Are You Frightened or Angry? Will you Cower or Act?

Are you frightened enough to cower in the corner or are you angry enough to act? The Globalists are hoping that they have fed you enough lies that being frightened is your only option.  They know if they can push you into that state of mind, they own you. You will do whatever they want to make the fear go away.  Once this crowd gets their hooks in you watch out.

If you are angry enough to act then what should you do? Pick your passion and do a deep dive. There are so many things wrong right now that something will fit.  Dig into that topic. Who are the players, where did the money come from. Who are they donating to? What is their goal? End game?  How is this impact the community? Country? You.  Who are the lobbyists in support of?

The reality of the invasion at our border.

Do not succumb to fear because when you do they will own you. This is meant to wake you up and to wake up others. A warning. Prepare. Food, water, ammo and a heat source. Keep some cash in the house too. Anyone that does not see why the border is wide open is living in lala land. This is what happens when we vote for a President that is not a natural born citizen. Obama, Ramaswamy, Haley, Rubio, Cruz, Jindel, Shiva NONE of these people are natural born citizens. Vote for them you vote against our country and our Constitution. Manchurian Candidate Obama is still running the show and it is quite possible he will have a 4th term come Nov. 2024. Thanks to Beth T. and Karen B.

I just came across this article on the economy that no one wants to talk about.

Once we lose the dollar as the reserve currency the inflation will be off the charts. I don’t blame our allies for testing out something different than the dollar. The reckless debt spending is insane. That is Bidenomics. Print money, spend the money you print on the 1% so they can donate back to you and produce nothing except debt. I was a mortgage banker. You can’t run a house or country by skimming off the top and producing nothing but debt. I fear we are on a sinking ship. There is no fiscal responsibility in congress on either side. Call Congress Close the border, or close the government

And yes Trump added to the deficit . But he intended to make it, the deficit up, by selling oil/LNG as we have the largest reserve in the world. He was close as we were closing in on Energy Dominance.  When Biden closed Keystone and opened the border he condemned the U.S. to death by 1000 cuts. The Globalist goal was to bring America in line with the other poorer countries.

This week I saw many encouraging things happening. Gov Abbott and the stand for the constitution on the border with other states joining. Finally Governor Abbott stood for the people of Texas and America.

Frankly I was more impressed by the amount of young Americans waking up.  The one major thing from the out cry in the 60’s to today was in the entertainment industry. It seems as though some of the artists are finally getting what is going on and how that is impacting their lives.  I remember when Bill Ayers (Weather Underground mentor of Obama asked John Lennon to write a song to inspire the kids to revolt.  John Lennon wrote “Revolution” Ayers was not happy. Well it seems as though John’s son Sean has coined a few catchy phrases.

Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon, mocked DEI as, “Dumb Evil Idiots.”

He called ESG, “Exploiting Seems Good.”

Tommy MacDonald and Ben Shapiro have a number one hit

Trump Won and You Know It:  

Modern Day Holy War:  

Trump is Your Nominee

Finally we have something to share with our kids and with them to share with their kids.

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