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Dr. Strangelove Returns From The Dead

Vladimir Putin on Thursday threatened global nuclear war if the West followed through on hints by French president Macron that NATO was contemplating sending troops to Ukraine. Putin made those comments in his annual “state of the nation” address. Less than 24-hours later, he followed up by test-firing a solid-fuel Yars ICBM, which NATO dubs […]

Negotiate, you fools!

For the first time since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine two years ago, the possibility of negotiations has emerged on the horizon. Both Putin and Zelenskiiy have indicated in recent interviews that they are now open to negotiations. In his two-hour history lesson to Tucker Carlson, Putin recalled the Istanbul negotiations in March-April 2022. […]

Biden’s ‘Model UN’ — Not Just Frivolous but Dangerous

Remember when you or your children played “Model UN” in high school? That’s what Joe Biden’s foreign and security policy looks like these days. First, you’ve got the tip-toe response to the ongoing attacks on U.S. bases and warships by Iranian proxies. With the death of three U.S. soldiers at Tower 22 in Jordan, a […]

Germany War-Games World War III

A German newsweekly this week published what purported to be “leaked” documents from Germany’s defense ministry, spelling out a detailed scenario for how Putin could unleash World War III in continental Europe. The documents detailed a war-gaming exercise the German high command called a “worst-case scenario” for a hot-war conflict between Russia and NATO. Stage […]

Biden’s Leadership Wins Approval . . . From Russia, China, and Iran

Iranian regime proxies have launched 14 attacks against U.S. servicemen and installations across the Middle East since Hamas unleashed its murderous slaughter of Israeli civilians on October 7. More than two dozen Americans have been injured, and the U.S. did nothing. Finally, on Thursday, the U.S. struck back. What did the world’s most powerful military, […]

Have Iranian Agents Penetrated the U.S. Government?

We learned this week from a trove of emails between former Iranian regime foreign minister Javad Zarif and a number of Western Iran “experts,” that the Tehran regime has cultivated ties with prominent academics with the goal of influencing U.S. and European policies. Why is this important? Because that influence was focused on getting major […]

Iran ‘Hijab’ Protests Continue Despite Brutal Regime Crackdown

Saturday marks the start of the second year of pro-freedom protests inside Iran. Remember, this latest wave of protests began with the brutal murder of a young Kurdish activist, Mahsa Amini, while in custody in a regime jail for violating the “hijab” rules. She wouldn’t wear the Mark of the Beast, and was jailed and murdered […]

Chinese Missiles in Cuba?

The Chinese are coming to Cuba. That’s after they have built the infrastructure for their navy at Freeport in the Bahamas, and after they purchased the ports at either end of the Panama Canal. Is China just a mercantilist power? Perhaps. But with the U.S. military now telling Congress in open session that the People’s […]