The Framing of Patriot Elmer Stewart Rhodes III

The Democrats who stole the 2020 election and put in power a mentally challenged and unstable president, whose reputation as a pervert, crime boss and American traitor came with him, have had a bad year. The extreme left of the party has taken control and has continuously helped destroy any vestiges of decency that political party ever had.

To hide and distract citizens from these horrendous policy disasters and constant failures plus the seemingly never ending continued destruction of our constitutional republic, they use false narratives like race, right wing extremists, climate change, white privilege and blaming everything on Trump!!!

Their latest lie is about a group they love to hate. The Oath Keepers. A patriot group founded in 2009 by Elmer Stewart Rhodes III, 56, a former military parachutist who joined the army right out of school. After a night exercise went wrong and he was injured he interned for Ron Paul, another hero of mine. He then went to Yale and became an attorney. He became more involved in the politics and neglected his law practice in Montana and he was disbarred. He was ahead of the curve and saw which way this country was heading and he created Oath Keepers, which was when he and I became acquainted and I joined his awesome organization.

Members pledge to “fulfill the oath all military and police take to ‘defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,’” and to defend the Constitution. Not on our watch is our motto.

We were involved in the unconstitutional overstep of the federal government at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. Armed militias stood up against tyranny and we won. This was done during that other traitor, girly boy and seriously testosterone challenged Hussein Obamas presidency which drove this country towards where we are today.

During the Trump era things normalized more and we could relax a little, but the hatred and racial strife being pushed by the left bought the possibility of a civil war/separation of the states as once again there was no common ground. The New Socialist Democrat party kept moving left and then left again leaving many Americans behind. The great results of the Trump administration were belittled and lied about and manipulated by possibly the worst and most corrupt media in the world.

As it became clear as day that the Biden camp and the extremists had actually pulled of the largest singular act of treason by stealing an actual presidential election, it was understood by many of us that there was a real possibility of conflict.

When the rightful and truly elected president, Donald J Trump, called for a rally to protest the stolen election, everyone with half an active brain cell understood that the extreme left, made up of real domestic terrorists and their groups like BLM, Antifa and other commie and socialist groups, who all summer had protested and rioted in major blue cities, causing billions in damages and the death of many innocents without any criminal recourse, would likely try to counter protest and infiltrate the Trump rally.

Oath Keepers knew that. The many conversations and messages between active members quite rightly made plans to defend the rally, the president and property from more than likely serious physical harm. It was truly believed that any protest by the Trump supporters would be met with bloody and furious counter protesters and plans were made accordingly. No laws were broken and what clothing was worn was irrelevant. Not criminal action.

Constitutionalists and true patriots were infuriated by the whole blatant electoral fraud perpetrated by the Democrats. Many saw it as their duty to protest and try stop the certification of the process until an independent and full investigation was carried out. After all, we have all learnt that it’s not always possible to get just judicial results on a system so corrupted by the left where constitutional decisions are made politically and thus breaking the Oaths these judges took.

Whether or not Rhodes spent $15,000 on weaponry, legal purchases and weapons is also irrelevant. They were not taken to the Capitol. The only truly armed people there were members of one of the most corrupt police forces in this country and one that needs disbanding. The only true death caused solely by the protest at the Capitol building was the cold blooded murder of a slight in stature, blond former air force veteran female patriot who posed no physical threat to any trained and well armed officer there. She was murdered. Plain and simple. There will never be justice for that murder until that officer is arrested and faces charges. He was a coward.

The indictment of Stewart Rhodes and other Oath Keepers is like the one on Kyle Rittenhouse – pure fiction. Designed to take the sheep minds off the disaster that is the result of the failed and anti American Biden Agenda.

The several members who have been previously imprisoned in draconian fashion by this evil DOJ have been intimidated and forced with mental and physical torture to “rat” on others, including Stewart Rhodes and others in leadership positions. All to either just get it done, get their lives back or some other reason. The whole idea is to also attempt to destroy a good and patriotic organization.

Let’s be honest here, Stewart Rhodes has more love and more patriotism in his little finger on his left hand for this country than the entire Biden administration and its corrupt alphabet agencies and Justice Department.

People have infiltrated the ranks and inner circle of the Oath Keepers as the left try and get it destroyed. Some were there in January 6th. Meanwhile their own domestic terror groups can run amok doing whatever they want with impunity.

America. The time is coming. We have one chance to take our country back this year and if we fail the possible end result could be catastrophic. For the left —-

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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