The Collapse of the Dutch Government

UPDATE 7/10/2023: The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced this morning that he will leave politics after the elections that are scheduled for this fall. Yes, I’m very glad.

Rutte was a professional in the game of politics. He had his way of being able to deal with any criticism, or any difficult question from the media. He always stayed calm and kept his eye on staying in power.

I will remember him as a cold bureaucratic Leftist, very fond of strengthening the European Union. He has similiarity to Macron in France and Trudeau in Canada. They all share an intense disgust of nationalism and patriotism.

There are people in conservative circles that call men like Rutte “WEF puppets”. That is underestimating them! Rutte certainly feels comfortable in his friendship with Klaus Schwab, whom he has a lot of respect for, but he called his own shots. Rutte is nobody’s puppet but believes in the policies that the international Leftist elites propagate out of free will and conviction.

The damage that Rutte has done during the past 13 years to my beloved country the Netherlands is immense.

Let me explain to you in this short article what happened in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and what the prospects are.

Last Friday, the four ruling parties in the Netherlands were unable to reach an agreement about how to do something against the tsunami of asylum seekers. The largest party, the fake conservative VVD, under the leadership of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, has played a smart political game, in which his party appears as tough on immigration. This is fake! They demanded a minimal change in the policy regarding accepting asylum seekers. The Christian Democrats agreed with this move, but the Christian Union party and the devilish D66 party refused any concession.

Only if the Netherlands leaves the European Union, we can get serious about ending the tsunami of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, for judicial reasons. The VVD absolutely doesn’t want to leave the EU!

The fact that we will get new elections should in itself give the Dutch patriots hope. But the largest party, the VVD, has stated already that they will never cooperate with Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom. That hit me hard, for it means that after the general elections, which will take place this fall, we will again get a government consisting of Leftist parties.

The replacement of the Dutch native people will continue, the farmers will have to fear the worst, climate hysteria will not be calmed down.

In all, the Netherlands is marked for destruction.

We might just as well dig holes in the dykes right now, for the outcome will be the same!

Dutch government collapses over immigration policy

The Dutch government collapsed on Friday after failing to reach a deal on restricting immigration, which will trigger new elections in the fall.

The crisis was triggered by a push by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative VVD party to limit the flow of asylum seekers to the Netherlands, which two of his four-party government coalition refused to support.

“It’s no secret that the coalition partners have differing opinions about immigration policy. Today we unfortunately have to conclude that those differences have become insurmountable. Therefore I will tender the resignation of the entire cabinet to the king,” Rutte said in a televised news conference.

Tensions came to a head this week, when Rutte demanded support for a proposal to limit entrance of children of war refugees who are already in the Netherlands and to make families wait at least two years before they can be united.

This latest proposal went too far for the small Christian Union and liberal D66, causing a stalemate.

Rutte’s coalition will stay on as a caretaker government until a new administration is formed after new elections, a process which in the fractured Dutch political landscape usually takes months.

News agency ANP, citing the national elections committee, said elections would not be held before mid-November.

A caretaker government cannot decide on new policies, but Rutte said it would not affect the country’s support for Ukraine.

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