We are in this together: United we stand, Divided we fall.

Why am I taking the time out of my VERY busy life, to periodically write this column? As you know, unlike many other Substack authors, my column is FREE — so I’m not doing this for the money. (BTW, a LARGE number of subscribers have formally offered to pay for my insights, but I have politely declined them all.)

It’s not for notoriety either, as I’m already notorious. For example, about ten years ago I was put in this esteemed collection of nationally well-known individuals who were not buying into the politically correct position regarding global warming.

(The fact that I’ve never smoked, and only drink beer should give you a good indication of the accuracy involved here.)

Another example is this national Sierra Club Report. On page 16 it essentially says that I have as much influence over US energy policies as the Koch brothers! As billionaires, their influence is from funding organizations, etc, while I fund no one. Instead, my “influence” comes from educating the public (like this Substack).

Another (and thankfully last) example is this strong story that appeared in the Scientific American. The over-the-top title tells you all you need to know.

Furthermore, I don’t really have the time to write anything here. In addition to being the primary caregiver for my very sick wife, I have numerous other obligations.

So none of this is about me.

The simple fact is that I’m a Christian scientist and an appreciative patriot. I find it more than disturbing that:

1) most mainstream media “journalists” are actually promoters of undeclared agendas,

2) most politicians pay more attention to lobbyists than what’s in the best interest of their constituents,

3) most government agencies do not adhere to their own publicly-posted mission statements,

4) Left-wing propaganda is spreading in our schools, 5) Woke ideology is being bought into not only by major corporations, but our military, etc., etc.

I’m taking the time out of my life to educate the many good citizens that we do have, and to encourage them to speak up. As this MAJOR improvement that recently happened in NC proves, one person CAN make a difference!

Anyways, I’m asking for YOUR HELP. I’m willing to keep doing this for free, but we need to get more subscribers. PLEASE connect with your associates and ask them to subscribe. PLEASE share this article on social media, and ask readers to subscribe. FYI, here is the chart for the subscriber growth to date. Thank you for your help with that. Getting more people educated about what is going on is in ALL of our interests!

Lastly, since I’d like to leave you with some help, I’ll try to answer any question you have on any of the topics I cover: COVID to Climate, Education to Elections, and Renewables to Religion. Click on the “Leave a Comment” button and I’ll reply. THANK YOU for your support!

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