Dead lock in The Netherlands

For more than 2 months, the winner of the Dutch elections, Mr. Geert Wilders has tried to close a deal with 3 other parties to form a new Government in the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Unfortunately, one of the other political leaders backed out of the negotiations yesterday. He wants a Left Wing Government, soft on immigration. Mr. Wilders bites the dust.

The name of this traitor in the negotiations is: Mr. Pieter Omtzigt. He is a Roman Catholic. He can’t handle stress and he reads all files in front of him, so he is always very tired.

If we now get new elections, Wilders will be the big winner. He is projected to get 50 seats in Dutch parliament. That’s a third of the total amount of seats.

Most likely, the negotiations will drag on. All the while, our Prime Minister Mark Rutte is carrying a big smile, for the reason that he remains in charge of the country. He will continue with his mission to completely destroy the country.

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