Critical Thinking Is THE Answer

Let’s start the New Year by reviewing America’s Number One problem. Although it affects EVERYTHING — it is rarely discussed!

Literally every day we are bombarded by non-sensical words and actions by many of our representatives, our government agencies, the news media, organizations, businesses, celebrities, etc., as well as family and friends! Is it possible that all these people have the same disease? YES, it’s not only possible, it was 100% predictable.

They all have Adult Critical Thinking Deficiency (ACTD), which is infectious (then known as groupthink). So far the FDA, CDC, AMA, Dr. Fauci, Pfizer, etc. have not promoted a vaccine. As with many medical issues, the optimal solution is not to get it in the first place. This can be easily accomplished in the K-12 education system.

Properly teaching Critical Thinking in K-12, is the single, most impactful societal change that needs to be made. Other than having a reasonable proficiency in the Three Rs, assuring that High School graduates have the ability to do (and interest in) Critical Thinking is the most consequential part of the education process — yet despite a lot of assurances and platitudes, it is NOT being done!

“Education is not the Learning of Facts, but Training of the Mind to Think” is really about Critical Thinking, and it comes from Einstein, not me.

Critical Thinking is a skill set, not something that can be learned and perfected by osmosis. It’s like cooking — with the proper training anyone can be a good cook.

Yet the same state education departments that have special Social Emotional Learning (SEL) emphasis, training for teachers, and weekly SEL classes for students, have nothing remotely similar for the FAR more important Critical Thinking! By and large, the claim that “we are teaching your children how to be critical thinkers” is arguably the biggest con ever inflicted on the American public…

Just some of the numerous personal benefits that K-12 students could profit from by being properly taught Critical Thinking are:

  1. Critical Thinking students would absorb all of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) stated objectives — but without the downsides of how SEL is normally taught!,
  2. Critical Thinking students would make more informed personal medical decisions,
  3. Critical Thinking students are more motivated across the board,
  4. Critical Thinking students are more creative (which is a superpower),
  5. Critical Thinking students are more independent (a key part of maturity),
  6. Critical Thinking students have better interpersonal relationships,
  7. Critical Thinking minorities would have a more level playing field,
  8. graduates who went on to college would be less susceptible to propaganda,
  9. economically deprived graduates would have the tools to succeed financially,
  10. all graduates could easily adapt to rapidly changing employment situations,
  11. graduates would more effectively manage their financial resources,
  12. graduates would be much better at managing their time,
  13. graduates would be much better at maintaining their health,
  14. graduates would more likely choose a superior spiritual path,
  15. graduates would be much better at picking a compatible spouse,
  16. graduates would be more effective at parenting their children (per a private communication with parenting guru, John Rosemond),
  17. graduates would make more informed voting choices,
  18. 18) graduates would be more actively participating citizens and be less likely to have their rights and freedoms extracted by government over-reach,
  19. 19) graduates would be less susceptible to being tricked by AI perversions or scams by bad actors,
  20. 20) graduates would be happier (e.g., as they have more control over their lives),


Additionally, there would be numerous societal benefits from having more Critical Thinking citizens. For example, Critical Thinking has been called “the basis for science and democracy.” Other examples are:

  1. more meaningful and productive citizen discussions of societal issues,
  2. more cooperation on national issues like energy policy, etc,
  3. less societal discord and confrontation,
  4. more competent and responsible representatives would be elected,
  5. a much better chance of America maintaining its position of leadership,


All-in-all, the personal and societal benefits are unparalleled!

Critical Thinking is the Most Powerful, Least Expensive, Widest Impact solution to an extraordinary collection of personal and societal issues — with NO DOWNSIDE!

Some have given up on the public school system, for understandable reasons. One of common refrains is: “There are too many problems to fix.” However, astounding improvements can be made to our K-12 system by just properly addressing ONE thing: Critical Thinking.

Another huge benefit is that this is essentially a no-financial-cost solution. Existing K-12 school resources and priorities simply need to be redirected and modified. It can (and should) start immediately.

All that’s needed is a commitment (from educators, legislators, parents, citizens, etc.) to focus on this one phenomenally powerful solution.

What’s stopping us — other than us?

PS – Some sample worthwhile reading on this topic:

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