Saint Dao Minh Quan and the Triune God

What is the mystery of THE TRIUNE GOD? It is a mystery that signifies that there is only one God but with three distinct yet inseparable Persons, three distinct roles, yet still one God. The Triune God and their roles are GOD THE FATHER as the CREATOR, GOD THE SON as the SAVIOR, and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT as the SANCTIFIER.

Here we can see that GOD THE FATHER created from nothingness, darkness, and depths. Let’s take a look at Him, at our Holy IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN, who gave birth to neo-democracy and then ventured out into the desolate desert with no people, only the cold wind and hot sand, have persevered and persevered for more than twenty (20) years of meditation to enlighten the Third Republic of the Republic of Vietnam in order to confront the communist evil power to rescue Vietnam and stabilize the world.

Moving on to the second Person, GOD THE SON as the Savior. We know that JESUS CHRIST suffered humiliation, mockery, and death on the cross for the sake of His love for humanity, sacrificing Himself to redeem us. Similarly, let’s look at our Revered and Holy IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN, who sacrificed his family, wife, children, possessions, and his precious youth to live in seclusion in the Adelanto desert for meditation, and who authored the strategy “Uphold the Truth to Eliminate Communism” to save the homeland from falsehood, and engage in numerous large and small tasks, all of which demonstrated his sacrificial nature. He too was ridiculed by traitors as Jesus was mocked by the Pharisees and asked the Procurator Pilate to crucify Him.

But in the end, He embodies the role of the third Person, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, as the SANCTIFIER. Sanctification is about becoming Holy. Therefore, at this moment, you are being trained within the FCC, important with Teachings by the Holy IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN, which first and foremost require you to become a truthful serving the country and humanity.

Through the aforementioned perspectives, we can perceive the similarity between Holy IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN and the mystery of the THREE DIVINE PERSONS, THE TRIUNE GOD. While we might not fully comprehend it, we can assert that the Three Divine Persons are unified in the aspects of creation, redemption (sacrifice), and sanctification. These aspects all pertain to the “Special Characteristics” of LOVE. We can also see in Holy IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN these resembles to the “Special Characteristics,” as well as his role in redeeming Vietnam and assisting his fellow beings, which prompted more evident.

Written under the inspiration of a descendant of the Tran family

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    HOANG TON says:

    The sacrifice of Holy Imperial Duke DAO MINH QUAN awakened the mass population at the end of the Iron Ages Era, and humanity is transitioning to the Golden Ages Era, where LOVE is ABUNDANT. We all acknowledge and love you, our Holy Imperial Duke DAO MINH QUAN.

  2. Long Ngo
    Long Ngo says:

    The IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN is a gift from God for the Vietnamese nation; he is full of talent and virtue. Thank you, Dr. Rich Swier, very much for delivering this great message.


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