Fiscal Insanity by the Congress of the United States of America

The Congress of the United States has been negligent in protecting tax payer money from fraud waste and abuse for 50 plus years.

The majority of the elected career politicians in Congress are put into power by low IQ Americans who do zero research on the “R” politicians and stay misinformed by the fake news.

Our congress is filled with a lazy group of incompetent jackasses who have spent us and keep spending us into financial ruin.

Members of congress have the power of the purse.

They can stop this deficit insanity as per the U.S. Constitution.

The Congress has the power to balance the federal budget – As expressed in Article I, Section 9 of the U. S. Constitution,

“No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law”

These useless spineless Republican politicians could easily return our republic to fiscal sanity but we have elected a bunch of corrupt lazy useless incompetent socialists and communists with few exceptions.

The new House Speaker has also failed to fund and defund through the enactment of a “regular appropriations acts” commonly called a budget most of the federal agencies required to run the government annually.

He’s kicked the can down the road just like the Republican in Name Only, the fake conservative from Communist ran California Kevin McCarthy. He is on the Continuing Resolution stop gap insane game show.

As matter of record the uniparty Congress has enacted one or more Continuing Resolutions (CRs) in all but three of the 47 fiscal years since the start of the fiscal year was changed to October 1 beginning in Fiscal Year 1977.

Congress has the authority to write the terms of appropriations and outright deny appropriations by funding or defunding programs and activities of most federal agencies including the weaponized & corrupt FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security and the ATF on an annual basis through the enactment of the 12 regular appropriations acts.

The weak spineless Republicans control the House and still they do NOTHING to protect our Republic from the Biden Marxists whose goal in life is to collapse our free market capitalist economy and imprison their political opponents.

Wake up America and stop electing these people into office. If income taxes were totally eliminated this would not even hurt our fiscal bottom line if we would only stop wasting the tax revenue the Treasury Dept. collects from corporate taxes and other revenue streams.

Only former President Trump and Congressman Matt Gaetz R-FL seems to understand this and now they are being mercilessly attacked by the cry baby useless RINOs on a mission to spitefully block their protective measures of our Republic.

Look at the funding for the new FBI building by the incompetent Republican members of congress as an example.

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