Have We had Honest or Dishonest Elections?

There are two radically different viewpoints about what happened in 2020. Which is the primary explanation? Let’s briefly outline each…

Position #1: Some intelligent people have told me that they believe that the Dems won in 2020 honestly, because: a) they had better messaging, b) they did a better job at getting out the vote, c) they had a better candidate, etc.

Position #2: My view (after 3+ years of intensive immersion into the election issue) is that the Dems won dishonestly, e.g. due to: a) voter fraud, b) voting machine manipulation, c) ballot processing incompetence, d) State officials unilaterally changing voting rules (using COVID as an excuse), e) illegal government support of political messaging, f) manipulation of search engine queries (e.g., Google), g) media’s intensive misinformation campaign, h) NGO influence (e.g., Zuckerbucks), etc.

Which position is correct is not an academic matter, as it has a HUGE bearing on what should be done in advance, to avoid a 2020/2022 repeat in 2024. Those who waste time, effort, and money on the wrong answer are inadvertently perpetuating the problem. I discussed this a few months ago in my post “How Did the Dems Win in 2020,” but apparently I did not go into sufficient detail.

Some examples (from independent experts) about why my position is what it is:

  1. There are zero meaningful mandated post-election audits in any state, any county, or any precinct in the US. (This Report [and short video] explain what meaningful audits are.) This is an ENORMOUS loophole that bad actors will instinctively exploit.
  2. A special statewide 2020 Nevada voter AUDIT identified 130,000+ cases of voter fraud! (Note: the difference between the Presidential candidates was about 35,000 votes.)
  3. A Court-supervised 2020 Michigan County voting machine AUDIT concluded that there was “intentional” ballot manipulation by some of these machines!
  4. In the only US legal case where a Judge actually examined 2020 ballot processing, he ruled that in a single 2020 federal race, the NY State (Democrat) election department violated state law in at least nine (9) different ways!
  5. An extensive Report by a retired Judge concluded that in 2020, Wisconsin election laws were violated in multiple ways.
  6. An analysis of the comprehensive list of 92 lawsuits related to the 2020 Presidential election concludes that several Democrat state officials substantially weakened election integrity by illegally usurping powers assigned to the legislature.
  7. A detailed statistical analysis of Pennsylvania’s 2020 Presidential election results by independent experts concluded that there were some 300,000 suspect votes. (Note: the Presidential candidate differential was 80,000 votes.)
  8. A detailed statistical analysis of Michigan’s 2020 Presidential election results by independent experts, concluded that there were some 200,000 suspect votes. (Note: the Presidential candidate differential was 150,000 votes).
  9. A detailed statistical analysis of Edison Research’s 2020 presidential election results by an independent expert, observed that there were some 4 Million negative votes listed. These were all attributed to “error correction.” It’s illogical to believe that there were that many errors — but if there were, it is an indictment of a horrifically bad election system.
  10. A detailed statistical analysis of Edison Research’s 2020 Presidential election data by an independent expert, concluded that there was a net of some 3 Million vote spikes in favor of Biden.
  11. A detailed statistical analysis of Edison Research’s 2020 Presidential election data by independent experts, concluded that just three (3) states changed the US election results — and in all of them the vote spikes far exceeded Biden’s margin.
  12. A detailed statistical analysis of Edison Research’s 2020 Presidential election data by independent experts, concluded that in those three (3) states: 95%± of their counties voted as expected, but the other outliers made the difference.
  13. A detailed statistical analysis of Edison Research’s 2020 Presidential election data by independent experts, concluded that the voting in 95%± of US counties was consistent with the 2016 election results. In other words, the claims that Dems: a) had better messaging, b) did a better job at getting out the vote, and c) had a better candidate, etc. — are provably inaccurate, as those don’t stop at county lines!
  14. Report: The Fingerprints of Fraud
  15. 2020 Election Fraud at a Glance objectively outlines election integrity issues in multiple states
  16. Report: Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in Swing States
  17. Amistad Report: The Legitimacy and Effect of Private Funding in Federal and State Electoral Processes
  18. Peer-Reviewed Research Finds Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud
  19. Dr.Epstein’s ReportGoogle Shifted a ‘Minimum’ of 6 Million Votes in 2020
  20. Georgia’s State Election Board now admits the 2020 election was a fraud
  21. Attorney General Confirms Thousands of Fraudulent Registered Voters
  22. Major Fraud Exposed: Democrats Caught Committing Massive Finance Crimes and Donations Harvesting in Indiana
  23. Exposed: RICO Election Crimes in Washington State (three parts)
  24. RICO Enterprise In Arizona Shows Katie Hobbs Linked To Drug Cartel Money To Steal Elections
  25. Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election Was Invalid — Says Who?
  26. Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan
  27. FEC Records Reveal Democrat Dark Money Group Paid $11,254,919 To Commit ‘Voter Registration Fraud’ In Michigan
  28. Arrests Made for Massive Voter Fraud in California
  29. Election-Fraud Corruption Is Deeper than Anyone Can Imagine
  30. 58 articles on America’s rigged system you should read before the next election
  31. Pollster: “Election Fraud Renders Scientific Election Forecasting Worthless”
  32. Poll: One-in-Five Mail-In Voters Admit to Committing at Least One Kind of Voter Fraud During 2020 Election
  33. Six Examples of How Voter Registration Fraud Happens
  34. Skeptical of voter fraud in 2020? Here’s your evidence.
  35. A good short video: How It Happened
  36. Report: There is no Reliable Way to Detect Hacked Ballot-Marking Devices
  37. The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win
  38. “Dark Money” Affecting Elections in Revolutionary Ways
  39. ERIC Investigation: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
  40. If you need even more evidence that there was widespread corruption in the 2020 national elections, I made up this list of a few hundred articles (smaller — but telling) about fraud, etc. The net impact of the composite is immense

None of these take into account the 4± million annual US high school graduates who have had extensive Progressive indoctrination, who will be voting citizens…

The Bottom Line

Yes, regarding the 2020 Presidential election, in some situations the Democrats did do a better job at messaging, getting out the vote, etc. However, the evidence is unequivocal (e.g., carefully read ALL of the above), that the PRIMARY reason for the 2020 Presidential result, is because of dishonesty, illegalities, etc.

Anyone who can objectively and thoroughly review this collection of evidence, and still think that the main reason that the Dems won in 2020 was because: a) they had better messaging, b) they did a better job at getting out the vote, c) they had a better candidate, etc., has been afflicted by Confirmation Bias. [This ailment is so pervasive, that it is called The Mother of All Biases! ]

Is there an antidote to Confirmation Bias? Yes— CRITICAL THINKING!

The Solution

Once we accept the Truth here, the question is: what can be done about it?

Several obvious answers come to mind: 1) immediately pass meaningful mandatory partial forensic audits in key states, 2) VOTE (and encourage other patriotic citizens to vote)!, 3) educate more of the public, 4) get more good people involved with the election process, 5) elect more competent representatives who will pass better election laws, 6) aggressively prosecute those who violate election laws, etc.

Again, the single most important solution to countering election shenanigans, is to have mandatory meaningful post-election audits. “Meaningful” would be a partial forensic sample audit, done shortly after the election. The quickest, least expensive, most impactful partial forensic audit would be a voter audit (akin to the Nevada 2020 audit). For more details see here (or watch the short video version).

Astoundingly, no such meaningful audits are legislated to be done in any state, any county, or any precinct in the country.

To have any hope for honest 2024 elections, we MUST fix this, immediately!

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EDITORS NOTE: This is the fifth installment of a five-part series on the upcoming 2024 US national elections. See Part 1 (How To Win the US Presidency), Part 2 (The Rhyme and Reason of Negative Ballots), Part 3 (2020 Presidential Election Related Lawsuits), and Part 4 (Should Voting Machines be Scrapped?).

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