Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton – Both Deviants!

“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The evidence that Prince Andrew is deeply embroiled in a pedophilic ring along with the disgraced and gladly now dead kingpin Jeffrey Epstein and his as guilty mistress Ghislaine Maxwell, is clear.

No Royal connections will or should prevent this greatly privileged pervert from receiving his just deserts. He needs to be fully investigated with no holds barred and as evidence is found, criminal charges should be filed. Here and also in any other country he committed those crimes. Prison time must be the result. No stone must be left unturned.

The Queen has made a decision yesterday that sets the stage. She did the right thing – albeit a little slow but rather late than never.

She stripped him of all his military and royal titles but unfortunately cleared him still to undertake any public commitments. I hope that any citizens that were planning on attending those functions either stay away as a protest or actually protest them with signage and/or block out his words and speeches by shouting out and requesting justice for the young women he took advantage of and destroyed their lives.

Two days ago a US Judge refused his request to dismiss a lawsuit against this Pervy Prince by an American woman who claims she was sexually abused at the age of 17. Pictures and evidence abounds including photographs of this sicko with his arms around this young girl.

Not to be outdone by the British pervert we have our own former President Bill Clinton, another known philandering piece of human excrement, who was known to fly in the Lolita Express, Jeffrey Epsteins flying brothel which was stocked with young girls as well as food and drink!!

There appears to be ample evidence that this lowlife who disgraced the highest office in the land, lied and cheated, flew to Epsteins private island several times, with and without security, where partying with underaged girls, many sourced by Ghislaine Maxwell, and illegal activities were partaken in by these rich and powerful men. There are flight manifests that will prove this. Why in Gods name is it not being investigated? You know if it were Trump or DeSantis involved, all hell would have broken out.

It seems like the last three Democrat presidents were, let’s say, sexually confused. We had Clinton who was a serial womanizer with a penchant for young girls, Hussein Obama was seriously testosterone challenged and the stories of his gay exploits abound, then you have old demented Sniffer Joe who seems to have a hair sniffing fetish!! Hmmm …. More proof that liberalism is a mental disease?

Perverts are perverts. Pedophiles are pedophiles. Both are wrong but the latter probably the worse of the worse. If I had my way they would all be strung up but unfortunately we live in a kinder gentler world. One where the insane extremists, and some not so extreme left, are trying so hard to convince our kids and youth that known perversions are just life choices and perfectly acceptable. The whole LGBTQI ( any other letters I missed? ) is a shining example of this. Wokism.

It is time not only to retake America and return it to its rightful position as the shining light on the hill by which all countries could follow our examples of work and moral codes, of freedoms and liberties, of strength and justice. All aspects our Founding Fathers gave us from the very founding of this once great nation.

It’s time to bring down the rich and powerful world criminals and their evil organizations who feel they can get away with anything and everything because of their wealth, power, position and friends. It is time to fill our SuperMax prisons and if needed build more and fill them with traitors and criminals and perverts who have been working to destroy our beloved Constitutional Republic. Order more of the execution drugs!

You know who they are. The enemy within is our greatest threat and our elected officials fill many of those categories. The Oath Breakers. Destroy them.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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