Governor Ron DeSantis’ Political House of Cards Will Fall On January 15th, 2024

Governor DeSantis,

I am a real deal conservative political operative with zero tolerance for weak spineless disloyal Republicans and evil bottom feeding Communist Democrats. My past political Nostradamus predictions are 99% accurate.

With that said, I have no doubt you are going to lose the Iowa caucus on January 15th 2024 in a massive defeat to President Donald Trump. He will crush you like that failed Titan submersible.

My advice is that you drop out of your failed disloyal Presidential tortoise race and donate the pitiful $5 million left in your campaign kitty to Trump as a disloyalty fine.

I’m sure you will then hold your nose like the atypical Republican In Name Only (RINO) and fake a smile and endorse Trump to save your own currently failing political future, because without Trump you most definitely would not be in the Governors house in Tallahassee.

I was given the honor of eating dinner at the Governors mansion in Tallahassee when Governor now Senator Rick Scott invited me there as his guest. I also brought along my pal Chief Warrant Officer (5) call sign “Hairbear” (SEAL) Team 6. USN retired.

Oh and Senator Rick Scott has endorsed Trump!

Governor DeSantis, if you had listened to me in April of 2023 you would and stayed out of the Presidential race and your time to shine would have been in 2028.

But self serving liberal me, me RINO Bush boys like you don’t look that far down the political highway. Now 2028 is not even a door you can open. Trumps MAGA Army has blocked this once possible opportunity for you due to your disrespectful and infantile disloyalty to the only real leader in our Republic.

Get ready to have your political career wiped out of the political arena this upcoming January 15th 2024.

I told Congressman Gaetz in 2015 Trump would be in the White House in 2016.

Matt Gaetz then told me over a pizza lunch in Fort Walton Beach a few years later “Senior Chief, you were right — Trump won the election, you predicted it exactly right in 2015.”

Governor DeSantis, adios dude. You are done. My words are real and accurate.

You should really now focus on dismantling all those highway robbers called Toll Booths infesting our Florida Highways stealing money from tourists and residents alike.

Do something useful for a change.

Geoff Ross

Pace, Florida
Conservative Party of Florida

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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