The United States of America or the United Nations Which Will You Choose?

Congress worked so hard to screw we the people once again, they had to take a break. What could be better at least they are not in DC spending on money on things to destroy us. So they are at home having a Happy Thanksgiving.  Are they worried about high gas prices, or making ends meet on a paycheck that hardly buys anything anymore, or paying that mortgage with their second job? No they are just going to tap into their donors and get all the money they need, while they spend our money on useless items that guarantee America’s destruction.

I never saw a bigger bunch of thieves than those bobbleheads clapping for a dictator XI at their $40,000 a plate dinner using money they stole from We The People. But at least we did hear some good news it seems as though the liberal Jews have finally realized that giving money to organizations that hate you will get you killed. Let us hope they have actually stopped. 15 years ago when I discovered that a form of Marxism called Sustainability was dominant in college courses, I asked my University if they were sustainable AKA communist.  When they told me yes, I told them never to call me again and ask for a donation. Sadly it took 15 years and billions more dollars for the Jews to realize that they had just become useful idiots of the communist regime and were assisting in the Marxist takeover of their country.

It always amazed me that the billionaires are the first ones to give to organizations that are based on destruction of their country, or industry.  If they hate America so much, and we are so horrible, then just find another country and Good-bye. Then I realized they must be doing this to eliminate the competition and make more money while accumulating more power.  Look at who is funding the Palestinian riots.  Why the billionaire donor from Code Pink of course. Do these useful idiot rioters realize that all those signs saying gays for Palestine would get them killed if they actually went to GAZA. They are putting a noose around their own necks and stepping off the chair themselves. It is so sad to see the young people fight for a group of people that considers them as trash (infidels) and would sooner have them killed. Imagine if these same useful idiots fought for the country that gave them all the opportunity to amass the riches that they dreamed about. Ah the power of propaganda.

My real concern comes from what has happened this past week that most people have not connected the dots nor understand the depth of destruction we are about to face as our legislators legislate nothing worthwhile to help We The People. Those of you that think that any of these keebler elves will do anything other than add to the destruction of America should come down from the planet you not occupy cuz it’s not going to happen

Nikki Haley wants endless wars. She also thinks the Feds should control the  internet by forcing the carriers to turn over their algorithms and the people to expose their identity.  Say something the government doesn’t like and lose social credits of your CDBC card. She shouldn’t even be on that stage as she is NOT a natural born citizen.

Ron DeSantis lied to the people of Florida, got a law changed so he could run for office while being a part time governor with a full time salary. Of course nobody talks to Floridians. Our energy policy written by his donors Duke Energy and FPL  guarantees billions to China for useless solar panels and wind farms that are only accessible and useful 5.5 hours a day instead of using the abundant natural gas that we have. Our electric costs are up 30%. The insurance rates given to his insurance donors are now off the charts. For a simple home people are paying over $3,000. The state of course is now being overrun with illegals who will be living in those high-rises that he has allowed the developers to develop in their 15 minute cities which will be the new norm.

Our show this week will focus on 2 important topics: The OBiden take over of the internet which will eventually be turned over to the United Nations. UNESCO already has it guideline for total tyranny and control of language. This started in 2016 under Obama when he gave control of ICANN – the internet management of Addresses and Domain Names to a group of stakeholders and the UN, sighting failure to protect online activity as the cause.

UNESCO recently produced guidelines for Internet use. About 150 guidelines. UNESCO is committed to assisting Member States, civil society, and major digital players in embracing this text, so that platform operations fully align with our values and international human rights standards. Let us remain focused on our goal: combating hate speech and misinformation while preserving freedom of expression. Who’s values? Who’s goals?

Controlling the conversation through big tech and the media enable election manipulation so their people get in office. Hidden in the Infrastructure and Jobs Act recently passed without being read, OBiden look control of the internet through FCC regulations. Any Republican signing that bill should be primaried out of existence.

Read FCC Commissioner Carr’s letter of opposition to more government control. If this is implemented there will be no more free speech :

The Arab world has come together. Islam is now teaching how evil the West is and all they have to do is cite what we have done to ourselves.  The Koran says being gay is a criminal offense punishable by death. They tell their Muslim followers the West is anti-family, anti-god, anti-country which makes it easy to hate the Western ideology The Woke policies have destroyed the very fiber of the West and guess what that makes the Muslims right.

Listen to our show this week:  Alex Newman talks about what will happen if we allow OBiden to control the internet. We must pressure congress. Clare Lopez will talk about the facts of Islam.

Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is affirmation.

©2023. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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