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CALIFORNIA: An Invitation to Attend The 3rd Republic of Vietnam Memorial Ceremony Honoring All Who Served in Vietnam on April 30, 2023

PRESIDENTIAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE The 3rd Republic of Vietnam The Provisional National Government of Vietnam PO Box 2807 Anaheim, California, 92814 Invitation Letter to Attend the Memorial Ceremony – April 30th, 2023 Dear: The Governments and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Countries that love Freedom, Justice, and Peace, Comrades of the Armed Forces of the […]

Helping Military Soldiers Who Fought in the Vietnam War

All wars in the world are orchestrated by power-hungry forces, of which the soldiers involved are all victims. During the war in Vietnam, China planted spy Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to wage war, using Vietnamese to kill Vietnamese. The United States and the Allies of the Republic of Vietnam also participated in this bloody […]