely a battle between good and evil being fought here on earth.

By the way, there’s a new comet, named C/2020 P1 NEOWISE. According to UniverseToday, it’s “set to become a fine binocular object in late October and early November.” Let’s hope that’s all it will be.

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VIDEO: Could Trump Flip California?

The group responsible for the giant TRUMP sign on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles comes forward with a pro-Trump campaign ad and a message…PROVE THEM WRONG!


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STUDY: ‘Biden’s bet on the pandemic could be a miscalculation with swing voters who are far more preoccupied with their jobs.’

MIAMIOct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Epluribus LLC, the creators of the MOXY™ online social ecosystem released a new study showing that undecided voters have a clear perception of each party’s strengths when it comes to specific social issues. It also shows that jobs and the economy is visibly the most important issue overall and that concerns about COVID-19 are less prominent.

The study fielded one-thousand two-hundred sixty-five (1,265) respondents of eligible but undecided voters (Swing Voters) in the United States (U.S.) between September 27 and October 26, 2020.  The sample was calibrated to represent accurately the voting population with stratification by age group and ethnicity/race within each of eight key swing states – ArizonaFloridaMichiganNorth CarolinaOhioPennsylvaniaTexas and Wisconsin.  The responses were fielded online by qualified double-verified respondents to ensure accuracy.

Among twenty-two issues, which ranged widely, Respondents ranked the following five at the top, in order of importance: (1) Economy/Jobs, (2) Healthcare & Insurance Costs, (3) COVID-19/Pandemic Management, (4) Public Safety/Law & Order, (5) Lower Taxes for Middle Class.

The ranking of these issues shifted dramatically when Respondents were asked to identify which ticket (Democratic or Republican) is better-suited to address these issues. For example, when Respondents were asked to rank issues according to Biden-Harris’ ability to address them, COVID-19/Pandemic Management ranked number one out of 22 issues, whereas Trump-Pence’s ability to address this issue ranked 19th out 22 issues. And for the Trump-Pence ticket, Respondents ranked their ability to address the Stock Market first, whereas Biden-Harris’ ability to address this issue ranked 21st out of 22 issues.

Economy/Jobs received the largest number of top rankings overall when measured as both weighted average and as the most important issue on a one to five scale. Additionally, Economy/Jobs received the largest number of top rankings (five) when Respondents were asked about the Trump-Pence ticket’s ability to address key issues of importance.

According to Epluribus LLC’s founder, César M Melgoza “the most pivotal question in this general election is which ticket independents and undecided party-affiliated voters will choose. The Biden campaign’s heavy emphasis on the pandemic could be a miscalculation, especially as perceived by undecided voters and those younger voters who’ve shown some reluctance to participate. As is often the case, the economy and jobs take priority over just about any other issue and this study reveals the perception that Trump is seen as more adept at creating jobs.”

The wealth of insights gleaned from this study is tremendous and examines issues across key swing states, party affiliation and key demographic subgroups. In particular, variations among each of the eight states point to key areas of sensitivity that are localized in nature. Those interested in the underlying data tables for further study or for augmentations to the study are encouraged to inquire by emailing info@epluribus.live.

The full study is available to members of the MOXY social ecosystem which is free of charge via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as well as via the website. Non-members can access an executive summary of the report by visiting the Spotlight link in the company’s website at moxy.live.


MOXY is the trademark of Epluribus® LLC, a privately held Delaware corporate entity whose founders are U.S. citizens. It was created to bring our democratic republic into the 21st century, using technology and techniques that will help us realize the representative government intended by our forefathers who authored the Constitution. MOXY is intended only for fulltime U.S. residents 13 years of age and older. International expansion is in development in accordance with local laws and customs. We hope you enjoy using the service and welcome your feedback.

©MOXY. All rights reserved.

MINNESOTA: Trump rallies in Rochester, and thousands show up defying AG Ellison’s sabotage efforts

WATCH: President Trump rally in Minnesota.

While allowing pro-Biden rioters to burn down and loot their cities.

Minnesota’s radical Attorney General tried to sabotage President Trump’s event, in the hope that the event would be cancelled. Well that’s not the way President Trump works. Trump came to Minnesota, and thousands of his supporters were waiting for him. Trump is going to win Minnesota on November 3rd.

Trump Rallies In Rochester, With Spillover From 250 Capacity Showing Support Outside

By CBS Minnesota, October 30, 2020

President Donald Trump is getting ready to speak at the Rochester International Airport. He will speak to a crowd of about 250 supporters, but hundreds of others who couldn’t get inside were showing their support outside.

Just four days before the election, Trump supporters are hoping for four more years for the President. Some came from other states just to rally.

“We came up last night. We left around 12 and drove straight through,” Allison Meyer, of St. Louis, said.

“We’ve been following the Trump train showing up at events to support the President’s campaign,” Lola Sparks, of Colorado, said.

At one point the rally was supposed to take place at McNeilus Steel in the town of Dodge Center, but was moved to Rochester and capped at 250 people to comply with COVID-19 Guidelines. In a tweet, Trump blamed state leaders for limiting the crowd size.

“I love President Trump. I love America. I would like to keep America great and that’s why I came,” Kieran Walsh, of St. Paul.

For those not able to get inside, a Jumbotron was set up for supporters to watch the president’s speech.

“You can look at Trump’s track record. He has a phenomenal track record. His economy speaks for itself,” Cameron Dowden, of Goodhue, said. “I think the movement he’s created is phenomenal, and I think the opposition he faces is detrimental to this country.”

Tom Blondelle says he shows up at Trump rallies to promote Patriotism. He believes the President needs another term to fix Washington.

“Just because he’s a goomba and a rich guy doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the heart and soul of an American,” Blondelle said. “There weren’t just alligators in there, there were crocodiles too. And they were Democrats and Republicans. Our country is really corrupt. It’s a mess.”

The president is calling this a “MAGA Peaceful Protest.” He was in Green Bay, Wisconsin before making his way to Rochester Friday afternoon.

Biden is also stopping in Minnesota Friday. He’s holding an afternoon drive-thru event in St. Paul.


WATCH: Joe Biden Melts Down at Trump Supporters in Minnesota: ‘Ugly People’

‘I’m About To See How Alllllll You F*ckers Vote’: Pennsylvania Democrat Campaign Worker Publishes Photo Of Voter Roll

BIDEN on ???: ‘I’ll Lead An Effective Strategy to Mobilize Trunalimunumaprzure!’

Black Civil Rights Leader Rev. William Owens Endorses Donald Trump

Brett Favre ENDORSES President Trump, expected to appear with president at Green Bay rally

Michigan Red Wave Coming: Mich. Democratic Rep. Dingell ‘So many’ auto workers are choosing Trump over Biden

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The Girl Scouts Don’t Actually Support Women Anymore

The Girl Scouts of America used its Twitter account this week to tweet out congratulations to Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the first woman with school-age children to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The Girl Scouts’ Twitter post read simply: “Congratulations Amy Coney Barrett on becoming the 5th woman appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception in 1789.”

The post seemed innocuous enough, and appropriate for an organization dedicated to the betterment of girls. Unfortunately, the tweet did not last even a day.

After receiving some predictable social media retaliation, the Girl Scouts deleted their tweet and posted not one but two groveling apologies masked as explanations.

Notice the second tweet, which declares that the Girl Scouts of America is  a “nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization” and “neither red nor blue.”

This is interesting, telling even, because as most Americans should know, the Supreme Court is not a political party and a justice is not a politician, nor should he or she be actively political in that role.

In posting and abruptly deleting the tweet, which also pictured the previous four female members of the high court, the Girl Scouts created an unusual predicament: The organization revealed its own partisan nature, as the projection at play here clearly suggests.

As most people know, the Girl Scouts of America is not just a brand that sells cookies. It’s an organization that purports to help girls thrive and develop leadership skills.

The Girl Scouts’ website states:

Research shows that girls learn best in an all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environment. Girl Scouts is a place where she’ll practice different skills, explore her potential, take on leadership positions—and even feel allowed to fail, dust herself off, get up, and try again.

As good as that sounds, they’re certainly not living up to their own mission statement, or at least not on their Twitter account, which boasts nearly 100 million followers.  Again, the original post didn’t highlight only Barrett, but all of the four women previously seated on the Supreme Court. Since there’s only been five, each one is historic.

The Girl Scouts joined with gusto the swath of social media accounts that exude political and historical ignorance when the organization equated its own tepid celebration of these five women—who happen to include Barrett, a mother, a Catholic, an originalist, and a scholar in the mold of her mentor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia—with partisanship and criticism.

Surely Barrett would exemplify the adult version of the Girl Scouts’ mission statement: She is the mother of seven children—including two she and her husband adopted from Haiti—and a dedicated wife, law professor, federal judge, and now Supreme Court justice.

As far as politics goes, despite—or perhaps because of—her commitment to “originalism,” Barrett is far less partisan than progressives would paint her to be. Certainly less partisan than the leftist politicians who interrogated her proved themselves to be during her Senate confirmation hearing just a couple of weeks ago.

In fact, it was Barrett who made her own confirmation process far less political, tempering what had become a chaotic, highly partisan atmosphere brimming with accusations, conflict, and fear mongering. She exhibited a calm demeanor, a firm grasp on law, and strict boundaries wherein she adhered to the “Ginsburg Rule,” which prohibited her from indicating how she would rule on issues the Supreme Court likely might hear.

Given Barrett’s personal accomplishments, excellent jurisprudence, and unwavering commitment to professionalism under scrutiny, it’s hard to overestimate how significant of an achievement this is for her, for women, and for an entire generation of girls who may want to try to balance both a thriving career and happy family.

As the first woman on the court with school-age children, Amy Coney Barrett proves it can be done with help, patience, perseverance, and grit.

Who’s the real Amy Coney Barrett? Here’s what some of her former students and clerks have to say:

The Girl Scouts of America says it is committed to championing girls, yet as soon as it had the opportunity to applaud a woman who could be a role model to girls—and stand by the applause—the organization caved under pressure.

The Girl Scouts also lacked the chutzpah needed in this unfortunate, toxic environment to stand by the acknowledgement of four other inspirational women.

If the first rule of friendship is to stand by your girlfriend, even, and especially when, she’s criticized, then the Girl Scouts have failed.

For years, conservatives have been accused of igniting the culture wars, yet at every turn supposed cultural icons start new battles just fine on their own. Whether it’s “woke” branding, outright progressive indoctrination through commercials, or in this case, a slew of tweets gone wrong, the culture wars are getting stoked by the very people who claim to want unity.

If that’s what the Girl Scouts wanted, they not only failed to create that opportunity, but made it worse.


Nicole Russell is a contributor to The Daily Signal. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, National Review, Politico, The Washington Times, The American Spectator, and Parents Magazine. Twitter: .

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Progressives are pushing for nine “reforms” that could increase the opportunity for fraud and dissolve the integrity of constitutional elections. To counter these dangerous measures, our friends at The Heritage Foundation are proposing seven measures to protect your right to vote and ensure fair, constitutional elections.

They are offering it to readers of The Daily Signal for free today.

Get the details now when you download your free copy of, “Mandate for Leadership: Ensuring the Integrity of Our Election System.


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Joe Biden and the Democrats ‘Big Lie’ for Black America

By William Haupt III and Frances Presley Rice

“Those who must lie to make themselves look good do so because they fear the truth.”  – Sophocles

During presidential elections, the vote of Black Americans who comprise 12.6 percent of the U.S. population as of 2010 becomes a major focus, with an emphasis on the Black-majority inner-city districts since election results are reported by districts.

Statistics provided by Elizabeth Kneebone, a Metropolitan Policy Program fellow, show that only 36 percent of Black Americans live in those Back-majority inner-city districts, while 39 percent live in the suburbs and just 15 percent live in small metropolitan areas.

All the voters who live in those suburbs and small metropolitan voting districts, including the 54 percent of Backs who are prospering, are unavoidably counted as white. This happens because voting is done in secret and voters do not register by race — except in a few Southern states, such as Florida, as mandated by the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

There is no effective way to identify the Black voters who live in the suburbs and small metropolitan districts, so politicians routinely target the Black-majority inner-city districts. They seek the votes of those Black voters with a promise to fix the problems created by the failed socialist policies of the Democrats who run those impoverished districts. To avoid accountability, Democrats use emotional appeals and blame the problems they’ve created on a phantom — “systemic racism.” Democrats then throw fuel on the emotional fire by claiming that conservative Republicans are responsible for the “systemic racism.” Leftists control every major institution in America: mainstream media, academia, administrative government, Hollywood, and big tech. So, if “systemic racism” really exists, whose fault is it? Blacks who vote for socialist Democrats when they have impoverished Back-majority inner-city districts are voting against their own best interest.

If Black Americans vote with their heads instead of their emotions, they will be winners along with the rest of America.

If they give in to the leftist identity agitprop that has spieled out of press rooms and from the socialist Democrats for decades, it will do more harm to Black America than the thrashing the allies gave to the axis at Normandy on “D Day” in 1944.

The 2020 presidential election is our “D Day”. Do we want socialism or capitalism?

Census data for 2019 revealed Black American employment was the highest in U.S. history under President Donald J. Trump. America had the longest period of economic growth since WWII. Yet, when the pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019 hit America, the Democrats used it to destroy the economy, the Republican Party and President Trump. To insure a 2020 victory, they used Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and Antifa riots that resulted in a billion dollars in property damage and lost lives to make the 2020 presidential election a referendum on American racism.

All Democrat operatives needed was someone to exploit for their mission. Fearing socialist Bernie Sanders would be a tough sell, they snatched former Vice President Joe Biden out of liberal limbo. They knew Biden told fables but he was just a fill-in candidate. They rounded up a platoon of leftist actors, street thug activists, media liberals, and rich global warmer scare mongers. Their plan all along was to run a woman of color with Biden and replace him with her after Election Day.

“You’ve got to know who your adversaries are.” (Kamala Harris)

A philosopher once said: “If we don’t know our history we can’t profit from our past mistakes.” Since the left made this campaign about race, and have lied about their civil rights history for decades, Biden was the perfect candidate to continue perpetrating their erroneous claims. And while Biden makes Pinocchio look like “Honest Abe” every day he speaks, the media has refused to challenge him.

The Detroit Free Press reported: “Biden’s problem is that he has presented inconsistent images of himself at different times and places.” While campaigning in Alabama in 1973, Biden bragged of an award he had received from segregationist Democrat Governor George Wallace: “We (Delawareans) were on the South’s side in the Civil War.” Does he sound like a guy who claims he was a hero for civil rights?

When Joe Biden first ran for the oval office in 1987, he made multiple claims about marching in the Civil Rights Movement and risking his life to end segregation in Delaware and the South. He said: “When I marched in the Civil Rights Movement, I marched with tens of thousands of others in Selma and Birmingham.”

“By God, I’ve been there. I know from experience! And that’s the truth!” (Joe Biden)

Two prominent civil rights historians said Biden never marched in the Civil Rights Movement.

Joe Biden worried in 1977 that certain de-segregation policies would cause his children to grow up “in a racial jungle.”

“Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.” (Joe Biden)

Biden knew he could not win on his Senate record so he used the works of others to improve his image with voters. Biden not only fabricated a highly fraudulent civil rights portfolio, he plagiarized speeches from Britain’s Neil Kinnock, Hubert Humphrey, Robert Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy. He lied about receiving scholarships, and said he graduated in the top ten of his class in law school. Yet, he was in the bottom ten and was almost expelled for plagiarizing. He begged to be forgiven for cheating.

Six months into his campaign, Biden admitted he had “lied” and his campaign imploded. His staff had warned him to stop telling lies since it would be his Waterloo. They knew he never worked in the Civil Rights Movement; he was plagiarizing speeches and was lying about his education. But he had lied so much so often that he believed his lies himself and kept it up until he got caught.

When Biden accepted the nomination as vice president for then presidential candidate Barack Obama, you’d think this would be a watershed moment to expound on his fabled civil rights career. Wrong! He ran away from his phony civil rights resume during President Obama’s entire reign. The Democratic Party National Committee (DNC) did a biographical piece on Biden at the 2012 convention, but there was not a word about any civil rights work. When Obama gave Biden the Medal of Freedom, Obama made no reference to Biden’s phony civil rights resume.

While at a 2014 King Day event, Biden embellished his civil rights fables adding he was trained as a civil rights worker in 1960 on Sundays in the Black churches of the late Reverend Herrin and the late Pastor Maurice Moyer. But according to Delaware newspaper records, he met these revered civil rights workers years after the Civil Rights Movement. Biden continues to repeat this falsehood today.

The best source to separate Biden-fact from Biden-fiction is his autobiography, since publishers fact-check every word. Biden wrote that he was concerned about the Civil Rights Movement, but not an activist. He wrote also that he worked at a Black swimming pool in Wilmington, Delaware and felt involved in what they were feeling, but never went to a march. He conceded that he never went to Selma, or anywhere else to participate in civil rights activities.

”If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” (Joe Biden)

Preparing for his run for the presidency in 2020, Biden picked up where he left off in 1987. Since the Democratic Party has made this entire campaign about “race,” Biden again revved up his fable machine. Unlike 1987 when he was caught in multiple lies, he was confident he could say anything he wished and the media and the Democratic Party leadership would support him and never question a single lie.

Former Vice President Al Gore Jr said: “With the internet there is no excuse for ignorance.”  There are numerous videos from Biden’s first campaign through 2020 that show he fabricated his entire civil rights resume. Yet, since 1987 when he was caught lying about his academics and plagiarizing, he has been given a free pass by the liberal media. Biden lies freely every day, while Donald Trump is boiled in oil for every word he says.

“I made history. I was the only president impeached before I took office. (Donald Trump)

When Biden accepted his party’s nomination, he said: “This election is about character.” If this is true, why is Biden the nominee? Democrats have proven once again they don’t give a damn about “character”– only winning. They need Biden to embed their lies into the heads of Black America that the Democrats will continue to save Black America from the fabled “white supremacist” Republican Party.

Democrats need to play the race card to win. They’ll continue to rewrite history, so Black Americans never know the facts. Blacks will remain unaware that Republicans fought to end slavery while Democrats fought to expand it. Blacks won’t know either that, after the Civil War, Republicans amended the Constitution to grant Blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment). They won’t know that Democrats enacted the discriminatory “Jim Crow” laws.

Blacks will not know that Republicans passed civil rights laws in the 1860s, including the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867, designed to establish a new government system in the Democrat-controlled South, one that was fair to blacks. Nor will they know that after Democrats took control of Congress in 1892, they passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned civil rights legislation, including the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875.

It will remain unknown to Black Americans that it took Republicans nearly six decades to finally achieve passage of civil rights legislation in the 1950s and 1960s. Lost in history will be the fact that Republican President Dwight Eisenhower pushed to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and sent troops to Democrat-controlled Arkansas to desegregate schools.

Hidden from Blacks will be the facts that Democrat President John F. Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act while he was a senator, as did Democrat Senator Al Gore Sr. After he became president, Kennedy opposed to the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that was organized by A. Phillip Randolph, a Black Republican. President Kennedy, through his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the FBI on suspicion of being a communist in order to undermine Dr. King.

Blacks will never know that it was Republican Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois, not Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson, who pushed through the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Dirksen was instrumental to the passage of civil rights legislation in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and 1968. Dirksen wrote the language for the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Dirksen also crafted the language for the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which prohibited discrimination in housing. The chief opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act were Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore Sr. and Robert Byrd, who was an official recruiter in the Ku Klux Klan who Biden praised at his funeral.

Behind closed doors, President Johnson said:

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.  Now, we’ve got to do something about this; we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” (President Lyndon B. Johnson)

As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.

Biden and the Democrats are wrong for Black America. Census Bureau statistics show that the Black poverty rate in 2010 was 24.1 percent under Obama and Biden. Under Trump, the Black poverty rate fell to 16.1 percent in 2019 and the jobless rate fell to 5.9 percent, the lowest on record.

When Black Americans replace capitalism with socialism, they will be moved to the back of the economic bus forever.  Will we Americans — black and white — vote for Donald Trump and capitalism, or Joe Biden and socialism? A wrong decision will undo Black progress made under Trump and entrench Blacks further on the Democratic Party’s failed socialist economic plantation.

Election Day 2020 is, indeed, “D Day” for Black America. Is Joe Biden right for Black America?

On October 12, 1975, referring to the racist Alabama Democrat Governor George Wallace, Biden told the Philadelphia Enquirer:

“I think the Democratic Party could stand a liberal George Wallace; someone who’s not afraid to stand up and offend people; someone who wouldn’t pander but will say what the American people know in their gut is right.” (Joe Biden)

William Haupt III

Contributing Columnist

William Haupt III is a retired professional journalist, author, and citizen legislator in California for over 40 years. He got his start working to approve California Proposition 13.

Frances Presley Rice

Contributing Columnist

Frances Presley Rice is a retired lawyer and US Army lieutenant colonel, author and civil rights activist for over 50 years. She is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the events which shaped the lives of Black Americans. To learn more visit Black Republican.

Law Professor Predicts Trump Victory: 7 Reasons Trump Wins 2020

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. /PRNewswire/ — Victor Williams, a longtime Washington, D.C. attorney and law professor, predicts Donald J. Trump’s reelection.

In 2016, Williams was one of the few to predict Trump’s first unexpected win.

Prof. Williams states: “Trump should be graded on his historic first-term achievements for America.”

Williams offers seven reasons for predicting Trump’s 2020 victory:

    Producing Jobs, Economic Growth, Deregulation, Tax Reductions, Energy Independence, Fair Trade, and Wage Growth for All.
  2. TRUMP IS A “WARP SPEED” VIRUS FIGHTER: Closed China Travel. Produced PPE Nationwide. Balanced Temporary Lockdown with Common-Sense & Genuine Empathy; Implementing “Operation Warp Speed” to bring therapeutics and vaccines “six times faster than ever done before in mankind’s history.”
  3. TRUMP  IS A POLITICAL DISRUPTOR: Seeking Unity through Success; Winning Black & Hispanic Support; Instituting Criminal Justice Reform; and Directly Confronting China, Iran, North Korea.
  4. TRUMP IS A PEACEMAKER:  Mandating US Troop Withdrawals; Requiring Allies’ NATO Funding; Eliminating ISIS; and Brokering Middle East “Abraham Accords.”
  5. TRUMP IS A LAW ENFORCER: Supporting Police; Ending Riots; Defending ICE; Securing Borders; and Building the Wall.
  6. TRUMP IS A CONSTITUTIONALIST: Appointing Originalist Judges; Protecting Free Speech, Religious Liberties, RKBA, & Separation of Powers; and Defeating an Illegitimate Impeachment Attainder.
  7. TRUMP PRESENTS A BINARY CHOICE TO VOTERS:  A stark choice is thus presented between an energetic, innovative-businessman and a spent, shockingly self-serving, 47-year career-politician.

REMINDER: Two Constitutional Remedies for Corrupt Elections or Contested “Elector Slates.” NOTE:  Is a Trump-Harris Result Possible?

Williams warns about corruption of the initial Nov. 3rd result through dirty tricks like universal mail-in ballot dumping.

“Apart from court challenges, our Constitution provides more direct remedies for election fraud, corruption, or outright debacle.” Williams reminds about:


In Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court affirmed that – even post-election — state legislatures “can take back the power to appoint electors.” Key swing states have Republican state legislatures. Governors may not contest.


If “elector-slates” are successfully challenged in Congress on January 6th, the new House selects the President (state delegations have one vote). Trump wins with 26-plus state delegations. Less certain is the new Senate’s separate selection of a Vice-President. Will Democrats flip the Senate? A Trump-Harris result is possible. Hold the giggles, please.

Williams concludes: “All elections matter ‘bigtime’ in 2020.”


Victor Williams is 2016 Founder and Senior Counsel of “Law Professors for Trump” and is a former 2020 candidate for US Senate-Virginia.

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Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member

How brazen and unafraid of consequences. The more we expose the Biden Democrat criminal syndicate, they worse they get, because the know the Right is paralyzed to do anything.

HUGE BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member

By Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit, October 29, 2020:

The Biden Family wants America to believe that they are the typical hard working American family, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Joe Biden said his son Hunter had done “nothing but good things his whole life” per the Daily Mail in a report on Valentine’s day earlier this year:

Joe Biden on Thursday defended his son, Hunter Biden, saying he was a ‘good’ guy who ‘has done nothing but good things his whole life’ even after he was made to pay child support to a stripper he impregnated out of wedlock.

Last month, Hunter Biden agreed to pay child support to an Arkansas woman, Lunden Roberts, who was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club that he frequented.

In November, DNA testing proved Biden, 49, as the father of Roberts’ child, after she filed a paternity suit in May 2019 in Independence County, Arkansas.

Breitbart shared the following on Twitter:

On Monday it was uncovered that VP Biden and his wife colluded to suppress Hunter’s actions with a certain minor.  On Tuesday we uncovered information showing how Hunter put his family at risk for Russian Blackmail after participating in seedy actions in West Hollywood with at least one Russian woman.   On Wednesday we reported that Hunter took pictures exposing himself in the presence of a minor.  This morning we reported that Hunter was accused of “Walking Around Naked Watching Porn Masturbating and Doing Drugs” in front of a minor.

This all is on top of accusations of Hunter being involved in the Vice President’s pay-for-lay scandal around the world while the VP was in office.  No Hunter does not appear to be all the VP claimed he was.

Today we completely destroy any idea that the Biden family and Hunter Biden are All American heroes.

Hunter Biden not only was involved in depraved activities, he filmed them and took pictures of these events too and today we have evidence that he published and promoted these activities at the porn website PornHub.

Below you can see an image from Hunter’s profile at Pornhub.  Hunter established the user account RHEast where he called himself ‘Harper’.

We know this is Hunter’s account and one of the reasons is because of the screen shot below where one of his browser pages open is “Joe Biden Smiling”.

But we also are able to confirm this account with Hunter because the pictures and videos in the account are also on the Hunter Biden laptop that was recently uncovered. There are pictures of two women on top of Hunter on PornHub and these same pictures were located on his laptop.


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WAR: Van Packed With Explosives Found In Philadelphia Amid Riots And Unrest

ISLAMIC TERROR IN FRANCE: Jihadist murders three worshippers – including two who were beheaded – INSIDE Nice church + Gunman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ is shot dead by cops in Avignon + French consulate worker is stabbed in Saudi Arabia

WOW: US Economy Reports Record-breaking Growth in Third Quarter, 33.1% ⬆ GDP Growth, HIGHEST EVER

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WATCH: Life-Long Democrat, Former Hillary Voter STUNS His Own Party, Endorses Trump

African American voters are abandoning the Plantation Democrat Party in droves. In fact, President Trump could obtain at least 15 percent of the Black vote on November 3rd, which will guarantee the demise of the racist Joe Biden. That will be real racial justice.

Life-Long Democrat, Former Hillary Voter STUNS His Own Party, Endorses Trump

By Dan Bongino, October 29, 2020



Add Florida to list of swing states where early voting data favors a Trump victory

Corrupt NBC attacks Pompeo’s wife over private tours and says nothing about Biden family degenerate corruption

Miami Imam: Paris Beheading Is ‘Bogus’ Like 9/11

Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member

WATCH: ‘Ballot chaser’ boasts she got $55,000 to flip 5,000 votes for Biden

Corrupt Philadelphia DA threatens Trump over president’s call for poll watchers: ‘I’ve got something for you’

PELOSI: Biden Will Be Sworn-In as President ‘Whatever the End Count is on Election Day’

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Warner Bros Inks New Deal with Marxist Leader

Why is Marxist ideology enjoying the red-carpet treatment by big media?

While the public fights over scraps of ideas through social media wars or street protests, Marxist ideologies are being steamrolled into popular culture by big media. The question is, why?

Less than 10 years ago, those promoting this ideology were shunned not only in the political sphere but also in Hollywood. Yet in 2020, we have seen the mainstream news and entertainment quick to support — if not outright adopt — Marxist-friendly content and personalities.

In some cases, Marxist content is adopted through the premise of race or social issues. In other cases, it comes with the denial that Antifa is more than an idea — and a violent one at that.

However, whether it is done to survive a culture war, cancellation or otherwise avoid risking the wrath of consumer groups, media outlets are rolling out the red carpet for Marxist ideology, albeit reshaped itself to appear palatable for the 21st century audience.

We saw the same with Islamism, which went from leaning on religious supremacy to marking itself as a vulnerable minority group at risk of oppression.

The latest promotion of this ideology comes courtesy of Warner Bros TV, which just signed a deal with the self-proclaimed “trained Marxist” Patrisse Cullors. In 2013, Cullors co-founded Black Lives Matter (BLM). In 2015, Cullors confirmed in an interview that she is a “trained Marxist.”

The proposed show follows a trend of big media contributing to the psychological unraveling of shared codes of law and social norms, which (whether intended or not) soften the public to accept an alternate ideology.

For example, the new Amazon show White Slaves reverses racial discrimination while openly relishing in ideological vulgarity and human depravity. Another Amazon show, The Boys, posits a world where heroes are subverted by rogue vigilantes desperate for justice taking their place.

These shows are not so different from the real world where terrorists like the Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are featured on the cover of The Rolling Stone magazine; Islamists and antisemites like Linda Sarsour, who invoke the language of resistance to justify their agenda, are feted by universities and others; and newspapers of record like The New York Times devotes thousands of column inches to arguments against the right to free speech.

Clarion recently explored how the media is becoming a social contagion for radicalization, meaning that repeat exposure to an idea activates absorption and acceptance.

In addition, we explored how all of these trends may be part of a push toward cultural hegemony. Whether or not we label this cultural Marxism can be debated. However, what cannot be debated is the fact that Marxism has always sought to gain control of the “organs of culture” including newspapers, magazines, media and so forth.

The question remains: Are what we are seeing by these industries an attempt to appease a consumer base and stay viable in a culture that has become dependent on virtue signaling as a means of marketing, or is it coming from a real ideological agenda?


Shireen Qudosi


New Gov’t Report About Foreign Funding Confirms Nat’l Security Issue

The Mindset of the Jihadist

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Help Gain Justice for Survivor Bekah Charleston! Stop Sexual Exploitation Now!

Bekah Charleston is a survivor.


The youngest of six children, she grew up in a loving home in Keller, Texas. Her parents have been married for 57 years. As a little girl, Bekah loved soccer, school, and cheerleading, and looked forward to going to church every week with her family.

But it took just one horrible event to turn her idyllic childhood into a living nightmare.

At just 14 years old, Bekah was raped, shattering her innocence and her life. Feeling immense shame and fear, she refused to tell anyone, including her loving family, about what happened. Like many survivors of sexual assault, she blamed herself for the crime that was committed against her.

Alone and afraid, she turned to drugs and acting out in various ways to cope with the trauma from what she had experienced. Three years later, at the age of 17, she ran away from her family and loving home, exchanging that secure environment for the harsh life of a new home on the streets.

It was there where she thought she met her rescuer — her “knight in shining armor.”

Her “knight” was an aspiring magician in his twenties. At least that was the story he told Bekah. He promised to take care of her. Being young, vulnerable, and afraid, Bekah fell for all his lies.

First, he became her boyfriend. Then, he started to incrementally establish absolute control over every aspect of her life. Bekah moved in with him and was quickly introduced to a vicious cycle of copious drug consumption, including hallucinogens, which turned her life into a confused blur.

The drug use was followed by punching, kicking, and beatings. Sadly, as is similar with many victims of abuse, Bekah felt he loved her. Instead, he only saw her as a product to be sold, bought, and consumed.

Her rescuer, her “knight in shining armor” was, in reality, a trafficker who took her across state lines to Nevada, where the state’s practice of legalized prostitution allows sex trafficking to be openly practiced, resulting in Bekah’s abuse escalating even further. Her trafficker then moved her to Las Vegas, placing her in one of Nevada’s most “famous” legal brothels where she was held as a virtual captive. Bekah was not allowed to turn down any sex buyer for fear of being kicked out and beaten by her trafficker who also received all the money she was paid for providing sex.

For ten years, Bekah endured this sexual servitude until her real rescuers came in the form of a church, along with federal authorities, who helped Bekah escape her living nightmare. While   now free from her forced imprisonment, she remained terrified of her trafficker who still threatened to kill her.

Although Bekah will struggle with a lifetime of triggers and emotional scars from the complex trauma, indescribable violence, and sexual abuse she endured, she is a woman of great courage. She now leads national efforts to prevent other young women from experiencing the very type of exploitation she suffered as well as helping women escape these abusive situations.

With the backing of the NCOSE Law Center, Bekah is going to court and asking that the state of Nevada be held accountable under the law. The NCOSE Law Center filed a suit on her behalf and one other survivor to sue Nevada for creating, promoting, and advertising the environment that made her abuse possible — an environment that made the state not only a magnet for trafficked women but also a jackpot for those who profit from sexual exploitation. Bekah says in a powerful video:

Forty-eight years ago, prostitution was legalized in Nevada. It was a social experiment. That experiment has failed. Women and children have paid the price. Nevada has the largest sex trade (illegal and legal) of any state in the country. Sixty-three percent higher than the next highest state. Nevada ranks in the top 10 for trafficked and exploited youth. It’s time to end prostitution and trafficking in Nevada.

NCOSE could not agree more. Just like you, we cannot hear stories like Bekah’s and do nothing. We must stop this gross abuse and exploitation of vulnerable young women like her. It is her story, and the tragic stories of all the women who have been trafficked and exploited in the Silver State, that led NCOSE to name Nevada to our annual Dirty Dozen List last year.

These stories also shed light on the patterns and realities of human trafficking and show why we must act now to stop more tragedies before they occur.

That is why I am writing you today. Will you join with the NCOSE Law Center to hold the state of Nevada accountable and protect innocent young women from the horrors of the state’s sanctioned sex trafficking?

But if we are to be successful in stopping the exploitation of young women like Bekah, and all the others who have fallen or could fall prey to being sex trafficked, we need the necessary resources to file these lawsuits and win. Those resources are your generosity, passion, and partnership. Equipped with these resources, we are confident that we can defeat the powerful forces the commercial sex industry, including Nevada’s legal brothel system, with its deep pockets and long-held traditions, has its disposal.

Bekah’s story also serves to highlight another key part of this exploitation — one that is often overlooked by the media and others concerned with human trafficking — the intersection of trafficking and prostitution.

The simple answer to stopping trafficking is this: without the men looking to buy women in prostitution (the demand), there would not be a need for traffickers to supply victims.

We are at a critical time. Occasionally, we are faced with landmark opportunities that have the potential to change the world. This is one of them.

We can strike at the heart of so much needless sexual exploitation and suffering by making an aggressive strike against one of the hotbeds of this endless and tragic sexual demand. Nevada’s sex tourism industry has created an unquenchable demand, one that requires more and younger women each year to satisfy the ravenous hunger of commercial sex buyers. Many young women, like Bekah and the other plaintiff in this case, have been or are being brought across Nevada state line against their will, all to satisfy this demand.

©National Center for Sexual Exploitation. All rights reserved.


1619: A Date for Disunity

Nicole Hannah-Jones chose the year 1619 for when African slaves were first brought to this country. Many leading historians say this is a false narrative, a version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, yet we are told to reevaluate our supposed racist past and accept the destruction of our values, history, laws, statuary, institutions, and terminology/names.  This is the cancel culture that has overtaken more than 3,500 classrooms across our country, a globalist war being waged against America to destroy America.  To paraphrase a Soviet joke, “We know the future, but it is the past that must be changed.”

I was pleased to be invited to a virtual meeting of the Ohio State Board of Education in early October, to give testimony about the implementation in Ohio schools of The 1619 Project, the reframing of America’s history on slavery.  I prepared the requisite five-minute speech to include the Common Core Standards because they prepared the foundation for destroying our culture and morality.  From the beginning, the children have been divided into groups or tribes, each taught to feel victimized by the others, humiliated, intimidated, and to loathe our country.  With each new idea, they are encouraged to disregard our laws, accept our disintegration, and do the bidding of our leftist enemy.  The Common Core became the propellant for any replacement narrative, and it was all intentional.

The preparation begins as early as Kindergarten, when the very young are prevented from connecting with best friends, inhibiting their natural desire to bond with their peers and, later, with spouses.  The inability to share mutual comfort and security leads to the destruction of family and the tyrannical population control, loneliness and isolation that evolves into a fused ideological group, a group-think mentality dominated by a principle rather than by healthy alliances.  They are made aggressive and destructive, the perfect dupes for conducting today’s riots, a militia-in-waiting to enforce tomorrow’s global socialism.

Keeping children on computers for most of the day has them bonding with “hard objects,” and indoctrinated with academia’s agenda.  Deprived of opportunities to be sociable and conversant, they are unable to think, analyze, and debate – incapable of individual thought.  Interestingly, Islamic jihadis bond with “hard objects” (weapons), rather than with people.

To further demolish our culture, students as young as age four are being sexualized with in-class lessons of masturbation, and exposed to extremely pornographic information.  Syntero, Inc., a self-defined counseling group supported by our tax dollars, is described by Ohio Value Voters as “deeply disturbing, dangerous, even possibly criminal.”  They report that Syntero introduces children to perversions of homosexuality and sex changes, and appears to be “grooming children for the sex trade.”   Deborah DeGroff’s book, Between the Covers, documents the extraordinarily foul language and sexually explicit situations in children’s literature.  My own book, Confronting the Deception, reveals the manipulation and indoctrination of children for political purpose.

Academics shame boys for “toxic masculinity” and coach girls that the boys are robbing them of career opportunities, intruding into girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms, and winning their trophies on sports teams.  The boys are shamed with feelings of guilt, disgrace, and lost esteem – mind control and exploitation for outright group adherence.

Accusations of “white supremacy” contribute to willing subservience and acceptance of the 1619 narrative, their undermining and emasculation, the hard evidence being a dramatic drop in testosterone levels.  Unable to overcome the constant barrage of denigration, they are engineered into resenting society’s alpha males, and made unsuitable for military and police forces.  Confused and frustrated, they develop a penchant for property demolition and wanton theft, and harming – even killing – those who think differently, whether neighbors or law enforcement.  Socialism demands a disrespect for personal property.  Those who do not lash out this way but still cannot cope with society may become fearful, seek safe spaces, fail in the classroom and escape to drugs and more.  The suicide rate has doubled for boys, tripled for girls.

Multiculturalism is socialism repackaged – the division and victimization of everyone.  Of course, we accept differences in ethnicity, religion, and race, but our culture must be exclusively American in America, governed by American laws.  The children must have a sense of commonality and acceptance, yet white children are made to feel guilty of crimes they did not commit, and children of color are made to feel abused and stateless, a sense of not belonging anywhere. The 1619 Project divides further, the result being that our social cohesion is being ripped to shreds. 

Using race as justification, our children are deprived of reading the classics by “old white men,” which is foundational to improving language skills, reading comprehension, and imagination.
They are reading dystopian stories.  With every new opportunity to wallow in a victimized past, they are consequently robbed of future success in the adult world.  Twenty percent of high school graduates haven’t the basic reading proficiency by graduation.  The average American reads at the 7th– to 8th– grade levels; 4% are nonliterate.

Disguised as a compassionate accommodation, academia is launching a program for children of color that will actually diminish their language skills, keep them unqualified and unsuitable for better employment and success, fulfilling the claims of systemic racism.  This will further disunite and divide them, impede communication between the races and other nationalities, isolate them further and harm them psychologically.  These are American children who must share the same culture and language.  Instead of falsely adjusting grades, teachers must improve their own skills to fulfill their obligations, perhaps through music, returning them to the classics, and inviting parents and neighbors to participate.  Already experiencing ostracism, some children of color are demanding separate dormitories – a very destructive, self-imposed apartheid.

The overall results of this education, further exacerbated by The 1619 Project, have been disappointment, anxiety, depression, increased sexual activity, anger and violence.   They are trained to disrespect the family, their neighbors, their country, and property; they also disrespect themselves.  This is truly devastating.

Against this background, we now have Nicole Hannah-Jones, described as a Marxist-trained, rabid racist, responsible for the implementation of The 1619 Project. She alleges that she does not seek to erase the Declaration of Independence and our constitutional republic, but her followers are further along in their thinking.  The year 1619 is purported to be when the first African slaves were brought here through the Muslim slave trade, but slavery has been humanity’s established institution as far back as 3500 BCE and based primarily on armed conflicts with populations that were vulnerable because of weakness or contiguity.

A nation’s birth is not established because of mere residency or migration – not for the Paleo-Indians who arrived during the last Ice Age, not for the Vikings who came around 985, not for the Portuguese Jews who arrived in 1542, not for the Filipinos who arrived in 1587, not for the Chinese who arrived in the 1850s, and so on.  Rather, our founding fathers created this nation for the good of all, with groundwork that allowed for advancement, and when our laws were declared, agreed, signed, and instituted.  That was 1776.

Hannah-Jones’s imaginative document, eagerly published by The New York Times, awakened the enemies of our treasured freedoms.  It built upon the already existing victimization, violated our laws, and unleashed unbridled crime that resulted in explosive behavior heretofore unseen in America.  It gave the green light to BLM (Black Lives Matter) Marxists/communists, the globalists, Antifa fascists, neo-Nazis, Islamists, and the underinformed group-thinkers, to riot against America, setting fires, causing property destruction in the billions of dollars, harming our police forces.

Instead of learning respect for and allegiance to America and their fellow Americans, children are repeatedly assaulted with negativity, and The 1619 Project belittles the white students with charges of racism, while angering the students of color for what their ancestors may have endured – without explaining that slavery is human history – and based on proximity, weakness, color, religions, wealth, and the ideology of expansionism.  Contrary to the narrative, there are many paintings that verify the Arab enslavement of white women, but this aspect of slavery is not discussed.

Despite all the hardships, opposition, adjustment difficulties encountered by the many new migrant groups by an unwelcoming society, we reject the accusations of “systemic racism.”  Our laws guarantee the freedoms decreed in 1776.  Rather than dwell on the negativity that greatly harms our children, it is best to celebrate the hope and beauty that is America.  The American Dream is alive and well for 41% of Americans, and another 41% who believe they are on their way.

Project 1619 teaches disrespect and hate for America.  Our youth are not only burning flags and destroying statuary that represents American history, but they are now advocating the elimination of the Star-Spangled Banner and changing cities named for the figures we have revered historically.  They will not thrive in their adulthood with this concentration on misery.  They cannot be expected to read, learn, study, and excel in anything if their minds are riveted on victimization, false social justice issues and the unproven climate change hoax. The emphasis on resentment emerges as violence because they are robbed of a decent education, creativity, and other means of expression.

When I completed my five-minute talk, one person asked how I would reverse the damages I cited.  I suggested that we must remove Common Core, the divisiveness and discord, and propagandist textbooks, and return to pre-Obama days, when the children aligned with each other, their school, their state, their country – E Pluribus Unum.  Another member said he hoped people listened and heeded what I had to say.  Nevertheless, within a brief time, another invitee was asked to testify, and I felt as though I had not been challenged sufficiently.  Was I inadequate?  Had I not inspired more questions?

By three o’clock in the morning, I awoke with a realization that the Board members did not challenge me because they were aware and in accord with the points I had made.  These teachers and educationalists did not challenge my accusations because they knew these ills abounded, but they were doing nothing.  I concluded that academia is very aware, but that the teaching staff is obliged to comply with the leftist Board of Education.  Their job is to agree and follow their instructions.

If the parents will not rise in opposition, their children – and our country – will fall.

©Tabitha Korol. All rights reserved.

New Campaign by National Police Support Fund to Reach 800,000 Supporters

ALEXANDRIA, Va.Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With just a few weeks to go until the election, the National Police Support Fund is launching a new effort to make sure that everyone who wants to support police can cast their ballot this fall.

National Police Support Fund is contacting more than 800,000 supporters across the U.S. to urge them to get to the polls on November 3, or vote early if voting in-person is not an option. The goal of the campaign is to encourage as many people as possible to show their support for police and politicians who are committed to upholding and defending the rule of law.

“While we knew that this would be an extremely important election year, we have also faced many unprecedented political and social events this year,” said Executive Director Simon Lewis. “Police officers have been on the front lines in the midst of a global pandemic, been attacked and assaulted both on and off duty, and are currently facing riots and calls from activists to dismantle their departments.”

“With only a few weeks before the election, it is more important than ever to activate our pro-police supporters across the country,” continued Mr. Lewis. “National Police Support Fund will be engaging and activating hundreds of thousands of pro-police citizens in the coming weeks before the election on November 3rd.”

National Police Support Fund is a national political organization that brings together Americans from all walks of life united under the banner of respect and support of our nation’s law enforcement officers. National Police Support Fund is committed to promoting the interests and well-being of American police officers within the public policy process through grassroots political action. This grassroots movement is driven by everyday Americans who believe in supporting the rule of law and honoring the police officers who uphold and enforce it everyday.


National Police Support Fund is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. Contributions made to National Police Support Fund are not tax-deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

©National Police Support Fund. All rights reserved.

As Florida Goes, So Goes the Country

It’s time for me to announce my prediction for the 2020 presidential election.

I was right on the money in 2016 and in 2018 for the mid-term elections, and I did it without the aid of the polls which, as I discovered, are totally useless. Instead, I rely on the voting data received from the Florida Board of Elections which routinely updates their numbers, thereby providing me with the means to study trends. Let me show you how I did it.

Before I begin, please remember in 2016 the Republicans won in Florida under the category of Vote-by-Mail (aka, “Absentee”), the Democrats won the Early-Voting, and the Republicans won the Election Day votes. Things didn’t work out quite this way in 2020, which I will explain, but suffice it to say more people will have voted in all three categories in Florida this year than in 2016 (which also set a record at the time).

In 2020, the Democrats started well by running away with the Vote-by-Mail ballots. In fact, this was their preferred voting venue. Two reasons for this, first; the Democrats had an aggressive campaign to get people to vote by mail, and second; Republicans were scared their ballot would be lost or misappropriated and, as such, opted to vote in person instead. Nonetheless, the Democrats built an early lead based on the Vote-by-Mail ballots which became difficult for the Republicans to overcome.

Early-Voting started one week later and lasted two weeks (it will close this Sunday). The Republicans seized on this and never relinquished the lead in this category. In the Tampa Bay metro area alone, all of the counties were dominated by the Republicans, including Hillsborough, a Democrat stronghold. Then, slowly but surely, the Republicans took control of the total votes. As we approach election day next week, the Republicans will find themselves in the lead, and will likely turn out in record numbers on election day (as they have done historically). In contrast, the Democrats voted early through Vote-by-Mail. Prior to election day, well over 50% of the registered Democrats had voted. Normally, only 66% of registered Democrats vote overall, but even if they get to the 70% or 75% plateau on election day, it will not be enough to stop the Republican tsunami at the voting booth. As an aside, 75% of registered Republicans typically vote in a presidential election, but I suspect this number will go higher this year.

One other note worth mentioning, independent voters also flexed their muscle in Florida’s elections, setting another voting record. In 2016, Independents helped carry Mr. Trump across the finish line. I cannot help but believe they will do likewise in 2020 as many are disturbed by the violence and mayhem in Democrat controlled cities. Even if it is a 50/50 split, it will be good for Republicans.

Click HERE for my spreadsheet showing Florida/Tampa Bay voting data.

In the final analysis, unless there is some massive voter fraud, President Donald Trump is going to win re-election. From the data I have seen, he will win Florida handily, and as Florida goes, so goes the country (as evidenced by the 2016 election).

The key to all of this is the enthusiasm of the voters, pitting the Silent Majority against the “Haters.” I say the “Haters” as I do not truly believe they embrace their candidate, former VP Joe Biden, as much as they hate President Trump. In contrast, the Silent Majority is a movement of people who openly support the president and demonstrated in his favor at numerous Flag rallies, Automobile rallies, and Boat rallies, the largest of which was over 2,000 in nearby Clearwater, Florida, thereby setting a world record. This was all done at the grassroots level by volunteers. Here in Florida, there were some occasional flag rallies for Mr. Biden, but I learned many people were paid to wave Biden signs and flags, just the antithesis of the Trump supporters. This is when I knew President Trump was going to win as he possessed the true support of the people.

I also call the Biden supporters “Haters” as I have personally seen members of their group yell and scream obscenities at Trump supporters unprovoked. It is crude and offensive to a lot of people, particularly children. Unfortunately, I witnessed this too many times. The Democrats like to portray President Trump as the “Divider-in-Chief,” but in reality, it is their own party imbued in hate. They are simply classless.

I also find it disturbing to see so many Trump signs and flags defaced or stolen. When was the last time you saw a Biden sign stolen? No, I cannot think of an instance either. Unfortunately, the “Haters” believe this is morally acceptable to do.

We also see signs of the Silent Majority at Trump Rallies featuring the president, where thousands of people attend and cling to his words. Contrast this to the few Biden Rallies which are sparsely attended.

As in 2016, the polls were dead wrong. Once again they will be embarrassed by the elections. How can anyone take them seriously? I, for one, do not, which is why I rely on actual voter data instead. The numbers I use are real. The numbers the polls use are fake and produce fallacious results. Further, the Main Stream Media will also suffer another black eye in terms of credibility as they have obviously become nothing more than shills for the DNC.

Bottom-line: Just as in 2016, the Democrats will be crying come election night.

As an aside, just because I can confidently call the race here doesn’t mean the race is over. Instead, I encourage everyone to get out the vote, regardless of your political persuasion.

Finally, let me be the first to say, “Congratulations President Trump.”

Keep the Faith!

P.S. – Also, I have a NEW book, “Before You Vote: Know How Your Government Works”, What American youth should know about government, available in Printed, PDF and eBook form. This is the perfect gift for youth!


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White House Official Alyssa Farah Reflects on Key Moments of Trump Presidency

Alyssa Farah, the White House’s strategic communications director, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss President Donald Trump’s leadership over the past four years and share some of her experiences working closely with him.

She is proud to serve alongside the commander in chief, Farah says, because she knows that “every day, President Trump gets up and says, ‘What can I do to better this country and serve the American people?’”

We also cover these stories:

  • Trump’s political opponents call for new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett to recuse herself from cases related to the 2020 election.
  • Rioters injure 30 police officers in Philadelphia after the fatal shooting by police of Walter Wallace, a 27-year-old black man.
  • Activists on the left pressure Democrats to expand the Supreme Court.

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Virginia Allen: I am joined by White House Strategic Communications Director Alyssa Farah. Alyssa, welcome to “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

Alyssa Farah: Great to be with you. Thanks so much for having me.

Allen: So, Alyssa, President Donald Trump came into office with a bold plan to strengthen America’s economy and cut taxes for all Americans, and of course, COVID-19 has had a major impact on our economy, and we’re going to talk a little bit more about the virus in just a minute, but up until March of this year, explain what economic development we saw under the Trump administration.

Farah: Yeah, that’s a great question. So, under President Trump, we saw the hottest economy in modern history, and it was a result of a deregulatory agenda, the tax cuts that he and Republicans still helped usher through, as well as just looking at the economy from a free-market perspective, where we’re eliminating barriers to business to be able to do their work.

And so, we were in a position where virtually every people group was seeing some of the record low unemployment. So, women, African-Americans, Hispanics, record low unemployment. College educated, non-college educated, because of this inclusive economy and diverse economy that was created by this president.

It was also diverse in terms of the industries that were thriving. So, the previous administration, President [Barack] Obama famously said, “You have to wave a wand to bring back manufacturing,” meaning manufacturing in the U.S. is dead. It’s an outdated industry.

But, in fact, it thrived under President Trump’s leadership. And of course, as you noted, in February of this year, the virus came into the country, and that changed, sort of, our trajectory. We had to pause and artificially shut down the economy for a period, but what we did … saved countless lives, and that’s always first and foremost the most important thing, but then secondarily, we took steps to ensure that once we got the economy back open, which we’re doing now, we’re in a position to trend toward growth.

Allen: Well, and the president, he did say that that was one of the hardest decisions that he’s ever had to make, was that decision to close part of the U.S. economy because of the pandemic. 

So, what is it going to take in order for America to return to the place of economic prosperity that we did find ourselves in before the pandemic?

Farah: Yeah, that’s a great question. Absolutely, it was a very tough decision to make. The president was faced with the facts of, look, doing a temporary lockdown. We hate to use that word, but it is what we did, could save American lives. And with that, he knew that was the right decision to make. But as we put in place the guidelines for reopening America, which gave state and local authorities sort of provisions to follow to be able to safely open industries, schools, medical facilities, et cetera, we’ve started moving toward reopen.

And frankly, a lot of our country is not fully reopened yet. This is something the president regularly notes. Pennsylvania, Michigan, for example, are not fully reopened. So, a lot of the economic national numbers we’re seeing will reflect that. So, we are really hoping to get to a place where we can safely get people back into the workforce.

If we’re doing the mitigation tactics with COVID, if we’re wearing masks, we’re socially distancing, we’re following hygiene protocols, we believe that we should get our country fully reopened and help just stimulate this economy.

I mean, millions of Americans who were impacted by the virus were also impacted by loss of wages, loss of work, or kids out of school. That requires a parent to stay home and not be working because they have to be home with the child. It’s really kind of an unprecedented crisis that our country found itself in.

But because of the president’s leadership, he’s put us on a trajectory where our country is close to fully reopened. We are rounding the corner on the virus, and we’re hoping that, first quarter of next year, will really be a record one in terms of growth, and in terms of low unemployment for Americans.

Allen: If you would just take us inside the walls of the White House for a moment. President Trump has had to make some really challenging decisions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. What has it been like to be working in the administration during this time?

Farah: Yeah, absolutely. So, to me, one of the most notable moments of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., and the most significant in terms of the president’s leadership, was the early decision to stop travel from China.

So, at that time, I was actually serving in a different role in the administration. I was the Pentagon press secretary. And I remember when we got the notice from the White House that we would be stopping all travel from China, except repatriating U.S. citizens.

People were shocked, four-star generals who have served for decades, because it’s really unprecedented for America to do this. But the president took this decisive action when confronted with the potential loss of life and acted without hesitation.

I genuinely can’t think of another living politician who would have been as decisive on such a life-saving matter as that decision.

But then, moving forward, as you know, we then moved on to stopping some travel from Europe and to putting in place the 15 days to slow the spread, then the 30 days, and a widespread public health awareness campaign to help stop the spread of the virus.

I came over here to serve at the White House, and what I can tell you is the president’s sort of businessman ingenuity and enterprise that he thinks through, that lens that he thinks through, is key toward getting our country to where it is now, but to an even better place, looking forward.

So, what I mean by that, for example, [is] we set up Operation Warp Speed early on in the virus. So, what that does is, it basically has the military, the private sector, and our public health officials work together in coordination to safely develop an effective vaccine, and then work with the military to be able to mass-distribute it once we reach one.

So, in the coming weeks, we’re optimistic we may have a safe and effective vaccine ready for market. And because of the efforts of Operation Warp Speed, we’ll be able to almost immediately deploy it to about 50 million Americans. And by early January, likely to 100 million and so on in the month ahead after that.

So, that’s a tremendous, just forward-looking sort of unique to Donald Trump way of addressing something like this, that I worry previous, more bureaucratic administrations wouldn’t have had that forethought, the idea that we should work with the private sector.

So, listen, the country is still in the midst of the pandemic. We can’t get complacent. We still have to follow protocols, but we are, I can say this, we are in the best place to date to treat people who are affected by it through therapeutics, and soon we’ll be in a place where the majority of the population, especially the most vulnerable, can be vaccinated.

Allen: Well, so, thank you. That’s great. I want to shift gears just for a moment and talk a little bit about an issue that we have all been watching unfold in the news over the past couple of weeks, and that is now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett. And we all saw on Monday night that she was sworn in to become the third Supreme Court justice to be confirmed under President Trump’s leadership. 

What principles have governed Trump’s decision on his picks?

Farah: That’s a great question, and we were all thrilled last night to witness history at the White House, seeing the swearing in of now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett by Justice Clarence Thomas, a hero to many conservatives like myself, both heroes to conservatives like myself, and also kind of a reflection of how the court in many ways is best representative of the American public, as it ever has been.

Having an African-American man swearing in a female jurist, it just shows that sort of diversity and forward-looking nature that we like to see.

But as far as the president’s governing philosophy for justice is, a big part of this president’s first-term legacy will be that he really reshaped the judiciary for years to come, having appointed nearly 300 federal judicial appointments, as well as three Supreme Court justices.

He is looking for originalist, textualist jurists, who will be independent, who will interpret the law as written and not legislate from the bench. And I think that’s reflected in the three picks he’s made so far to the Supreme Court. Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh, Justice [Neil] Gorsuch, and now Justice Coney Barrett.

And it’s actually very contrasted with the Democrats, who are now coming out, saying we need to stack the court, that they want to fill seats on the court and add additional seats because they don’t agree with policy positions they perceive Justice Barrett to have.

But the president sees it as jurists are independent. They’re not policymakers. They are meant to interpret the law as written and to uphold the Constitution. It really is the left who sees judges as almost an extension of the legislative branch, and this president has been committed to countering that.

It’s not what our Founders intended. It’s not what the courts should be. There’s a reason they’re separate but equal branches. And that’s reflected across the board in the judicial appointments he’s made.

Allen: Let’s chat just for a moment about the president’s foreign policy. For so many years, we saw presidents say that they would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and no president ever did until President Trump. 

So, what process did the president go through in order to finally move that embassy?

Farah: That’s really a highlight of the President’s foreign policy, because it’s following through not just on a promise he made to the American people, but a decades-long promise that previous politicians had made to our Israeli allies. And what it shows is our commitment to the Israeli people, to the state of Israel, and to that unwavering alliance that we have.

For him, it wasn’t really a tough decision to be made. Something that he’s joked, and he said this publicly before is, he immediately saw when coming into office and started discussing making that move that he’d hear from other leaders saying, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, you can’t do this. This is going to bother certain players on the world stage. This isn’t worth the risk. Don’t do it.”

And the president joked that he just didn’t return those calls for a bit while he made the decision, because he was committed to following through on the promise that he made and doing what he thought was right by our ally.

And as you’ve seen since then, we’ve had three different nations who have not previously had diplomatic relations with Israel come forward striking peace deals with Israel, and fully restoring political and diplomatic relationships. So, that’s the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and then most recently Sudan.

So, we actually show that that bold decision shifted some countries in the Middle East into coming more into the fold.

Allen: Alyssa, before we let you go, I just want to ask. Very few individuals in America ever have the opportunity that you do to work so closely with a U.S. President. What do you enjoy most about working with President Trump, and what have you learned about him?

Farah: That’s an excellent question. So, President Trump is one of the most thoughtful, kind, and compassionate people that I’ve had just the honor of knowing. The President Trump that you [see] publicly isn’t much different than who you see privately, though I will say this: Oftentimes, the big crowd, storytelling President Trump doesn’t always mirror the private Trump.

When I’m in a room with him, he asks about me. He asks my opinion. He’ll survey the room and want to know what everyone thinks. And then he’ll take the best different opinions that he heard, and then formulate what his position is going to be on something.

In moments, he’s a quiet listener and leader, but then when the situation requires that, he’s bold and he’s forward-looking.

He’s a fascinating individual. Something that I’m always reminded of is it really is the 1% of the 1% that rises to this position throughout our history. And there are people who are truly passionate about our country, who love our country, and I know that every day, President Trump gets up and says, “What can I do to better this country and serve the American people?”

And I’m extremely proud to work for him.

Allen: Alyssa, thank you so much. We just really appreciate your time, and you coming on the show today.

FARAH: Absolutely. Thanks so much. Happy to do it.


Virginia Allen

Virginia Allen is a news producer for The Daily Signal. She is the co-host of The Daily Signal Podcast and Problematic Women. Send an email to Virginia. Twitter: @Virginia_Allen5.


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