The Republican Led Congress and our new $34 Trillion Debt

The tax and spend Communists in the Democrat minority and the Republican majority controlled Congress have just spent us into a $34 trillion dollar U.S. national debt. Congratulations.

This is a history making event that our great grandchildren will still be trying to get a handle on unless immediate action is undertaken to fix it.

Forty years ago during the Reagan Administration with a somewhat conservative congress our national debt was simmering at around $907 billion. Nothing to really be concerned about.

Back then we did not have a raging communist bottom feeding criminal cockroach insurgency in our Congress, Senate and White House trying to collapse our free market capitalist constitutional republic.

The solution to this out of control hemorrhaging of our financial stability is a complete government shutdown. Seriously it’s time to close the government down. SHUT IT DOWN !

We must abandon these weak panther piss Republican Continuing Resolutions (CRs) and let’s feel some real economic pain to wake up the country.

The national debt is going to double to over $68 trillion over the next three decades, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

What is the Republican congress (that controls expenditures from the Treasury Dept.)doing right now too reign in this insanity? NOTHING ! The interest payments alone on this debt will be over $5 trillion.

At the end of 2022, the national debt grew to about 97% of gross domestic product. This was a result of a massive Communist insurgency in our government initiated by national mail on voter ballot fraud by both political parties but mainly by the criminal Democrats and permitted by a lazy general public not paying attention to the issues.

The current inept, despicable low IQ Republican led congress that control expenditures from the Treasury Dept. is still allowing the national debt to exceed expand reaching 181% by December 2053. This is criminal and it must be resolved sooner rather than later.

This unacceptable spending and printing of money could result in a possible forced removal of these elected officials by “We the people” as per written US constitutional governance scribed on paper by the Founding Fathers.

The Congress and the Senate after the 2024 elections need to fix this financial disaster or they will probably face an insurrection that will be real this time.

Not just a capital police tour guide of the Capital Building for American patriots now being held as Biden’s Political prisoners.

My opinion.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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