THE DEEP STATE: ‘I am just following orders’

The answer we always get from the Globalist/DNC/RINO/Marxists after every disaster is, “I am just following orders.” Then they blame someone else.

These Affirmative Acton Graduates are incapable of making decisions so the only thing they can do is follow orders. Who is making those orders they must follow? What are those orders?

The orders come from the criminals housed in the United Nations whose quest is a New World Order with One World Government, One World Religion and One World Currency.  You will be controlled by the Klan of the Great Reset who demand that every action must be tied to climate change like eliminating carbon, a gas necessary to support life. But that’s OK because they want us dead.

MMM lets see what orders and lies they are telling us:

  • Pulling out of Afghanistan while leaving Americans to die.
  • Demonstrated and demanded Murdering babies – through abortion
  • Arrested people for praying and quoting the Bible
  • Cancelled people for saying the most qualified should get the job.
  • Cancelled people for claiming there is only 2 genders
  • Lying about pornography and child mutilation in schools
  • Lying about Borders being secure
  • Lying about the economy being the best with low inflation
  • Lying about the Inflation Reduction Act and its $2Trillion  cost
  • Lying giving subsidies to Green Co donors that do nothing
  • Lying about manipulating stock market for power and gain.
  • Lying about large corporations  with the banking money power, imported cheap foreign labor, resulting in countless labor riots.
  • Lying about indoctrinating Marxism in all education programs.
  • Lying about race and dividing the Americans – its the curricula
  • Lying about how the money power took control of the influential colleges and universities lowered standards and forced Affirmative Action incompetence in ALL government and industry
  • Lying about Conservation easements and other programs that eliminate private property and force foreclosures through regulations and taxes.
  • Lying about allowing foreign entities to buy America while outsourcing America’s jobs and industry
  • Lying about the money and power of globalists to create starvation and suffering in America, the nation of plenty and how small family farms are set up for foreclosures.
  • Lying about selling our resources to our enemies and allowing them to own American industry.
  • Lying about illegals and Maxists committing crimes, doing drugs and burning our cities without consequences.
  • Demonizing fiat money so people will be forced into digital currency based on carbon credits, a disaster for all Americans resulting in sustainable poverty for all Americans. .
  • Lying about climate change and the human and carbon affect.
  • Lying about J6 refusing to allow the photos and films to be shared to learn the truth.
  • Lying about federal spending and pushing a phony CR to push Americans into further debt.
  • Lying about working with Biden to push Americans in further bondage.
  • Lying about weaponizing the American government to go after Americans instead of our enemies.
  • Lying about giving American sovereignty to the United Nations
  • Lying about COVID, masks, Ivermectin, lockdown of small business while leaving big biz donors open.
  • Lying about sending people to jail for J6 and speaking about the stolen election.
  • Lying to Congress and t the American people.
  • Lying about controlling the media, forcing censorship
  • Lying about giving illegals #2200 per month. How much do you get?

This list is making me sick so I will stop. I think you get the idea. Our Government is made up of liars, criminals and thieves. They are not American and they will not stop lying until we are slaves or dead.

Below are some links to describe the lies I have just reported.

Just Following Orders

January 6 the Fed insurrection – Just Following Orders

Climate Lies – Just Following Orders

More than 1,600 scientists, including two Nobel laureates, declare climate ’emergency’ a myth

Chinese Battery Company in Michigan- Just Following Orders

Giving illegals $2200

Cars are Racist- Just Following Orders

Pornography does not belong in our schools.

DeSantis not ready for Prime Time

The UN plans for our future – World Domination

Enough examples, you get the idea. Our elected leaders are nothing more than liars who tell you what they think you want to hear.  The border is the biggie because this is an invasion.  Our cities and soon rural areas are being turned into garbage dumps on purpose. Both parties are behind this. In the meantime Americans suffer. Illegals are coming to take our jobs. Question: If most jobs are going to be automated, why do we need such an influx of people?  Democrats want new voters and the Republicans want money.

Let this sink in… We the People don’t have enough money to get along in this inflationary time. We may demand more money but there is no more. We are in mssive debt. However, Illegals are getting subsidized by the government who only has money because of the inflation tax and the regular taxes, fees and fines on we the people..

Because of these subsidizes the illegals are getting about $2200 a month (while Americans get about $1400) The American taxpayerays their housing, education, medical forever.  Therefore corporations can and will pay less salary to illegals because they get money from We the People.    This is hugely profitable for the corporation while destroying the American taxpayer.  Money for Ukraine, money for illegals. No money for E Palestine, Hawaii and they want to cut Social Security and Medicare.   We are suffering the policies of Affirmative Action Marxists graduates who are just following orders.  America is in huge debt, our dollar is crashing and instead of saving America these globalist elite really think we are stupid as they have designed programs that will only benefit them and their donors. . How much longer will we sit and do nothing? Do you understand why they must eliminate Trump? He will close the border and defund  their programs. He is their greatest threat for extinction.   Call your federal Legislators tell them: NO security, NO Funding, NO Continuing Resolution.

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GUEST:  Victor Avila, “EL PASO HAS FALLEN”, Former Special Agent ICE/DHS


GUEST:  Clare Lopez


Get your kids out of the indoctrination clinics masquerading as public schools.  Create a MICROSCHOOL

©2023. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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  1. Kelleigh Nelson
    Kelleigh Nelson says:

    All true Karen. In Vera Sharav’s five part series, NEVER AGAIN IS NOW GLOBAL, she titled Part Four, We Are All Jews Now. She was right and so are you. Unfortunately, most Americans are so dumbed down they don’t have a clue of what is happening to our once great country. Others don’t care, they’re still more involved watching the gladiators in the coliseums and drinking beer.

    I fear it has become too late to stop the Great Reset murders of our people and the destruction of our country, but we cannot give up. We must not comply with their draconian and unconstitutional orders. Obeyance is death.


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