AT&T’s War on Landlines

There’s a current movement to shut down landlines completely by “decommissioning” the copper wiring that enables this reliable form of communication. And this movement appears to be growing! Why? Perhaps because landlines work. And because the Powers that Be can’t monitor them and shut them off at will, as they can do with wifi and digital communication. Just a wild guess. You be the judge.

But it’s taking place in Britain and Australia as well as in America today. They plan to replace the copper service with either fiber or 5G. Sound good to you?

By the way, here’s an article from CNN, about a huge outage that happened today, February 22, 2024:

AT&T says service has been restored after massive, nationwide outage. Authorities are investigating

“AT&T’s network went down for many of its customers across the United States Thursday morning, leaving customers unable to place calls, text or access the internet.

By a little after 3 pm ET, roughly 11 hours after reports of the outage first emerged, the company said that it had restored service to all impacted customers.”

That’s 11 hours that people were left high and dry, without the ability to make or receive phone calls. This is why we need landlines, no matter what AT&T tells us, as it argues landlines, which are time-tested and never fail, are “antiquated.” I guess they mean like the Constitution, which is even older, and which Leftists also want to replace.

In California, AT&T is requesting that the CPUC—California Public Utilities Commission—allow it to end landline service permanently.

Fortunately, the public has the opportunity to weigh in with the CPUC, which has already received thousands of letters in support of maintaining landlines, which many people rely on.

AT&T’s power outage just this morning is proof positive that it must continue to maintain our landlines for our safety and security. They are far more reliable than WIFI, and there’s no legitimate reason to do away with them.

Here’s something else to consider: “This change may affect alarm systems, elevators, and call boxes reliant on landlines.”

Here’s the link to the CPUC’s website where you can read public comments, and if you live in California, you can use the link on that page to write your own comment prior to AT&T’s hearing.

So far, this one looks winnable!

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