SWEDEN, Not The SOTU, Is The Big News

I admit, I am biased, sitting this week in my “north country” office, overlooking the dormant hay and grain fields in my wife’s native Sweden.

But it’s not just me. Sweden’s formal ascension to NATO membership is the big news this week, not the rabble-rousing State of the Union Speech by Biden. And for many, many reasons.

First, while Biden’s speech – even his response to heckling by Marjorie Taylor Greene and others – was well-delivered, it was a hodgepodge of rank partisanship, double-speak, outright lies, and gas-lighting.

Does anyone besides Rachel Maddow and the late night comedy hosts (one and the same) really believe Biden’s border policies are a success? Or that the “bipartisan” border bill, which allows more than 1.5 million new illegals into the US every year, is the strongest border bill ever drafted?

Biden didn’t need legislation to prevent the ten million illegals who have stormed our southern border since January 2021, bringing fentanyl and lawlessness to our streets.

All he had to do was to leave the Trump policies in place. Instead, he did away with them on Day One, just as he did away with Trump energy policies, bringing on massive inflation and 11 Federal Reserve interest rate hikes since March 2022.

And how about the greatest economy in the history of the United States? Or his pathetic attempts to blame the unmitigated disaster of his policies toward Russia and Ukraine on Donald Trump. Do the American people really think Russia invaded Ukraine while Trump was president or that Russia dared to threaten us with Global Nuclear War on Trump’s watch?

Yes, Mr. Biden. History is watching. And when the Orwellian “telescreens” go dark, and Rachel Maddow and her ilk are remembered only as national embarrassments from an era when the nation had lost its collective mind, history will judge you as the weakest and most corrupt president in American history. Period.

But Sweden officially joining NATO this week is the one happy consequence of Biden’s unbelievable stupidity in inviting Putin to invade Ukraine in 2022. (Remember Biden saying that a “minor incursion” would be okay, just not a massive invasion?)

Since the Ukraine war, Sweden has revived its home guard, an all-volunteer force that was put to bed at the end of the Cold War. Now some 23,000 Swedes have signed up to receive military training over concerns of a Russian invasion.

And when Sweden’s conservative prime minister Ulf Kiristersson traveled to Washington this week to deliver his nation’s official Treaty documents, only Sweden’s communists and far-left Green Party could huff and puff their laments, calling NATO “polarizing.”

One conservative newspaper put it in perspective with a montage of historical photographs, comparing Sweden’s “friends” during seven decades as a neutral country and its friends today. They showed leftist premier Olaf Palme hobnobbing with Castro, Arafat, and communist dictators in Vietnam and East Germany in the 1980s, as opposed to today’s premier standing tall at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

As for Biden criticizing Trump’s handling of the NATO laggards, let’s not forget that when Trump was president he got Germany to agree to massive increases in defense spending so it would meet its NATO 2% of GDP goal by mid-decade. Under Biden, Germany now says it won’t reach that level until 2031.

When it comes to confronting Russian aggression and to Europe, tiny Sweden has shown greater realism than Biden’s America.

I talk about this as well as Erdogan’s meeting with Ukrainian president Zelenskyy and the Iranian elections in this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend. As always, you can listen live at 1 PM on Saturday on 104.9 FM or 550 AM in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, or by using the Jacksonville Way Radio app.

Yours in freedom.

©2024. Kenneth R. Timmerman. All rights reserved.

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