TAKE ACTION: Tell Fisher-Price to Stop Sexualizing Children by using Drag Queen Dolls

Fisher-Price, a toy company owned by Mattel, has released a drag queen doll in its series of dolls called Little People. The new ‘toy’ is based on the infamous drag queen RuPaul. It will influence impressionable children to accept an immoral lifestyle.

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For children and everyone else, a drag queen skews the line between the sexes. Is it a man? Or is it a woman? The children are confused. This confusion harms children.

The dolls are being sold in a set of three. Each doll is dressed in different drag. Drag is an immoral, gaudy way of dressing. In it, a man dresses as a woman. No self-respecting woman would dress in such ways as drag queens do. Why give dolls like this to children?

SIGN NOW Telling Fisher-Price To Discontinue These Drag Dolls

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