Why California’s Green Power Grid Is Collapsing

We have been warning that subsidizing and mandating the use of green energy and eliminating all fossil fuels is going a wrong and dangerous direction for America.

We have been proven right because of the warm summer of August 2022.

We have argued that using all forms of energy effectively and efficiently provides cheap and reliable power to America’s economy and Americans. This includes the use of nuclear, coal, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric fuels. These sources of cheap and reliable power sources are critical in fueling the American economy, our homes, businesses, farms and our nation.

America is facing a warm summer, which is a naturally occurring cycle. You know: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

A warm summer shouldn’t be a threat to our electrical grid system but it is.

Here’s why. On August 31st, 2022 NPR’s reported,

A long, intense wave of excessive heat is hitting much of the Western United States for the next week.

[ … ]

Across California, temperatures are expected to be more than 10 degrees above normal, warns the organization that manages the flow of much of the state’s electricity.

The California Independent System Operator expects that demand on Labor Day will reach the highest point so far this year, and that it will ask Californians to take energy conservations steps.

“During a Flex Alert, consumers are urged to reduce energy use from 4-9 p.m. when the system is most stressed because demand for electricity remains high and there is less solar energy available,” the organization said. “The top three conservation actions are to set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoid using large appliances and charging electric vehicles, and turn off unnecessary lights.

Lowering the strain on the grid will help hold off more drastic measures, the organization said, including the possibility of rotating blackouts. [Emphasis added]

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Flex Alerts are the result of Environmentalist Policies

Here’s a short video featuring Mark Mills on how much energy California, American and the world will need. Mark P. Mills is a physicist and a Manhattan Institute senior fellow, a faculty fellow at Northwestern University, and partner in Montrose Lane, an energy-tech venture fund.

Currently, as Dr. Mills points out oil, natural gas and coal provide 84% of all the worlds energy.

Watch this May 28th, 2022 video published in NewsVoice.se video What Impact do Wind Turbines have on the Environment and our Health? Aga Wilson speaks to Alexander Pohl, a former investor an insider, and engineer. Aga and Alexander talk about the impact that wind turbines have on nature and our health. Are they really effective and why are they being pushed so aggressively? They get into the United Nations development goals and the upcoming 50+ meeting in Stockholm that has not been noticed by mainstream media.

Alexander predicts the green world order and what that may implicate in the near future.

Finally, in an Aug 12, 2022 article titled Why Solar Power Is Failing Amid Record-Breaking Heat Felicity Bradstock reported,

With heatwaves being reported worldwide, leading to wildfires and other environmental concerns, at least one energy sector is getting attention for its major producing potential – solar power. But with solar panels collecting energy from the sun’s radiation, the world’s overheating may (unexpectedly) be of little benefit to solar power production.

[ … ]

As the world heats up, people may think that more sun will bring more solar energy, even if it has been negative for many other reasons. But soaring temperatures may be hindering solar power production as solar panels work optimally at around 25oC and start becoming less efficient when the heat goes above this. And even if the heat does not hamper solar production, it is also doing little to help it.

[ … ]

Of course, when there’s sun there’s solar power. But because of the way solar panels work, they become slightly less efficient, by around 0.5 percent, for any degree over or under 25oC. This means that peak production periods in much of the world often happen in cooler spring months rather than during the summer.

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Solar power becomes less efficient as the temperature rises. I a heat wave, as is being experienced today in California this inefficiency had lead to Flex Alerts in California. This is expected but something that most people who go green either weren’t told and don’t know are were told and don’t care.

Enjoy the hot summer and your green solar panels.

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