Nationalism, National-Socialism, and Soviet Fascism in America

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within… The traitor is the carrier of the plague. You have unbarred the gates of Rome to him.” — Cicero

A similar idea was expressed by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln; and human nature has not changed since Cicero. It is true—the traitor is the carrier of the plague…My beloved America the Beautiful is experiencing that exact plague today that was brought to us by Soviet Fascism…

For over thirty years, I have exposed this plague and warned Americans about it constantly by refraining the phrase: “Knowledge of Russia and its Intelligence is a MUST.” The former AG Jeff Sessions was a victim of the plague, because he did not know Russia, its Intelligence apparatus and recused himself from Russia Probe. Now, as a result, we have a political chaos in America every day for three years. Jeff Sessions Has Big Plans For 2020 running for Senate. I will forgive him on the condition that he will start learning the ideology of Soviet fascism today.

Nationalism and National-Socialism

During last three years President Trump has undergone relentless attacks and several incredible accusations: mentally ill, ignorant, incapable of thinking, Stalin, racist-Hitler, and nationalist. All of those has nothing to do with reality, but… he is a Nationalist. And I want to talk about Nationalism, because I am also a Nationalist.

Nationalism, an ideology based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion to the nation-state surpasses other individual or group interests. Encyclopedia Britannica

I am a nationalist and I know that a family is an initial-origin cell and foundation of any society. Family always seeks peace and tranquility for all its members, a society and nation as a whole have the same desire… Nationalism is a very peaceful, loyal and devoted concept of people who want to have a country with one culture, one language, one nation whose territory has secure borders. Nationalism is an ancient idea in history. Jews have been striving for a nation state since Antiquity, and achieved their goal of establishing the state of Israel only in 1948. Every nation wants to have a national identity, one culture and language on their territory plus strong and secure borders. Nationalism is a very patriotic and peaceful idea, unlike national-socialism, which was born in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

For your information national-socialism has an abbreviation—Nazi, Nazism. It has the same definition as Fascism. Europe is well familiar with national-socialism; every country in Europe had its own Quisling and Mosley. Europe has given the world three different types of Fascism: Italian fascism with mild application of force, German fascism with Holocaust, gas-chambers, excessive abuse of power by the Gestapo, and the third one Stalinist Soviet Fascism. All three are known to the world as militant, aggressive, and expansionist political forces with a common agenda–to conquer the world. Do you see the differences between nationalism and national-socialism? Yet, there is more…

The most well-known fascist leaders, Mussolini and Hitler, were proud to publicize their fascist ideology, in their speeches and books. You can read Hitler’s “Mein Kam” today. Japan joined Italy and Germany by 1940 and the three had established the “Axis.” Very soon their real agenda to fight Western civilization was revealed. Germany attacked Poland September 1, 1939 and WW II began. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. The entire world was involved in killing, destroying, harming, sabotaging and terminating instead of creating, building, generating and producing. I saw all of that in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe…

The tragedy of the WW II is staggering: Deaths directly caused by the war (including military and civilians killed) are estimated at 50–56 million people, while there were an additional estimated 19 to 28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine. Total price to defeat the fascist “Axis” cost the world population 70-80 million. The Marshall Plan cost about $13.3 billion at the time, but dollars during the 1950s could purchase much more than today’s dollars. Adjusting for inflation and stated in today’s dollars, the Marshall Plan investment would be equal to $103.4 billion, invested by the United States of America. But … Fascism is alive and well…

Fascism Never Sleeps: Soviet Fascism

As a matter of fact, the Soviet fascism developed under the Iron Curtain is unknown to the world. That is the reason I have been writing about the ideology of Stalinism for the last thirty years. Unlike Hitler and Mussolini, being proud of their ideology, Stalin had masked and covered up the real identity of the Soviet regime—Soviet Fascism. He created a system of Political Correctness to deceive the opposition and the world. Under the term Socialism, Soviet fascism had been disseminated across the world with the application of Political Correctness deceiving and defrauding the people. Do you see now the main difference between Nationalism and national-socialism? We must pay attention to the ideology of Socialism, as an integral part of Fascism!!! Read here Political Correctness and the Socialist Revolution in America, October 31, 2019

There is only one Socialist system in the world practiced in real life—Stalin’s Soviet Socialism. It was an inextricably, intertwined blend of Socialist ideology with the force of punitive agencies—I use the term KGB talking about them. That force, coordinated by the KGB, helped HIS Socialist system to survive for many years, yet Socialism ended in the country where it was born. The collapse of the USSR in 1991 meant the collapse of the Socialist economy, which wasn’t able to produce, but the Police State under the KGB has re-emerged, bringing the KGB operative Vladimir Putin to the presidency of the Russian Federation. Nothing substantial has changed and under Putin’s leadership, the current crop of apparatchiks are flourishing in Russia today. The KGB is still running the country with a crony capitalism instead of failed socialism. Yet, the absence of Socialism opens the door to the Truth—the real name of the ideology is Soviet Fascism…

From the first day of Obama’s presidency the war against the American Republic began to transform our country to a Socialist Administrative State. Obama, the socialist, did not hide his real agenda, openly calling for the transformation, and began fighting the unique political system left to us by our Founding Father. Following Stalin’s model of weaponizing the Intel, Obama appointed as CIA Director a man who voted in the previous election for a Communist candidate—John Brennon. Socialist/Communist’s brain-washing war on America’s mind and soul had started by Socialist-Obama, lying constantly, using Stalinist Political Correctness and his holdovers. The train-engine of the coup against Trump has been moving ahead, combating Western civilization and you, the American people.

I have writing about the Dems’ American Socialist mafia, the carrier of the plague that has come from the KGB. I found plenty of Socialist methods and tricks being implemented in America, especially by America’s Socialist mafia. Schiff’s fabrication is reminiscent of the former head of the KGB in the Soviet Union, Lavrenty Beria’s, famous boast, “You bring me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” You see it in America today. Knowing well the Soviet abusive power of the KGB, I was stunned seeing the same here being exercised by the current Anti-Trump cabal, America’s Socialist mafia. I am using a term KGB meaning the entirety of Russian Intelligence Services.

The Dems were committing crimes and putting the finger of blame on the opposition for the last 3-4 decades. Nothing is left of Truman’s Party, only the title—the Democrat Party, an old shell, used by the America’s Socialist mafia to cover up its actual adherence to the ideology of Soviet fascism a plague brought by the KGB to our land. I have support from a professor of Law. LISTEN: Liberal Democrat Dershowitz Compares Democrats To Russian Secret Police Under Stalin, Blisters CNN, by Hank Berrien, November 11, 2019, Derschowitz also ripped Democrats, comparing them to the Russian secret police under the murderous Russian dictator Josef Stalin, asserting, “The Democrats are now making up crimes.” He is right, I know Stalinism. Alas, it is here.

What does Rep. Sean Maloney and other Dems members of the Impeachment procedure know about Stalinism and Soviet fascism? They have been deceived and mislead by DNC for decades and now they are led by a Communist, Tom Perez, the Deep State, and “the Squad” –the plague Cicero was talking about…There are some decent Dems, but they are deceived and tricked—they don’t know Russia and its Intelligence apparatus and don’t understand how it is operating here, just like Jeff Sessions did not. Moreover, they don’t know Ukraine and the unthinkable corruption there—Soviet scale corruption…

They had no idea of how wide Stalinism and Soviet Fascism are spread across the globe. If you know Soviet fascism, you know what is going on in Hong Kong. It took Stalin two decades to build a Chinese Communist State with all the attributes of Soviet fascism, schooled by the Russian KGB. Things going on in Stalinist Russia years ago, is being repeated in all countries of “the Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella. Listen to this story:

A Christian house church leader told Bitter Winter the Communist Party is “replacing the words of God with human moral standards, secretly distorting the doctrine and eroding the foundations of the Christian faith.”

“This is a truly sinister approach. Only the devil would do such a thing,” the leader said. In China, the government controls churches by requiring them to belong to its Three-Self Patriotic Movement. ‘Truly sinister’: Jesus’ words twisted to promote communism.” ‘Only the devil would do such a thing’ By WND Staff Published November 10, 2019.

I have bad news for Robert Levinson’s family. Iran is a member country of “the Axis of Evil”. I am afraid that it was Russia who dealt with Robert Levinson. That means that experiment with Otto Warmbier in North Korea can be repeated in Levinson’s case, the way it initially was performed on Raoul Wallenberg in Russia. Read my book What is Happening to America? Xlibris, 2012. Soviet fascism is alive and well and never sleeps…

My fellow Americans!

President Donald J Trump presents an existential threat to Soviet Fascism.

Do you realize now what the radical Left armed with the ideology of Soviet Fascism means?

It was the ultimate goal and agenda of Stalin, Andropov and Putin to destroy America from within…

And the Democrat Party of the 21st century is doing just that before the eyes of the world…

Our Founding Fathers are rolling over their graves.

The human nature definitely has not changed since Cicero!

To be continued and on

©2023. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.


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