End-Time Apostasy: Pope Blesses Same-Sex Marriage Condemned by Bible and The Church for 2000 Years

Jonathan Cahn, best-selling author, explains the pope as the anti-Christ power foretold as the little horn growing out of the Roman Empire in Daniel 7.

In Revelation 13′s first beast, the papacy is an amalgamation of Daniel 7 beasts that the papacy survived and assimilated. Nevertheless, there are many fine Catholic Christians who live well what they know and we all need a better Bible understanding.

The US is the 2nd beast with two horns but no crowns—a government without a king and a church without a pope—Protestant America. It causes (atomic) fire to come from heaven (Hiroshima) and helps to make the image beast, the UN New World Order. It is the image of the papacy—it will vote the pope’s agenda because of so many Catholic countries and other nations favoring same-sex marriage “go along to get along.”

The UN (3rd beast in Rev 13) will compel false worship when no one can buy or sell without the mark of compliance to Sunday worship that Rome created, blessed and is promoting with the pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si’ & John Paul’s encyclical, Dies Domini. Revelations 17 exposes the harlot as Babylon, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations. The “mother church” leads the way in apostasy.

Revelation 18 calls everyone to come out of Babylon. This includes governments, education and medical care as well as religions that favor Bible-lite, like Bud-lite.  Christ said we must live by every word, Matthew 4:4.

In times of ignorance, God winks, but He commands us to repent in times of judgment, Acts 17:30,31. How we get there is seen in three short steps—events that are impending this spring as seen in Scripture.

  1. The war against that Hamas started is escalating. President Erdogan of Turkey appealed for 57 Muslim nations to siege Israel. “The day of the LORD comes”–(Muslim) nations will take Jerusalem with women raped and half the city will go into captivity, Zechariah 14:1,2 God is going to let them get unbelieving Jews out as they think Israel is for them only, but Paul said, “If you are Christ’s, you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Galatians 3:29 includes Christians. 
  2. Then God is going to get the Muslims out with a goat (political cartoon in Daniel 8) that flies from the west to stomp a militant Muslim ram pushing from the Middle East to break the horns of the Medes & Persians, vs 20 (Iraq & Iran). “The LORD shall roar from Jerusalem…heavens & earth shall shake” Joel 3:16. In this “day of the LORD” earthquake, God “will shake earth terribly” Isa 2:12,21
  3. Scientists say the San Andreas Fault can bring calamity to the west coast anytime—it is 80 years overdue. Sudden destruction comes in “the day of the LORD” in 1Thessalonians 5:1-3 and Joel 2:21 links it to a “Dark Day.” Google shows it as  May 19, 1780–New England was unexplainably dark.

But it repeated when Mt St Helens erupted and wind carried the ashes to darken 3 NW states on the anniversary 200 years later, May 19, 1980. Only God could arrange that coincidence and this year, May 19 has unique timing. Counting from the New Moon crescent on the eve May 10, May 19 is the 10th day—the same day Noah entered the ark. “No man knows…but as the days of Noah” (Christ)

Will it be an EMP attack on the power grid to darken US from coast to coast killing 90% of people in cities when truckers can’t pump fuel to their trucks to bring food for a year? Deputy Director of Homeland Security said it would be easy to do with a high altitude nuclear explosion in mid-west.

God “executed judgment” on Egypt for enslaving Israel and throwing their babies in the river, but the US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco and drugs—medical care is bondage for people going to an MD each month for tests or prescriptions that are a leading cause of illness and death (medical literature).

And the US has thrown 63 million babies in the trash—worse than Egypt; God is going to make a full end of the US and all nations as Christ sets up the kingdom the disciples asked about in Acts 1. He replied that it was not for them to know “the times or seasons” but Paul used that unique phrase to say we know in 1Thess 5. He linked it to events seen in Egypt when God came as a thief in the night & took their slaves.

Will we be ready when He “knocks” with the earthquake (Luke 12:36) That’s how the ancient church, lukewarm with materialism ended with an earthquake, Laodicea, 63 AD. It’s type and antitype. Ellen White, founder of Loma Linda did not want pharmacology taught in her school–it was for training missionaries with natural remedies, but church leaders hijacked her school.

©2024. Dr. Richard Ruhling, MD. All rights reserved.


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