How Do You Eat a RINO. . .?

What was your take-away from the recent 3-week House Speaker battle?

I learned that America’s Silent Majority is silent…no longer. I learned that, when we work together, we are a Force like no other, and that the “Elite” are not as elite as they like to think. Actually, they are much smaller in numbers than we were led to believe by the lying media. I learned how to eat a RINO, one bite at a time.

The Marxist Left always says, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  In the news cycle, you can see the power of this plan, of this agenda.

The lies and maneuvers of the Speaker of the House election. The extraordinary convenience of Hamas genocide on Jews. Despicable behavior by the Marxist Left, supporting Hamas actions and making excuses for them. That Israel is the Bad Guy.

All these events create severe Crisis in our country, and the World. The stage is set for WWIII.

The World, as a result, now knows exactly what the Marxist Left thinks of We the People. The people of America, and the people of the World, have had enough!

There are over 20+ food plants that caught fire and were destroyed in 2022. Are all these food plant fires a coincidence? Are they planned out? It is estimated that these fires have reduced our food supply by 2%. Doesn’t sound like much, but that much does impact our fragile food supply chain. No, Klaus Schwab, (Chairman of the World Economic Forum) we will not eat your bugs. You can have them.

Can someone tell me what is the difference between killing a baby before it is born, and killing a baby after it is born?  Putting baby killing in perspective, Hamas just finished what Planned Parenthood started, the death of babies.  Abortion is baby killing, how about we call it what it is, and stop letting the Left continue driving the agenda and defining our words?

Around the world, things are changing as the people who believe in their country stand up for Freedom. In the Argentina election, a come-from-behind candidate, populist Javier Melie, is in a run-off election with the man who destroyed Argentina. Don’t let that election be stolen. The interesting thing about that election is that Polls opened at 8 a.m. (1100 GMT) and close, 10 hours later. Voting is conducted with paper ballots, making the count unpredictable, but initial results were expected around four hours after polls close. I hope Milei wins the run-off.  Don’t let anyone tell you they can’t conduct an election with paper ballots.

The conservative leader in Canada, Pierre Poilievre, shows us how to talk to the know-nothing, lowered-standards, Affirmative Action Graduate Lefties. Can you show his video below, at your next meeting? Question the Lefties, write comments back to them in paper format or on-line. Make the Lefties support their worthless policies. Ask them, “What is MAGA?”

Ask them, “Why do we give U.S. citizen seniors only $1400 a month, when Illegals get $2200 a month for each adult and child? Why is it a good thing? Why are the U.S. Taxpayers giving money to people that never worked for it? Why give taxpayer money to non-U.S. Citizens?

In America, the RINO swamp must be primaried out, specifically those who put their constituents last, like Vern RINO Buchanan:

Buchanan Bowls at Biden White House After Opposing Jim Jordan Speaker Bid

Our calls help:

Ken Buck is being evicted from his main Colorado office. The landlord is a major GOP donor.

Tom Emmer is a never Trumper that should NEVER become Speaker or get re-elected.

Knives out in House GOP whip race over Electoral College abolition

Vet your candidates: – check voting records – check where they get donations

Our calls worked, and finally the Swamp got the message. Mike Johnson, a man who believes in the values of America, was elected as Speaker of the House.  Business will not be as usual. We the people are now in charge of our lives, and our destiny. We are many, they are few, and we no longer listen to you, or believe the garbage that you spew.

Matt Gaetz to Steve Bannon: “If you don’t think that moving from Kevin McCarthy to MAGA Mike Johnson shows the ascendance of this Movement, and where the power in the Republican Party truly lies, then you’re not paying attention.”  The American Blacks get it. The American Hispanics get it. The American Asians get it. The American Indians get it. But I fear the American Jews are still out to lunch.

Tara Setmayer, senior adviser to the anti-Trump group Lincoln Project, called on the media to “stop burying the lede” about “MAGA Mike,” adding that he would “do the bidding of” the extremist agenda. What is the extremist agenda, you should ask. What does Make America Great Again mean?  Why would any American be against that?  We must ask!

Many other bobble heads said the same:

Paul Rieckhoff: “This is the biggest power grab for Trumpist since they won the White House in 2016.”

Joe Scarborough is crying that MAGA is stealing our Democracy. I hope so, Joe, because America IS NOT a Democracy. America is a Republic!

Jeff Timmer:  “It’s strange to say , but Matt Gaetz is 100% correct about this.”

Tim Miller: “Matt Gaetz keeps being right and it’s kind of annoying.”

Answer them –  and ask, ‘Why do you hate America? What are you afraid of?’

What has just happened over the past few weeks is just the beginning of what will be a reverse of power from the Swamp, back to the People.  This is a Hundred-Year battle, and it will take a long time to reverse. The Swamp will not give up power easily. This is a start.  Our job is just beginning.

It is not over by a long shot. But we should have learned that if we work together as Americans, we will win. The first step should be to drop all adjectives in front of America. We are America first, the largest group of Free people in the World. So let’s act like it.

Our next challenge is 2-fold. We must conduct oversight on the House. It is one thing to have Mike Johnson as Speaker to talk the talk, but what are the actions? We must watch and make calls to keep our representatives on-track, to represent us.

Then we have the 2024 Election.  The time to focus on the 2024 Election is now, not after when the courts can throw out evidence of impropriety, saying “NO STANDING”. So what is the solution?

First we must check our laws, and make sure they are being followed. In Florida, we must follow election law that says only citizens can vote. But who checks citizenship? No one.

Florida is also mandated to use machines to count the votes. Wording in Florida Statute 101.5604 must be changed. Audits of all equipment must be conducted by a non-biased 3rd-party, not the company providing the machines. Those are legislative issues and could take a long time to “fix.”

Second, what about now? What can We the People, do to secure the 2024 Election?  It’s simple. Secure the voter rolls.  According to law, the voter rolls must be accurate. If they are not accurate, elections cannot be certified. Certifying an inaccurate voter roll is unlawful. This is what Pence was supposed to do! Send back the results to the states that requested them, so that the states could recheck their voter rolls.   It is up to us to check the voter rolls, and verify that dead people didn’t vote, and that all information, especially addresses, are accurate.  Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has a plan, and can help you to insure that your precinct, your county, conducts accurate and secure elections, and what you can do about it. jovanhuttonpulitzer,

More Good News: Americans are rejecting foreign entities owning pieces of America

Governor Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) stopped the theft of AZ water by Saudi Arabia for their own farm land. But beware of the propaganda of lies in the past paragraph:

“Human-related air pollution is one of the key drivers of global heating, so moving away from dirty fuel, cutting meat consumption, and recycling are small but helpful ways to prevent the volumes of harmful, planet-warming gases we produce annually.”  Water vapor is 95% of greenhouse gas and humans can do nothing about that.

Thank you, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR). She gave China 2 years to get off of Arkansas farmland. What’s going on in your state, to stop foreign governments and companies from owning and destroying America?

Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the Truth. Is America worth saving?  Doing Nothing is affirmation.

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  1. Jim Austin
    Jim Austin says:

    The Republican capitulationist leadership are pure pragmatists. The pragmatist accepts the world as it is. They become more than a little annoyed when certain people, like the Republican base, keep pushing for fundamental changes. Such RINOs, wedded to the status quo, don’t really like the GOP base.

    RINOs have always had a problem with “the vision thing,” as the elder Bush once said. They never look forward beyond the impending split second. Concepts of past and future hold no meaning for them. The promises they make are for present purposes only. Since the future is unreal, any commitment actually to deliver on promises is similarly unreal to them. Since the past is unreal to them, they have no understanding why anything they might have said or done in the past should constrict their present options.

    Such pure pragmatist Republicans don’t actually lie. To lie, one must have in one’s mind some concept of truth. RINOs have no such concept. They believe the pragmatist mantra: truth is what works. Thus, if they say something and people become supportive, the statement works and is thus true.

    Much of the GOP leadership is like that. They say whatever’s necessary to reassure their base, but nothing they say commits them. RINOs have long considered betrayal as practical.

    Ultimately, the only cure for the pure pragmatist, capitulationist Republicans is to get rid of them, to lose the RINOs.


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