Kill Them All — O’Biden/Globalist Net Zero Agenda

Let’s start out with a little humor. Remember this: Humor

What a week this was I hardly know where to start. One thing we should have learned is that when we call our legislators and conduct oversight it works. Because of our efforts the non-border border bill was killed. But fear not the RINOS and the Communists/Globalists in the Senate will twist enough arms, threaten enough people so that they will offer another bill with aid for Ukraine again. Think about how important Ukraine is to these criminals. Are they getting paid off? Do they need to give their lobbyist contractor friends money? Need to continue their human sex trafficking? Need to continue their drug pipeline? One thing is true they will never stop. We have to make sure that we never stop either. We have to continue our calls or emails to our legislators.

We can see clearly now that thugs/grifters are running this government and they will do anything to maintain control. But the people are smarter. We now see when we act we take back our power. The shift of power makes them crazy. We must make sure this election is overwhelmingly crushing against the globalist. We’re off to a good start. Nikki Haley lost to none of the above in Nevada. Trump won with an overwhelming majority and the US Virgin Islands . We have to see that in every state.

If you have not seen the report from Special Council Richard Hur on dementia Joe he proves what we already knew. Hur said even tough Joe committed multiple felonies, his is a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” No, sorry if he is well enough to be President and destroy the county, he is well enough to be prosecuted.   In the meanwhile  Trump gets all the wrath because he is mean MAGA man who committed no crimes. seniors if you commit a crime or get in trouble remember you new defense “I am well-meaning, elderly man/woman with a poor memory.”

The government favors the globalists. Joe has dementia and is pathetic. So what do we do about it? We need to call the House and Senate oversight committees and tell them that  Obiden is a compromised leader and if he is not well enough to be prosecuted for a felonies which he committed by taking classified material as a vice president when he had no right to classify material, then how can he be in charge of negotiation for anything good for Americans. Part of dementia is illusion and that’s what he is living under while forcing it upon us. Sadly the alternative will be Affirmative Action Graduate Kamala who maybe worse. But I think not because Joe was never really running the country anyway.  The question is: Will the lying DNC take Joe out themselves or make him go through article 25? Or impeachment? Or leave him in office without ability to make any America killing policies.  But regardless it is a disgrace to see what the leadership thinks of America. Remember Trump can not do this alone. We must vet candidates to get him support in both houses.

Another lie this week was the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  BLS reported that we had the biggest job growth beating all expectations. Zero Hedge said it was the most ridiculous jobs report in recent history. Why would they say that? Was BLS lying? They weren’t really lying, they just manipulated the numbers. Does that count?  Basically they changed the amount of hours they reported so it looked like more people had jobs and got higher wages.

This is the way the new economy works. The Feds print money out of thin air. The Feds give the money to the government, who gives the money to the UN, who gives the money to the NGO’s, who gives the money to illegals to invade our country, who then buy things to support the donors of the Globalists, who gives the money back to the Globalists.  Then the lying media and globalist government reports that the economy is doing great as another trillion is added to the debt that the American people must pay.  And the rich 1% get richer.  That is modern day fascism aka slavery.  If you want to see the theft in action see: The Great Taking

Globalists tell us it is our fault for eating too much meat, using to much fossil fuel, turning on the air conditioning. They dream up programs to force us to live in 15 minute cities so they can monitor our every move. And once again they get richer. Read what is going on in South Florida since DeSantis sold the state to his developer friends. Then you will know what to look for in your state. This is the Great Reset or the destruction of the American Dream.

Let’s tackle the greatest lie which we have been told over and over again.  No it’s not China.  No it’s not illegals.  No it’s not Iran, or the Middle East. No it’s not Russia.  Can you guess?  It’s climate change. The farmers are rising up in Europe and the truckers are rising up in America as people all over the world reject world wide slavery and hunger. We must peacefully protest.  They want civil war so they can declare a national emergency and stop the election. Too many western countries are having elections in 2024. Too many nationalists are running for office. This is the big threat. It’s numbers that count,. We must vote. Remember every time they tell you net zero, to get rid of CO2, to get rid of nitrogen, to stop farming or that agriculture is bad they want us dead.  Globalists are putting in place a plan that will kill humanity. CO2 is one of the most necessary gases to sustain life. The biggest emitter of CO2 is water vapor. The Earth is 75% water.  Humans have no control over the weather.

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Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is affirmation.


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