Fonda Leads Push for Climate Change Content in Movies and TV

Planet-saving Hollywood egos including Vietnam-era traitor Jane Fonda met in Los Angeles from June 21 to 24 for a special summit designed to show how the entertainment industry can influence the world in tackling “climate change.”

The Hollywood Climate Summit claimed to unite “thousands” of filmmakers with scientists and activists in a bid to “change the industry’s culture and to encourage movies and TV shows to use their outsized influence on audiences around the world.” That influence will come through increased efforts to subtly insert climate-related words, messages and phrases in TV and film scripts.

Fonda was seen as playing a key role at the summit, continuing her past efforts to push for climate hysteria.

The gathering followed a recent study by the Norman Lear Center and Good Energy which found that the climate crisis was — horrors! — “virtually nonexistent” in scripted entertainment. It noted that fewer than three percent of around 37,000 TV and film scripts made since 2016 mentioned “any climate-related keywords,” and only 0.6 percent used the words “climate change.”

They’re actually scanning every script for words that mention “climate.”

“We see this as a huge problem because, for the most part, people on average spend more time with television and film characters than they do with their own families,” summit co-founder Heather Fipps said. “It is really important for us to steep our fictional worlds in our reality.”

Translation: it’s really important for us to exploit our insidious, family-destroying influence to propagandize for the Progressive agenda.

This virtue-signaling summit comes after a study in 2019 showed private jet-setting Hollywood celebs have carbon footprints up to 300 times bigger than the rest of us.

Jane Fonda

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Fonda Blames “Climate Crisis” on “Racism” & “Misogyny”

During the December 2, 2022 broadcast of MSNBC’s The Beat, anchor Ari Melber said to Fonda: “I mention women’s rights because so much we know came out of some of what you were doing, where you start out at the Vietnam protest, and then it is all of the guys, and all of the speakers are guys, and you start to say, wait, there is a lot more change even within the protest movement. You were part of that. What do you think about the progress made, and the progress being unwound, when you look at the [Supreme] [C]ourt’s [June 2022] decision [to strike down Roe v. Wade], which we know turned out a lot of voters in the midterms?”

Fonda replied:

“Yeah, it did. We’ve experienced having the right to control our bodies. That is not going to go away. We’re not going to give that up. So while it is absolutely unconscionable what the Supreme Court did, I believe that we’re going to fight and win to get those rights back. But, you know, as I learn more about climate, and as I dig deep, as I have for the last four or five years, what you realize is if there were no racism, there would be no climate crisis. If there was no misogyny, there would be to the climate crisis. It is a part of a mindset. It is the mindset that looks at a woman and says, ‘nice tits,’ or she could work in the fields. It is the same mindset as the person who looks at the tree and said floors, that could make good flooring. Everything is transactional and hierarchy, and certain things matter more than other things. So what has to happen is we not only have to stop new fossil fuel development, we have to change our mindsets.”

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