Chinese Missiles in Cuba?

The Chinese are coming to Cuba. That’s after they have built the infrastructure for their navy at Freeport in the Bahamas, and after they purchased the ports at either end of the Panama Canal.

Is China just a mercantilist power? Perhaps. But with the U.S. military now telling Congress in open session that the People’s Liberation Army plans on quadrupling its strategic nuclear force over the next ten years, I think something else is going on.

China is becoming a first strike nuclear weapons state. That’s new. For decades, the U.S. and the arms control community has essentially dismissed China’s nuclear capability as, at best, a “second strike” force.

Arms control groups in the U.S. released satellite photographs in March of three new missile fields under construction inside China and Inner Mongolia. Together, they identified more than 300 separate missile silos, apparently designed for China’s biggest, long-range ICBM, the DF-41.

The DF-41 can fly over 9,000 miles and reach targets anywhere in the United States. According to some reports, each missile can carry up to 10 independently targeted re-entry vehicles (warheads).

That means China is building new infrastructure that will add as many as 3,000 strategic nuclear warheads to its current arsenal of around 400.

That’s big. And that’s just the missile force based in China.

With the recent agreements to takeover the Soviet-era Lourdes listening base near Havana, and to build a joint military training facility with Cuba (in Cuba), why wouldn’t the Chinese also station short-range nuclear missiles on the island, too?

After all, as Rep. James Comer’s investigation has shown, the Chinese paid Biden family members more than $10 million in what clearly was an influence-buying operation. How much more will they have to pay for Biden to turn a blind eye to Chinese operations in Cuba?

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